Will & Greg Show: Custom Drift Karts (Ep. 3)

Yello! What up? I'm Will I'm Greg And a while back, me and Greg saw something pretty cool on the internet Someone took their hoverboard and they made it into some kind of go-kart So we were inspired by that, but we decided to do our own version (makes car noise) (BOTH) A drift– hover– bi– board! Uh– (bleep) (BOTH) A drift– hover– board– go-kart! Go-kart that drifts Drift Drift? What do you mean 'drift'? Alright, let's do it (RAPPED) It's the Will and Greg– It's the Will and Greg Show So in order to achieve this goal (laughs) (bleep) So in order to achieve this goal, we need a professional Someone that's put in so many hours to learn the proper mechanics of engineering and physics and fishing Science And that professional is

(drumming) Hey! We brought in Sean who went to school for engineering, and he's gonna help us build some go-karts Yeah! Alright, let's build some go-karts Let's do it (rock music) Lowrider, baby Does it drift? OK, OK We put caster wheels on the back so it'll drift (ALL) And we're done! It kinda works (imitates car sounds) (ALL) Oh! (laughing) Now it's time to customize them Let's do it Whoa! Alright, it's the next day We just did a long day of modifications Let's go check out the rides (rock guitar intro) (rock music) Alright, let's go take a look at my ride But first I wanna give a shoutout to all my official fake sponsors (GREG) Is that David Choi? (WILL) Yeah, David Choi sponsors me (GREG) Ooh! (WILL) State of the art rocket-launcher– (GREG) That's a Roman candle? Technology for– (GREG) Is that legal? (WILL) Another line of defence – nunchucks Quick release I think I just broke it Let's go around to the back You can see my new estate 69 exhaust system (GREG) Ooh, my God (WILL) It makes a good exhaust note Sounds a little bit like (makes loud growl) Nice little spoiler we got here Sky blue tassles And moving onto the cockpit (GREG) Dang! (WILL) The finest six million thread count Artificial sheepskin And we got this nice steering wheel I wanna give a shoutout to my other sponsors (GREG) Dang! (WILL) We got Sean, you know (SEAN) Damn, I'm sponsoring? Wow (WILL) And then that's about it Like to keep it simple, keep it secret, keep it sacred Alright (WILL) Onto the next one I call this the Mustache Rider I put a mustache on my wing

This is the base size I got some rockets on here I got a number Yes, I got a number – 69 Took some inspiration I couldn't afford the real fake sheepskin, so I got red carpet I got a plunger (WILL) A shock absorber? (GREG) Yeah, a shock absorber Tape that holds on my cannons That's about it Alright, welcome to my ride Right there, it's called 'Flyin' Ryan' We got a lowrider, you know what I'm saying? All for drifts, baby, for drifts and for speed We got that Ryan face stamp

When we're coming up from behind, all you see is Ryan's face and you know danger's coming Your bucket lid steering wheel (WILL) It's all red (GREG) It actually looks like a go-kart (WILL) Yours looks legit Now the modifications are done Time to put these bad boys to the test with a three-part competition Drag race Drift race And a race-race Let's just go race We'll figure it out These things are fun (GREG) Alright, we just got to the drift course Gonna set up our rides So our first event – the drag race First one to get from point A to point B wins the event Edge over there to the end of that

Somewhere over there 3, 2, 1 – go! (music) (ALL) Whoa! (wooting) (laughing) Alright, Will won that event Yeah! Now it's time for the drifting (makes car sounds) Gonna start over there, then come around, build some speed Then gonna hit this turn, this U-turn Whoever can do the drift the best, wins I don't know how we're gonna rate who does it the best, but– Whoever does it the best, wins – OK? (WILL) Ahh! (GREG) Nice! Nice until you spun out Nice, Will Man, lost it at the end Seany-boy's up (GREG) Here we go, here we go, coming in (shouting) (GREG) Oh! Oh, oh, oh We're good, we're good, we're good Dude, why, bro? I couldn't hit the exit, bro Gotta hit that nice exit turn Think I give that to Will so far, man

He made it further than me Yeah it was a little bit cleaner (SEAN) Oh! Ah, Greg! I had to, like, readjust, but that was pretty fun (WILL & SEAN) Nice Alright, who got it? (SEAN) Will Will's was the smoothest (SEAN) I give it to Will Ayy! Dang! You won the race AND the drill (SEAN) He's killing it right now You've won already Dude, I think he's just a better driver (laughing) Asian drivers Alright, so the last event is a full on time attack Whoever can get around the whole parking lot in the fastest time, wins the whole shebang Alright, let's do it (GREG) Ready? 3, 2, 1 – go! (music) (GREG) Time! Alright, that time was 4122 seconds (music) (GREG) Ahh! No! You spun out! Time! (wooting) With two spin outs

Sean got a time of 4233 Damn! Right when you got here, it was like 39 or something Damn, for real? Dude, I was flying on the straights, but I couldn't handle the turns (WILL) Go! (music) Aw, man, drifting! Straighten out! (WILL) That's pretty fast (ALL) Oh! (GREG) No! (WILL) Hurry! Time! (wooting) (WILL) That looked fast! That one turn, man! Y'all ready for the time? Alright, bro That was fast It's between you and Will, though Oh! The winner of the timed race, with 38

02 seconds – Greg! Oh! Damn, 38? Damn! (WILL) Victory donuts Wooo! (WILL) Yeah, Greg! All the events are finished Time to mess around Do we have a winner or what? Uh Sean! Yeah! Sean's the winner Nice job, Sean Look at that, look at that, look at that, look at that I gave him a few points Nice, Sean! (laughing) Gutter drift I'm feeling dizzy, how 'bout you? (GREG) Alright, let's go home Looks like it's about to blow up That was fun Thanks again to Sean for coming on and helping us build that project this week Thank you guys for having me Thanks, Sean Thank you for coming by and turning this week's Will and Greg into a Sean, Will and Greg Also known as (ALL) Swag! (music) 'Turn my swag on' Are we really calling it 'SWAG'? HigaTV Swag it out, swag it out Swag it out, swag it out, swag it out

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