Will & Greg Show: Fire Sign(Ep. 11)

*taps the face* Greg: Hello friend Will: Hello Greg: What are we doin? Will: *sighs* I don't knowww Greg: Alright we are tasked with the job of (deep gasp) literally the impossible

Greg: We have 2 hours, about 10 dollars Will: duct tape Greg: Duct tape, and 2 guys Greg: Maybe 2

Like 1 and a half to do this *sick theme song* Greg: Ryan Higa's shooting a music video in a couple days and it's uh, a country music video Tape tape And he wants a background thing Greg: He wants- Will: that's the plan Greg: He wants this

Greg: Does that look good? *laughter* Will: Let's get it Greg: That's our, that's our professional blueprints Will: We're gonna make a sign! Greg: We're gonna make a sign Greg: But not only a sign, It has to be 7,000 feet tall Will: Like about this tall Greg: and the easiest part of all: It has to be on FIRE *laughs* Will: and then, it probably has to be able to be lit on fire on fire multiple times cause y'know us, We're not gonna get it first take so we- It has to be able to be lit on fire at LEAST twice Greg: It has to be lit, fam multiple times, fam Lit Greg: *dabs aggressively* *clicks lighter* Greg: SO! Greg: Enough talking Greg: Let's just light some stuff on fire Greg: I don kno 1:13 greg:i dont know Will: We're gonna have to try and go to the store (*try) Will: find some maybe metal? Will: Can't use wood Greg: Hopefully we can just find a BIG "ML" Greg: That can be lit on fire

Will: Pound sign ML Greg: Hashtag ML So he wants hashtag ML Greg: Which is supposed to be like, millennial love Greg: Which is the title of the song andddd Greg: He lights it on fire Cause the lyric goes: Greg: It's lit up like Millennial Love Or something like that Greg: Burn it Greg: Oh dude dude Greg: Let's go to the store

Greg: And buy some I don't know what to buy Greg:

What do you buy for this? Greg: You can see that Greg: That I'm runnin' out of gas! Greg: Runnin' out of gas Will: Oh d'hell yeah *shopping music* Greg: Make sure this thing's an L *music continues* Will: Found seven of these

Greg: Tiki torch for the juice We've got these metal pieces And we're gonna take this rope that's kinda like a Tiki-Torch rope What we're thinking is, we take like a rope That's similar to the one in the Tiki-Torch and we kinda

like I'm thinking we kinda like wrap it around like a metal pole toss the whole thing with Tiki-Torch fluid and then it should burn slowly So we're gonna try to make like a mini-version real quick This'll be our test We're mostly just testing to see if the rope works Is this the right way? um

something like that Alright let's test it! Alright kids Remember, never play with fire! playful background music It doesn't need to go up like a bomb or anything, it just needs to be like a slow burn Yeah, like a Tiki-Torch! We have got

the hose nearby Here we go! Fire in the hole *drumrolling* *chuckling* okay There we go Okay, okay Nice, nice, nice

Ooh! The wind, too! Is not affecting it, nice! I mean it lasts pretty long *fire blowing in the wind* metal sound fire is put out loudly by water Will and Greg Show *laughing in the background* First round of testing was

a semi-success I think what we're gonna do is we''ll try and make the easiest letter, we're gonna try to make the L 'Kay, our full-scale test We have a "A" Or a upside-down "V" Aaaaayyyy!! Let's uh we got some zip-ties they're not zip ties bag-ties

and metal wire High-tech, ya know? Let's try it *playful music is playing* Hopefully, someone doesn't see this and think we are doing some kinda ritual *laughing in the background* Just see how long it lasts yeah 'Cause the song is what like

a couple minutes? yeah We should probably OH!! *bursting out laughing* So we're gonna keep going, and make the rest of the letters, I guess *rock music and grinding/drill noises* Good, we're making some progress I need to figure out a way to stayin' this up

and attach some rope and, uh get it there safely and light it on fire and

we'll be done! *drill* Bam! How to stand these things up We're gonna make some wood stands Are they gonna burn? We're gonna make some wood stands! *more drilling noises* *drilling noises and rock music continues* drop 'em in let's see how this looks Ta-daaaa!! *chuckling* Well, it works

Then we're done? We're done, we're done, son m'kay that only took all day Alright, next step! So we're gonna put it in the truck

And take it to the set I think this is what Ryan wanted Let's see if it works, which it willRight? Okay! It's the day of the shoot And we're all packed up, we have the sign in here take it All the way out to what's it called? Valley of Fire Which is perfect, because We're gonna set this valley on fire! Let's do a quick checklist: We got the sign posts, rope, fluid, *burp* water, lighters! They'd probably like some water, huh bucket of water! Bucket of water! Bucket of water

Bucket of water *burp* Dude I got I got

I gotta go to the bathroom *burp* road trip! Let go of the ropes got some food right there This is the juice! Start with that side *cheerful music* We'll light it, hold, until I got that shot just these two then I'll tell you to move on

I'll just go like this *triumphant music* Ready guys? Ready Rolling Just yell "Music" when you want me to play it *more triumphant music* And step out! *music continues to play* Ryan sings: Cause fam the ship has sailed into the sea Let's YOLO, Swag, and

*rock music drowns out singing* Alright so it worked It looked sick! And it was like falling apart in the fire! So that was like, definetely not on purpose but it looks good! We gotta reset it we'll try one more time *graceful music plays in the background* Cut! Yee-HOO!!! Well, here it is

It worked! It worked, boys and girls It did like this wierd drippy thing, yeah I didn't know it was gonna do that but it looked cool Alright thanks for tuning into this week's Will and Greg! I hope you enjoyed watching us make some kind of prop thing so uh We'll see you next time, when we make some more props — "DAVID!!!" One, two, three, go! Will and David play music Low voice: HIGA High voice: Tee-Vee!! Road trip! *Will makes car noises* Bring it, brring it in, bring it in *Greg farts* Crowd goes "Oh!" Goodness!!

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