Will & Greg Show: Mini Skateboard (Ep. 10)

Will: *whispering* skateboards skateboards Greg: Is this thing on? Hello viewers Hello Derek Derek: Hello Greg: Today's a good day *repeatedly turns screwdriver on and off* Will: We've got tools and toys Greg: Tools and toys! And SKATEBOARDS! Will: Skateboards!! (Amazing Will and Greg Show intro) Greg: so back in uh – the old days, when me and Will were 7th grade, 8th grade? something like that? No – high school We used ta – No, this was college!! Greg: We – uh, had a big campus We had the idea of, like *gestures to skateboard* shrinking em' down this was kind of before like the penny boards and stuff that came out We get one of our old skateboards, it was kinda messed up anyways It was kinda like this *picks up skateboard* like just jacked up, it was broken So we took one of these, cut it down, and made our own little penny boards so we can *Will fails to jump on the board* skate around campus on em' *Will did it* Will: We're going to take these boards cut em' down to whatever shape put some trucks on it put a sweet, custom paint job and that's it Will: I think one of the one's we made before was like a little Greg: I made a rocket before Will: Yeah, rocket, that was kinda cool (only kinda cool?) Greg: it was kinda, kinda like a bomb Will: Yeah, I did like a little fish Greg: We're gonna make a couple skateboards, maybe cruise around, and do some tricks! Greg: First step, draw the design on your old board and create whatever design you want Greg: A fish? I think I might do a bomb again *laughs* Will: Look at this poor board Think I'm gonna make fish tail on the back *amazing drawing and crafting by Will and Greg* *Wobbly table* *laughing* *super loud screwdriver* Derek: Yeah that's clean Will: (inaudible) *SCREWDRIVER* Greg: What colors we got to chose from? Bronze, red These are all spray-paints from props that we have to make for Ryan and stuff *Greg fails* *Greg fails, except worse* Greg: OOHOOHOOHOO *Derek goes in close because the pain must be captured* Will: Perfect A classic board, too Derek: What color are you going with? Will: This is just a black This will just be like, my base *spray paint* Greg: Red tip *tape, tape, tape* *spray, spray, spray* Greg: Oh I shoulda sanded it before i painted it but – I'll put some stickers over it or something *Derek laughs* *Greg laughs* (INADIABLE) *Spray spray spray spray spray spray spray spray spray spray, spray spray spraypaint * Will: *whispering* Oh yeah *in background* Like, next to the *place on table* * paint, paint, paint paint paint* Greg: Is this how you speed up drying? (yah sure) (inaudible) *screwdriver* *putting the wheels on* *screwdrivah* Greg: These are kinda sharp It's like a spork Will: We're done (They're done!) Greg: We're done! (They're done!!!!!) Greg: Check it out! Got the – got the trucks installed, the wheels

I mean, I don't know is this is like, regulation, I don't know if this is safe, But, we're done Let's just go try it out Will: All right, here we go *Amazen Skateboarden* *Derek almost doesn't fail* Will: oooooh Greg: Nice! Will: Car!! Derek: Car!! Greg: Car!! *another almost not fail* All: EEYYYYYYYY Derek(?): Oh my gosh so sick dude!!!! *hook em' horns* *Greg does a tri-* *Greg falls* Greg: Break dancing Whoop *Greg and Will do da mini skateboarding into da skate park* *fun music* *Greg's skateboard abandons him* *Greg's skateboard leaves again* *Will doesn't need a skateboard to go down the ramp* Greg: This is hard, I need a smaller one *Will does it!!!* Greg: Yeah they're you go *Greg does it!!!!* *Will does it again, but better!* Greg: Yeah Alright, just got to the skate park let's just cruise we're gonna get some nice shots *Music* *Skatin* *Cruisin'* *Skatin again* *Crusin' again* *Still skatin' and crusin'* *oh no Greg falls* *Will continues skating* *Oh no Will falls* Will: The boards are a little small We can't do any big tricks but I mean, if it's a small board Greg: gotta do small tricks *Will does a Smol ollie* *Greg (almost) does a smol shove it* *Greg falls* (And we are again closer because the pain must be captured) *Will does a smol 50 50 with glasses fall* *Greg does a smol manual* *Will does a smol nose manual* *Will does a smol stall* *Greg does a smol alley oop* (MANOVERBOARDMANOVERBOARD) *Greg does a smol drop it like it's hot* *but Will does a smol drop it like it's hottER* *Greg does a smol drop it like it's not* Greg: Nope Nope Nope *Greg does a smol shin buster 3000* Greg: *cries of pain* *Will does a smol exercise machine* *Greg does a smol rollerblades (kinda)* (All aboard the fish train) *Will stumbles* *Greg falls* Will: Alright, that was that! We didn't build anything crazy or anything Greg: Yeah, it's something you guys can try at home If you guys do do something ya know, be safe, but tag us, you know we like to see what you guys made Will: *quietly* Is that our ending? Greg: *quietly* I on't know, we'll have to work on it (no it not cause they have skateboards) Greg: See you guys next time *Skateboarding* *Greg fell again* *Super Awesome Outro* *Skateboardin till the end*

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