Why Youtube Rewind was Brilliant!

Hey guys! So I know this video is late and, um, well, I mean what else is new with me? But actually, I watched Youtube Rewind the day it came out You know, somebody told me to watch it, so I checked it out

Put it up on my phone and about twenty seconds into the video, I just had to completely stop I had to literally pause the video, exit the app I could not watch anymore

because iT wAs sO gOoD I could not spare another second watching on this little screen I had to go to my living room and watch it on a gigantic screen because it was that good! And of course I know what everybody's saying about YouTube Rewind, okay? I've seen all the comments talking about how YouTube Rewind's getting worse and worse every year, and this is the worst one I've seen all Youtuber reviews saying you know how why this is so awful and how it's missing so many trends and Youtubers– there's way too much Fortnite — just all this talk about how it's all around trash, and yes I know it is the most disliked video in the history of Youtube now I get all that, okay? But let me just say the only reason that everybody has turned so much of their hate and so much negativity towards this one video is because you guys just don't get it, okay?- You don't see how brilliant Youtube Rewind this year was! I mean youtube rewind is supposed to be a re-cap of the year not only that this year's rewind perfectly capture everything that this year has been but it summarizes just– just everything that represents where we are as a society and- and humanity and life in all one video! Think about it! This is the most disliked video in the history of youtube and yet it got over 100 million views in less than a week What better way to describe of what people are like in 2018 on youtube then to create a video that is SO BAD So disliked So hated that you can't help but come and check it out an-and by doing that you also could get people people to complain about it and agrue about it and get it to the point where its so viral that everyone has to see it! No matter how much we hate it! That is the perfect representation of the biggest things that happened this year! In 2018, our society loves a good train wreck okay, we LOVE to be upset, we LOVE to complain about things we LOVE to start uproars! Whether we wanna admit or not – we love to hate And YT Rewind what they di- you see – what they did – those little little brilliant suckers They didn't miss a single trend – despite what you thought you think you might have saw But I'm not gonna go through every single reference in this video Because there is so much 'genius' content in here that it would take me all day to go through all of it But just so you guys can get a little taste , lets start from the beginning DaAaAaAaAaH! (Pauses video) Okay, right, I mean, right off the bat, okay We are 5-6-7 seconds into the video at the very most, okay, and from the very beginning what YouTube does, okay, there's a man leaning on a railing and he's just looking out into this beautiful picture perfect world just enjoying and appreciating nature

We don't know who it is until he gets a text message, right? and he turns around and BOOM Will Smith (Chuckles) C'mon! Is that not obvious enough what commentary they're making right there? See this is not some random cameo, okay, that YouTube put at the beginning of the video for shock value, so that people don't click away because they're expecting so much more now It is so much more than that

What YouTube is communicating here is that in 2018 we are so busy with texts, and technology and idolizing celebrities that, it draws us away from actually appreciating life, just turn around (Short Laugh) What a way to start a video, good for you YouTube Let's continue Turns around- "DaAaAaH" (Oh!) C'monc'mon! Okay, I can't be the only one that caught this one, right? Are you serious Youtube?! Are you serious? More genius level commentary and another big trend right here

Will Smith gets a text and what is the first thing he says? "DaAaAaAh" (DAHHHHHHHHHHHHH) I mean, c'mon guys, this is so obviously referencing the presidential text that everyone got on their phones earlier this year Remember that day? Which is why the first thing that Will Smith says when he sees his text messages is "DaAaAaAhHhH" as in DaAaA-nold Trump He stopped himself from saying his name And that's where the brilliance comes in What YouTube is so cleverly trying to say is that you can't even say the name Donald Trump without starting some kind of argument and then that just stops the video, you just stop yourself, bite your tongue and you can keep moving on with the video aka life 🙁 and that's exactlly what they did and what we should do as well

Let's continue 🙂 DaAaAaAh, it's rewind time (pauses video) stop it again, just oh wow this is just too much good stuff to skip did you guys see that? Did you guys see that?! Will Smith is just straight-up telling us that you know this beautifull peaceful world that's behind us it is it's the end of it, it's the end Why? because when you rewind something it's usually because it's finished, or because is at the end and what time is it Will? Will: It's rewind time

and to make it even more obvious he goes on to call out Fortnite and Marques Brownlee Fortnite and Marques Brownlee, and if you don't know who Marques Brownlee is, he is related to technology and obviously Fortnite is anything but peaceful once again reassuring you that what they are talking about is how technology is ruining peace just to put the nail in the coffin You see that? he snaps, another thing that everybody thought youtube left off its the Thanos memes, he snaps and everything disintegrates and all of a sudden we're in a fortnite bus and it's all thanks to Will Smith (smithing 100) aka the, "prince of bel-air" ok YouTube tried to get a little cute here, but obviously we caught that one as well the "Prince" is calling us to have a battle "Royale" and we're flying through the bel-"AIR" Good one YouYube, kay-yeah we're not that dumb (Yes we are) Is this what you wanted? "You know who–" Okay, I swear, last time and we will get this moving And I'm only stopping this one to address one of the uh–a very common common complaint that people had

Specifically about Fortnite, because they care a lot about that game "Where's all the players? There's only seven people?" "Must be nice to be in the top ten before you even have to drop" "How lazy is Youtube? They couldn't get enough extras? Well, now you know why this scene has so little people Not because Youtube was lazy, or because they couldn't afford to get enough extras- No! It's because Thanos snapped, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and half of them disappeared Okay? There was fourteen people in there before, okay? That's a full Fortnite game probably Get debunked, haters! Sorry, getting heated Now, where were we? Wow, we're only twenty seconds into the Okay, you know what? For real, we're going to speed this up Fast forward time ⏭ Youtube Rewind fast forward review–time ⏭ ⏭ (( ▶)) Is this what you wanted? "You know who I would've asked for?" "Quit horsing around!" Okay ಠ_ಠ Horsing around? Really? :/ A clear shout to Red Dead Redemption II

(The release) "Play me some of that jumping music"( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) "Okay-" "You said jumping music?" "Jumping music?" Okay, he says "Play me that jumping music" and then Cardi B comes on Duh Right? Because when you jump out of the bus in Fortnite, that signifies the beginning of the fight Just like one of the biggest events of the year when Cardi started a big fight with Nicki Minaj (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ See, it's so smart

You even gotta listen to the music Okay? He just snuck that reference in there He just ninja-ed it See? Okay, I know when you first saw this and you thought "Oh, how lazy Youtube; another Fortnite reference? We just saw one" Wrong again! Okay, we got two more gamers here with a shopping cart

One's wearing black The other one's wearing some military or camo outfit? They're obviously talking about Black Ops, okay? The biggest video game release of the year They made over half a billion dollars at launch

That's a lot of people putting that game into their "shopping carts" If you know what I mean Next we got Liza Koshy–one of the biggest Youtubers and one of my favorites And I don't know if you guys caught this or not and this seems so obviously represents all the Youtubers that are calling each other out and taking shots at one another, because Youtube really did take a big shot at Liza here I mean first of all, there's an Liza, who appears out of nowhere, where a few years ago she did

She became one of the biggest things in a matter of What seems like, what? And this is where they take the shots out of Liza Cause when the video continues (double-claps for PewDiePie)

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