YouTube ReRyan! (2016)

Hey, yo what up, Derrick! What's up man? Hey, did you guys finish the ReRyan idea yet? That's what we were working on right now, that's why we need your lights We used all of our's already

Just to let you guys know I bought these LED's from Taiwan They get kinda hot so, just turn 'em on when you need 'em or they will blow out Don't worry man, we got it Yeah Yeah, dude, I'm sure it's fine

What's the last trend it's gonna be anyways? We don't know yet Yeah, I'm trying to figure that out right now I mean, it has to be the biggest trend of the year like last time, remember? How could I forget (Planking) Well, as long as that idea is not about planking, I think we should be o- Seriously? What? Look, if you guys are just gonna troll me again, I'm outta here Nobody is trolling you dude

The only thing that's trolling you is that outfit My outfit? Hey, you guys remember when the Warriors had that 73 and 9 season? The historic season they made it all the way to the finals and blew a 3-1 lead? Really? You guys are gonna rub this in my face again? That was last season Yeah, but it still happened this year Yeah Yeah it did, didn't it? Hey, you know, that could be it! We didn't use that yet! What? The biggest trend that happened this year – The Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead it was- it was huge It was historic! Oh yeaaah! That's right! Everyone was talking about it It kinda became a meme, didn't it? Yeah, kinda

Yup! You guys can't be serious That wasn't even the biggest trend of this year You guys are just saying that because you know it annoys me Well, fine, what else is there then? Umm, the Olympics? It's already in it Trump winning the election

Already got that one Mannequin Challenge Please That was the first thing we thought of I know! The PPAP guy

That guy was the biggest trend for sure The what? Who? The PPAP guy – Pen Pineapple Apple Pen? The hell is a P- PPAP (pu-pah)? The Asian dude dancing? He was like the biggest trend of this year I have a penn i have pineapple AH! Is that something you made up ? The PPAP guy was huge Apparently not if everybody don't know who that is *I DO KNOW* You know what i'm not falling for this Just remember that these LEDes they got hot so just turn them off or blow on them or something Stop worrying about it already dude we got it Yeah dude you worry too much Seriously you're such a worrior *looking at each other like they have an idea* Yeah! You are! you're worried about you ledes From Taiwan Yeah? So? All three of them What are you trying to get at? Cause when three ledes from Taiwan get too hot ? You blow on them Because you're worried! SO worried that one might consider you to be a Worriorrr! Really? You guys did all that for a warrior pun Well, not just that Yeah you are a worrior But more specifically a worrior that a blows a three Taiwan lllead because like ledes lead

it's not how you spell it but you knwo what i mean Yeah I'm taking these back Come on dude don't be like that Yeah it was just a joke WAIT! , ok w're kindda doing your pupap (PPAP) thing for the ending Just stay cos we need your lights Fine as long as there's no more warrior jokes , promise? I promise Okay That was the last one Good i'm serious! you better be No more warriors Nope not one single one for the rest of the entire video there's another joke in the Reryan isn't it? There might be! *It's over! it's over!* *please allow her to responde* *This is IPhone7* *reports of an exploding batteries* *Damn daniel* Yeah, we didn't have the budget to get the real rock sooooo *youtube Reryan 2016* White fans what about the BLACK fans THAT is offensive !! that's offensive that's offensive that's offensive that's offensive That is a fence Wrong it's a wall It's a fence! Wall!! Fence! Wall! Fence! Wall! Fence! Fence!! Woaaaaah *My

(you know) is out for you * *RIP * And now The biggest Trend of 201

6 Oh man damn it! We almost had that one I told you guys they're gonna burn out What do we do now? I don't know! You know what i'm happy it didn't finish I know you guys weren't gonna do the PPAP idea last anyways Yes we were Yeah! we had it planned out No you weren't i know you guys were gonna bring up something about the warriors loosing 3 to 1 lead again I'm not stupid Ryan i know your patterns And to be honest so does your audience And i hate to be the one to be the one that break it to you but somone gotta say it It's getting really old now Well dude that mm it kind hurts I mean like for the record

I actually was gonna do this whole pupap thing and use your idea but OH maybe you're right! it's all getting too old too predictable Well maybe i was being a little harsh No you're right! It's the same thing over and over, enough is enough It's all one big pattern pattern? pattern

you were right all long It was the biggest trend of the year What? I'm not following If you spell it pupap it's PPAP PPAP is the pattern If this pattern continued what would it be the next letter PAAP? I don't know ,what are you trying to get at ? It's AAA This is the biggest trend of the year Derrick was right! So as I You see PPAP is actually a song mocking the warriors loosing a 3-1 lead You see we're both right! Really don't you guys see the pattern yet? this the exact way that the warriors started off the finals 3p's to one A AND in the exact same order win win lost win Followed byyy Lost lost lost ! Exactly! We figured it out! Yeah! Hey Derrick what are you doing? I'm over this But we need you we need your lights we're not done yet Yeah! and what are you mad about? we were both right this time not just me It still a troll I don't know how you did it but you somehow connected PPAP dissing on the warriors Didn't make it that way i'm just pointing at the obvious You know what forget it, i'm out Wait ok fine we'll do it your way Yeah sure we are no i'm being serious we need your lights to finish it we'll finish it your way and to prove it we'll let you finish this entire video on your own you can do the countdown and everything we won't say or do anything else until the video is over from this point on Really? Okay alright! and now for the biggest trend of 2016 in 321 What? In 32

1 What am i doing something wrong? I got something on my face? 3 2 1 What is the big deal am i saying something wrong? Fine! 321 3

21 What? What is the big deal why are you guys laughing? 3 to 1 3 to 1 3 to 1 Well ,still better than planking (planking) TEEHEE

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