Will & Greg Show: Rocket Launching Cardboard Mech Robot (Ep. 9)

This thing on? (Checking the camera) YO WHAT UP I'm Will, I'm Greg and today we're going to make something that we've always dreamt of A MASSIVE METAL ROCKET LAUNCHING MECH ROBOOOOT Wait, massive? Maybe like, kinda big Out of metal? Cardboard, maybe? Is it gonna have rockets? ROCKETS! (Will and Greg Show theme song) Alright— So, we got some cardboard here How are we gonna fit in this thing? Don't know

Stand on each other's shoulders Probably can't sit in it, cause I don't think cardboard's gonna support our weight So, probably gonna have to stand Let's try some positions *robot noises* We can each have one hand Noo

that's gonna be a fat robot arms, and the legs, tip all the arms Okay, this could work Yeah, it's like more streamlined Fire the missile! Damn, that was loud Yeah, fighter jet style I like that Front to back? Now that we got the design figured out, maybe we should like draw it so we can figure out what this thing's gonna look like Yeah, looks are important In robots, that is OK, got like a little bit better drawing 1, 2, that's how we're gonna fit in there Well we could do some, just kinda like sketchy stuff We'll put it into like a, some kind of computadora Kinda just want to photoshop it and make this thing into 3D Alright, kool So this is what we have so far Damnnn, gonna be like Will and Greg Show video game baby yep Hopefully what it's gonna look like

Yeah I think you can make that I think so Maybe we should just end it here This is, this is the finished project We should print it, 3D printer, dude just like First step, probably make this like, canopy part This like, main cockpit Even though it's cardboard We probably should think about our safety Cause we are gonna shooting real rockets, right? Yeah We're thinking bottle rockets or like -what ever we can find- missiles We'll have to go to the fireworks store Yeah wood Pressing that wood thing Maybe just around the fireworks, that's all Make these parts, these parts out of wood and the rest is cardboard EASY got some PVC pipe gotta cut these (Will cutting PVC) (Measuring Will's width) (Will working on the pipe, while Greg doing some other stuffs) (Ducktape time) Test it out Do we fit? I think so (Will and greg cutting some wood) Alright, so now we got that We're gonna cover the whole thing in cardboard It's what we got so far ta-da Look like a robot yet? Got the robot rigged up Hopefully it doesn't pull my whole roof down

*burp* We'll continue this tommorow *strange noises* Peace! Day 2 We're back at it What did we do last night? We added some legs and feet Oh, We also added some Well uh CANNONS! Cannons, Yeah boi Yes we also added a little, Sun visor

So we don't go blind! Today we will be adding some arms Things to hold the rocket launchers! Lets get too it [Music] Like this? Good enough! [Music] Alright, Hopefully the duct tape will hold It's coming together

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