Word of the Day – Pwned

Hi I am Dr Hanatewakusoshiseotadashiteteriyakisuzukihondacivic and i am going to be making you a little less dumb with every video my goal is to increase the vocabulary of every kid parent , aunty , uncle , dog , cat , frog and so on today's word is the word Pwned Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Moo! Pwned: (Look at definition above) The word Pwned originated from the word Owned Which derived from the word Own Which came from the word Cat Pwned has become one of the most frequently used words through out the world

It is used in such places as: Ya just got pwned mate <Hawaii Gibberish> I pwned you! You just got pwned Ya'll just got pwned <'The south part of North America and just a little bit south than that' Gibberish> Here's some examples of Pwned, Lyu: Best Porn Ever?! Oh dang! <Rickrolled> Lyu: Wat Da?- Ryan: Hey what's up man! Lyu: What's up!- oh Lyu: Hey what's up? Ryan: Hey Lyu! Lyu: Ah- Ryan: Hey Lyu! Ryan: Hey Lyu! Ryan: Hey Lyu! Lyu: Hey Girl! Regina (Girl Ryan): Hi Lyu! Lyu: Ahhh- Ryan: Hey Lyu- Lyu: Fred is number one! Ryan: What? Lyu: TEEHEE! And now that yo have increased your knowledge Return the favour and send this to another kid parent , aunty , uncle , dog , cat , frog or whatever To increase their knowledge and make them A little less dumb with every video Thank you

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