Will & Greg Show: Fishing Vlog (Ep. 4)

Is it rollin'? Alright, I think it's rollin' -Yo! So today, we uh decided to do something a little different, and try vlogging

♩ It's the Will and Greg- ♩ [record scratch] ♩ It's the Will and Greg show ♩ We're gonna go outdoors and try something new What are we doing today, Greg? So, I want to catch some fish today – Yep So we are going fishing We came to Bass Pro to get some uh equipment

Luckily, we were able to hire a professional to take us on this adventure And that professional is, [drum roll] WILL: Ta-da! Wait, I'm a professional? -What do we need? Wait- what do we want? We have nothing, bro We need some equipment, we need some fishing poles, we need some reels, we need some line, we need some hooks, we need some bait, we need some- GREG: I got some bait GREG: Will! You already got this! WILL: I'd wear these GREG: Yeah, those are fresh

WILL: Those are nice pants, that'll work Oh, I would wear this, too GREG: [laughing] You're already wearing it, bro GREG: Let me see a technique [inaudible] -What are those? Gummy Worms

-Gummy worms? Yep -Hell Yeah They're bomb -You know what- you know who likes gummy worms? BOTH: Derrick -Oh! -Ay, we might need- do we need? -We need one, right? WILL: Yeah, we need that

WILL: Barbie? GREG: The package deals, bro WILL: I mean it does come with a backpack GREG: Yep, I'm going with the Spiderman Special Alright, got the equipment, time to go fishing -We're here, we made it

Alright, so we're at the local park that has a pond SEAN: First of all, back in Hawaii, when I used to have- run into this problem, usually I look at the old-timers like, you know, like experienced people You know? So like everyone seems to be on this side So does that mean- does this side have more fish? Or, it's just closer to the parking lot WILL: Are those geese? GREG: That's geese! That's gooses! Let's try and catch one of these! ♩ Alright, our lines are almost set up, let's catch some fish

♩ GREG: Oh! [splash] [laughing] [slow and deep]: Oh! [splash] GREG: Alright so you see where those bubbles are? That's where my reel is That's the new objective guys Catch my reel Alright, first catch of the day [victorious sound effect] WILL: Leaf

WILL: Woah Woah! Woah! GREG: Oh dude dude dude SEAN: Oh dude Oh it looks like there's a bunch of geese poop on it GREG: Yeah

GREG: Aw dude, nice! I caught another one dude It's a great day guys It's a great day ♩ GREG: Aw dude! WILL: Aw the bag! GREG: Dude, the bag! Catch the bag SEAN: Oh the bag! Come on, dude

GREG: Ay, catch the bag Alright, now they're trying to catch our stuff that flew into the water SEAN: Target practice, bro- -this is how you practice uh casting, dude GREG: Ay make sure you catch that red bag SEAN: Oh maybe! GREG: Oh you got it! SEAN: Yes, Baby! GREG: Sean- Sean caught a big one! [laughing] GREG: Nice

WILL: That's a big one, boys GREG: Good job guys, cleaning up the environment SEAN: I'm scared it's gonna break but I got it SEAN: Slowly but surely GREG: Nice, nice

Caught the big fish -While Sean catches the big fish, Will got the even bigger fish, dude -Nice catch, dude Wow, there's a lot of water here -Nice catch Oh dude

[laughing] -Nice catch, Will What'd you get? WILL: I caught a stick ♩ [mellow piano playing] GREG: Dude, you got my- SEAN: I got your line! GREG: That's my line! SEAN: I got your line! GREG: Oh my- dude, you got it! SEAN: I got your line! SEAN: Look, your bait is still on! GREG: Alright, reel it in! SEAN: Alright, hold on GREG: Oh my god! Dude, you got it! Oh my gosh [joyful exclamations] ♩ Whoo! We got it, baby! We're back in business, son! We're back in business! I forgot how small your pole is, dude

It's not about the- size that matters It's about how you use it SEAN: We moved spots GREG: Okay, we moved spots [upbeat music] ♩ [mellow guitar] ♩ GREG: Nice, dude

[laughing] WILL: Do you want it? GREG: Yeah – Good job, guys SEAN: Mmmm – Nice catch – Are we impressing you girls yet? MONICA: I'm pretty impressed Yeah, you're too strong

No big deal Not everyone can throw their entire reel into the la- into the pond [air whooshing] [ding] "Higa TV" [birds chirping]

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