Will & Greg Show: Q&A – What’s In Our Belly Button? (Ep. 8)

I think it's working What's up guys? Hey, how's it going? Welcome to another episode of 'The Will & Greg Show'

Today, we're gonna be trying something completely different INTRO: It's The Will & Greg Show –As you guys asked us a bunch of questions in the comments, we figured the best way to answer them is in a Q&A video –Usually, Ryan, Sean: they're, like, people that are good at talking We'll see how we do If not, we'll just, you know, have Paco help talk for us

(silence) –I'm not here We're gonna check some uh — check our Twitter We sent out tweets saying "Ask us questions, and then we'll see if we can answer some" –And to change it up a little bit, we're probably gonna play a game on our phones while Paco reads some questions –"Draw Something"

–We're gonna play "Draw Something" –Pomito Chavez asks: "How long have you guys known each other?" How long? How old were we? Was I 15? I was 14 But you were, what, 17 or 18? –17 –14, freshman 17, senior? Senior year? –Yeah, something like that

–Pineapple on pizza, or nah? I mean, I don't hate it, like some people hate it If I were to pick, I'd probably say "No pineapples, please" –Yeah, I'm the same I mean, it's not a BAD flavor –I love pineapple

–Yeah, I'd eat it I'd definetly rather eat, like, a normal pizza over that Sausage, pepperoni –What would be the first thing you'd buy if you won the lottery? –The lottery? Did you get it? You guess it? –I guessed it –Ayy! (Paco) Capped at like, we'll just say a million

I'd probably buy everyone, like all my friends, like some little, like, motorcycles –Ooh, some like (together) Mopeds! –What would you buy? –How much do we get again? –A million –Oh, a million? Let me seeI'd go the alternate route, like, either in the sky or in the sea So you got the ground I'd either buy like, a little, tiny plane –Ooh –Or, –A boat or something? –Some boats

–Ooh –But you know, it's like collective things for the crew so we can all hang out and ride some stuff –*laughs* I'm already there I'm already no hair so I gotta– –Alright so would we rather have no head hair? (Paco) Yeah, no head hair

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