Will & Greg Show: Homemade Bow & Arrow (Ep. 6)

*cough* Hey! It's our day off again and uhh, we have some time to kill so we're gonna, have some fun today It's the Will and Greg! It's the Will and Greg Show We're going to try out some new stuff that we saw on the internet What's that? A Banjo?! YEEEEEEHAWW!!! Saw a cool video of some guy making some bows so we thought should try that out So now that we made those bows, we're gonna try out some other bows Will: With our toes! Shoutout to

Backyardbowyer, we saw some of his videos online and got inspired to make our own homemade bows and arrows boooooooooooooooows We're gonna some PVC bows made out of PVC pipes yup As we make 'em we'll see how many cool shots we can pull So we got some left over scraps from uhhh some other shoot So we're gonna try and use these We still need some other stuff Yup so we gotta go to the store real quick Grab a couple things Will: I need some toothpaste, I need some deodorant Greg: Underwear for sure *cool elevator music playing* We're at the store Hooooome De pot That's some big arrows So what do we go for some dowels or OOOOHHHHH baby FIREEEE Looking for some uhhh stuff to make arrows with Greg: Alright we're back We're back We got some doweeeEEELS No those are arrows Greg: What we gotta do now? uuuhhhhhhhhmmmm This is like the middle kay Mark 'em And then we'll flatten each side And then bada bing bada boom *snaps* Zoom zoom Greg: *makes lightsaber noises with mouth* Will: Bang bang baaang Heat it and I'll just keep spinning it Will: Getting there Should I start like even the other side? YEEHAW *Blows a tune in the tube* *Sound of teamwork and machines* EUAGHH *discussing things amongst themselves* Almost there Dude this is pretty strong *smiles excitedly* Sean: Let's try it in the back First try *Sean giggles* First test Just for the record, Will has shot a bow before So he kinda knows what he's doing I have *arrow cuts Greg off* OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Sean: Damn I missed it Aye, do it again OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH dude aaayeeeeee Sean: Yo, that's stuck in there, good job *smiles proudly* Dude This is a weapon DUDE OOOOOH Sean: Ayeee Will: *makes some sort of sound* *Sean and Greg laugh* If we can hit it from here, this is a legit bow and arrow OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Greg: my god Sean: Duuudeee Will: *makes same some sound as before* Alright, we got our first arrow Greg: We got some duct tape Will: Duct tape Greg: That looks legit OOOOOH HU HUUUU that's

safe For sure Don't try this at home FIIRRREEEE *Sean laughs* Will: READY?? FIIRRREEEE HAAAAA OWWAHHAHA *laughcrys* That didn't hurt All: *laughs* It's like a sushi Greg: Yeah! Something like that! Will: First up is Gregory Slops McGee Greg: I'm going for birdie All: *dissapointed* Ooh Sean: A little higher All: *excited* Ooh! Will: Oh snap All: *impressed* Ooh! Greg: I hit myself in the face *Sean laughs* Greg: I went like this Will: TRIPLE KILL!!! Ooh

damn you saw that? Greg: Ooh nice dude! *Sean laughs* *Everyone laughs* *Sean laughs* WHAT THE??? *Everyone laughs* Sean: *trying too hard not to laugh* Greg: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! *Everyone laughs* Alright Thanks again for tuning in to this week's Will and Greg Show! We'll see you guys next time! Peace! Will: Alright, hold still! AH! Greg: Oh dude!!! More bloopers! 😀 Greg: Almost Sean: Ooh

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