YouTube ReRyan!

[YouTube Rewind 2015 plays] Hey dude, come on! Why did you do that? it was just about to start I know! Can you guys stop watching that thing and help me with this? Oh come on man, we just wanted to see your part

I didn't even do it this year, remember? Whatwhy not? We were filming something at that time, remember? I think it was the umoh the cardboard video You turn down YouTube Rewind to play with cardboard? Oh yeahthat video took SO long Hehyeah

We are never doing stop-motion EVER again Well, the basketball trick shot video took just as long Yeah, we are NOT doing that either From now on, We are not doing anymore videos that take a long time to make *sigh* Thank goodness

Thenwhat are we gonna do? I don't know! That's why I'm asking you guys to help me out here wait

What if we did our own version of YouTube Rewind? What? Yeahactually! YouTube Rewind is just showing all the biggest videos and trends of the year We can do that! Yeah, but with the really high production value, AND a bunch of YouTubers making cameos How are we supposed to do that? We can't

But you know what we CAN do? A really crappy version of it with no cameos from other YouTubers, just me! [gasps] [claps] AND we'll call it YouTube ReRyan!! heh?! BOOM [claps excitedly] I love it! I love it I love it Didn't you just say that you weren't gonna make videos that take a long time? Stop living in the past, Derek That was 15 seconds ago Alright, let's talk about the past now If we're gonna do this, we have to think about all the biggest trends that happened this year

ending with the biggest So if we work backwards What was the biggest trend that happened this year? I would say

Adele Adele? Yeah She was one of the biggest things this year

I don't recall Oh, I think he means a Dell computer, right? What? No! No, Derek, Dell computers were not a big thing this year I know, I'm talking about Adele The singer? Her album? Her song? Hello? Hi! Oh, her? Yeah, I mean I guess she's up and coming, but I wouldn't end the whole video with her What are you talking about? She broke records this year

Over a million sales in a week? 27 million views in a day? Did YouTube Rewind do something about her? No EXACTLY Fine What ideas do you guys have then? What about the pizza rat video? That was relevant for like a week Oh! The girl throwing the shovel That wasn't even this year! Hitting the quan No

I still think Adele's bigger Iphone 5 That was like 2 years ago

I mean 5S Okay, I got youHotline Bling! By Drake

Okay, that's actually a decent one See? I told you Adele wasn't the biggest thing No, I still think Adele's album is just as big Look, even if they were equal, who's gonna pick Adele over Drake? Well, it's either Adele or Drake, and there's two options There's three of us

Yeah, so? Let's take a vote Fine! I vote for Drake Fine I vote Adele What about planking? Wut Planking! It was huge! Everybody did it

*sigh* well he does have a point (frustrated) That was 5 years ago! Welp, now we have three options, so we can't vote What are you talking about? That's not even an option! You know what let's just forget the ending for now, Let's just go back to the beginning What are we starting with? Well, what other things happened this year? *sigh* I don't even remember Uh

can we just watch YouTube Rewind and write down all the trends that they did? Is this some kind of joke to you, Derek? Wut We are NOT gonna copy ANYTHING that YouTube Rewind did I didn't say copy I was just saying that we– This isn't YouTube Rewind Derek, okay? This is YouTubeReRYAN

Got it? I GOT IT What ifwe started with that skeleton videoand have it dancing just like YouTube Rewind did? Yeah Yeah, if YouTube Rewind did that It must be a good idea, right? Yeah, that's exactly how we're gonna start it! 'Is it black and blue or white and gold??' "why you always lyin'" "Hitting the quan" JUST DO IT DON'T DO IT Wait, don't do it? NO PLEASE IT HURTS You shut up BUT SIR SILENCE NO PLEASE I SAID SILENCE [screams] SILENCE TOES [Watch Me Whip – Silento] [Splash] UGH AND NOW THE 2015 CELEBRITY BEEF OF THE YEAR DRAKE vs MEEK MILL [Hotline Bling – Drake] That's what you ended with? You did all that and you ended with planking? Yeah! What do you think? Yeah, it was alryan Yeah, it did kinda feel like the ending was missing something, huh? Obviously, you didn't even mention Adele once You really love Adele huh? No, but if you're gonna show the biggest trend of 2015, how are you not gonna show the biggest person– FINE, I'll just do it okay? If it'll finally make you happy, I'll do it Yes, it will! Okay then, may I? This is the biggest trend of 2015

[Hello – Adele] Helloit's JOHN CENA BA BA DUM BUM

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