Word of the Day – Swog

-Hold it Do you see what's wrong with this picture? Now do you see what's wrong with this guy? He's trying way too hard to be cool, resulting in the opposite

He got swog! -Swog: The way one presents him or herself in an uncool, loser-like fashion Also known to be the opposite of swag Some similar or related words are: loser, lame, undesirable, douche, poser, gynecomastia, not cool, wannabe, whack, the number 6, and that one guy who started SOPA who is probably gonna get this video removed because I'm gonna show a picture of him right now Here's some examples of swog -Hey, what's up, dude? -What's up, man? -Hey, tight outfit, bro

-You know I got swag -Swog! -Swag: something we Asians got -Swog! -I got Christmas Swag -Swog! -If you have to say you have swag, chances are you have swog -I just benched 135 pounds; swag! -I can play the piano sometimes; swag! -I cut the grass swag [plays note] -Eeee! Swag -I take a poo with the door open Swag

-My wallet? Versace -Swag! -Swag! -Swag -My shoelaces? Versace -I just did a push-up -My toilet paper? Gucci

-I've had this since elementary school -I got Instagram -I just bought a cherry ChapStick -Swag! -Swag! -Swag -[sings]: Swag -Here's more swoggy situations you should probably avoid

-Oh yeah, yeah, just tell Chris Brown and Justin Bieber that– that, uh– I'll be there tomorrow– [cellphone rings] Hey, Mom? -Swog! -Yeah, Lakers, baby! Yeah, Lake-show Let's go, Kobe, let's go, Kobe, let's go– -(TV announcer) 102-94 is the final -Swog! -So, uh, D-Trix, Victor, JR, and Kev, uh -Guys, will you shut up? I'm trying to watch Gossip Girl -Swog! -Hey, have you heard of that new, uh, that new dubstep song– -I hate dubstep, dude -Oh, how it's so loud and "aw-wa-ee," me too, I hate it -Swog! -So they're telling a story about how they don't eat candy, right, and, uh, yeah– -Guys, will you shut up? I'm trying to watch Vampire Diaries -Swog! Swog! Swog! Swog! Swog! -[titters] -Swog! -Dude, look at that sunset, man

-Swog! -I wish I could see it There's so much pollution -Smog! -I don't know if that's pollution, bro That looks like– -Fog! -They truly are a man's best friend -I love seeing kids walk their– -Cat! -Apparently, D-Trix killed a guy and they just buried his body– -Guys, will you shut up? I'm trying to watch A Walk to Remember

-Actually, I could watch that -Actually, I'm a huge Mandy Moore fan -Let's go -Bromance! Teehee! -Hey, my glasses are on [laughter] -Whoa! [indistinct] Let's go, Kobe, let's go, Kobe, let's go– [laughs] -My toilet paper? Gucci! [laughter] -Ah-choo

Bless you I just blessed myself, swag [laughter] -Five, six, seven, eight, and– [laughs] Was I on? -No, you're in You're all in You're still in

Still in Now you're out

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