Woman tries to mug Man with a knife. What he does next is GENIUS!

WOMAN TRIES TO MUG MAN WITH A KNIFE WHAT HE DID NEXT WAS GENIUS -(waitress) And here you are! -Oh, thank you! -Oh! -(waitress) Oh my god! -(Ryan) That is hot That is hot -Here, let me mug you instead Don't even worry about it

I'm a man with a knife There we go What do you think? Pretty genius, huh? Well, maybe not ingenius, but

definitely in"jean"ish (rimshot) You see how irritating that is? This video is actually nothing like the title says Well, technically, it was about a woman trying to mug a man who happened to have a knife, and what he did next was kinda genius, but definitely more "jean"-ish

(rimshot) Look, this video's about something that I've been irritated with for a very long time now and even more so because I feel like it's happening more and more these days And as you can probably already tell, I'm talking about misleading titles MISLEADING TITLES I don't know about you guys– I get really upset when there's articles that have really intriguing and interesting titles, but when you click on them the story or video or whatever it's supposed to be is nothing like the title Basically, these websites that posts these articles and videos try and come up with any single title that will get you to click on them, even if the article or video is barely related, they'll still try and exaggerate the title just so you click on it I mean, I guess it's kinda exactly what I did in this video, but the sad part is this video's actually more relevant to the title than most articles these days

You know which ones I'm talking about You'll be on Facebook, scrolling through your news feed, and all of a sudden you see an article saying something like, "This man found the secret to living forever!!!" But, really, it's just about a 95 year old man who can still run a mile or something Or maybe you're on Twitter and you see a Tweet that says something like: Click on this LINK to see the most amazing 5 year old kid that ever lived! And then it's just a video of a little boy on X Factor who can sing amazingly well for his age, but it's still pretty average in comparison to most singers Or maybe you're even on YouTube and you see a video called "Woman tries to Mug Man with a Knife, but What He Did Next was Genius!!!" But really it's just a video about a stupid Asian kid sitting in a chair in front of a camera with no pants on because it's not like you can see his bottom half in the frame anyway What? Anyway, I've been tricked so many times into clicking links that I'm almost to the point where I just don't click them anymore, which actually sucks because sometimes there are really good articles and videos that actually do live up to their title

So again, I'm sorry for anyone who actually got tricked by the title of this video I'm just trying to make a point and spread this message so that people stop using misleading titles Or if they do, people at least call them out for it And if you're like me and you're a consistent victim to these misleading titles, then help me spread this message, please And I know for those of you who've been watching for a while, you already knew this video was gonna be nothing about a woman mugging a man with a knife and it definitely wasn't going to be genius at all

Or Is it? What do you think? Pretty genius, huh? Well, maybe not ingenious, but definitely "injeanious" Ugh! What a dumb pun! Empty your pockets; give me everything! Here

just take it Just take it -What the hell is this? -It's everything

And you thought my puns were bad?! -Yeah, right! -Yeah, I am right This was good and you didn't even know it because when it comes to this game, I'm a god and you? You're "tearrible

" Now, if you still "thing" you can beat me in this gamego It's your turn

Well, I– -Uh, you are– -Yeah, uh? You, uh? -I–(sighs) -Just say your name Fine! Yu Nguyen, okay? (Yu Nguyen sounds like "You Win") Now just cut it out! Aha! You mean this whole time you– you tricked me! That was"jeanish

" No, this time, it was genius, but "knife" try -Give me all your money! -Yup! Nope, here Here's my wallet, my phone, just– Tee hee! Yeah, no, this video still has nothing to do with the title, so

(imitates rim shot) So thank you guys so much for watching If you wanna see bloopers and behind the scenes, click the one on the left If you wanna see the previous video, click the one on the right

If you wanna see a bunch of giraffes fighting to dub step music, click the one on the bottom and– What? What does it sound like I'm so far away from the mic? It's right here! It's so echoey in here Hello-hello-hello

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