Who is BAE to you!? (Q&A)

Sorry for poor quality slightly Welcome RH: Oh S: Sorry okay Hi, welcome you to the section of the Department Sean This was not room eyebrows Why we'd never turned on in rooms you that? I see us into the room you just as much as my room alone that RH: Oh, I'm afraid that, just now I thought someone was in the back

S: What? RH: is the mirror S: Well, the mirror S: Looking at the mirror and behold RH: tiptoed near the mirror Tiptoed near the mirror Everyone go surfing Woo, Sean's Room Sean Na Na Na Na's Room We're not in the room he We're not in the room Sean Today we'd do what? I do not know Then, a lot of people ask us to do They ask themselves alone we do the right? They want to see us again through his omegle (omegle is the video calling application for strangers) Her to do so today until remembered the webcam not here Themselves to it at home before that and So instead we'll do We'll do the right? We'll do one episode Q & A Q & A Then, we have not tweeted take questions but You tweet away Well to my previous tweet I'll re-tweet tweet tweet you and me So tweet's 3 times sinister, abbreviated TTT The high notes that you Let me go turn Conditioning Okay, I'm this armpit sweat I know, you're not a new flow is strange Never not flowing Never say never Ryan Higa really (Sean was reading Ryan's Twitter account) Let me hold to support entangled Thank you It writes what, Sean? I still rated this password Password still beating you? Nearly finished yet? about to stop It made me lose focus there I know, hard to do well always was That was Brian Roberson behold He has played an extremely specific things, cry "RRR" was his RRR You see pirates yet? Kids ready? Ready, sir captain! We not hear anything all Open his ear away Who lives in a pineapple under the sea even deeper? Sponge square pants The girls are watching us over the phone with a laptop that you Now Sean's Room section of the lousy like this At least today we eat Chipotle I also do not sit anymore I'm kind of hungry there Think that tasty

But we do not eat now, not perhaps so alone a camera here? Filming and we can go eat okay We eat every day and that his Hey, that food is life Wow, you even reasonable that Tweet I won then, I said before that No, you Well whatever goes Oh well, I do not tweet before Nothing of you make the rest would mind? Á several bothered you? sure that I say things bother me the most are not? Yeah? I sweat Here it is flowing this Oh, you're sweating so lo Overheating away! I was still dressed in gray back, too You should know that should not be dressed in gray rather Sweating too cloudy! There where so hot, I'm still a bit cold this I have hairy armpits in, okay? Hairy retain heat very well You were friends how many years now? I think that level I mean, we know each other thanks to Judo

That range I started learning from age 5 Her as my beginning was 6 years old So I know you since 2006 No, in 2007, I remember that But his recovery is not necessarily that we you Yeah I think we started playing together while level three When I learned wrestling When you Oh yeah, when Sean was studying wrestling Wrestling has changed my life Change it forever Truth was that! Sean silent back then too, extremely silent type that unusual As his style not know how to talk or something standard S: I do not know why I said with that tone again RH: Maybe that's true voice of eyebrows I would also quiet if I never close to you If until now I just met you, I would type: "Hi, nice to meet you" He is extremely polite style Yeah, I'll always extremely polite But if you close with her, you know her very rude Just kidding, I do not to the point where rude

Just sometimes I have or mess, right Sean? Yep, it is true that you or a show I think its because of supply Gemini should have two personalities that So when meeting her friends will think: "Aw, you polite too!" But I gave no where, we bad very bright, like a doggy I will scream your ass splashed always Do you dare to lick feet Sean to get $ 1 ko? No, of course not then, and you? Of course not My legs are there you! He also said: "Of course not" new seats rather Who is your bae? That means what? Longer rolls to answer it clearly is something or someone Means what? You try any investigation The definition of "bae" "Bae" What does mean? Oh, okay Lover or mistress that? The problem here is that if you say his name but not know it is weird But if a celebrity or style, it'd be Once we'd say the name of the jog Ready? 1,2,3 Man, you just said Jessica Alba, too? Yep, even though she was married, but

She married, I I She is a nice lady She's good that You just call her the lady you? I'll tell her it was her eyebrow old I can not say old, I call her Mrs I remain of Emma Watson I like his voice, he's pretty well again And I think he's a good person Okay, let's say until we'd say the same first name nhé Ready? 1,2,3 RH: My God, but why do I say Julia Roberts, right? S: What? Okay, again for you, ready? 1,2,3 Megan Fox Asia? I do not think I would choose anymore Ariana Grande Now we'd just sit to name all? Yeah I know that Rolls paired us anything But if you say it like it is identical, right? Choose one of her music market, ready? 1,2,3 Nicki Minaj? 1,2,3 Shakira? RH: We do, I know that! S: Yeah, yeah, okay

Say the name actors go! Friendly us much, we'd do it! I called then As actress Stock also a singer cum again S: Okay, I'm ready RH: You have not? 1,2,3 Oh man Oh man You're doing well, but Oh man Never succeed anywhere, it is best to continue making videos then when they said nobody thought out okay We did have to do streaming video, too Okay, next question Ryan, you see how when one person you cool like Sean? Á cool? (In English the word "cool" rhymes with "cool") I must say he didnt cool (In English the word "cool" rhymes with "cool") Because he kept flowing throughout sweat should stop when he also

Hot See not? Just tell us that one time nhé But still not get the ordeal over the other Try it again, ready? 12, who also, 3 I had barely thought of someone S: I do not keep up RH: Why I think that Macaulay Culkin, right? S: Yeah, really you? RH: As close kid in Home Alone it If you selected a person to go to the prom together, who would you choose? Man, uh 1,2,3 Why do you keep talking that name

I do not know anymore A few other questions too so I'm not close promptly devised another name The first video you do not return to the past? Is there anything we'd do it again smooth ko? Because back then we'd do a lot of sitting like this video too You know what I think of which one did not? Which? Irreplaceable God Remember it not? Sure there Turn away See do not nhá OK Just do it alone until Disorder okay Oh eyebrow ~ On the left ~ Left behold, Higa Left behold, Fuji ~ On the left ~ ~ On the left ~ ~ All his belongings in his left chest ~ ~ In the wardrobe are my toys ~ ~ As things I buy, he do not touch ~ ~ Just keep saying stupid words go ~ ~ But he said walking away is not? ~ ~ I enrolled on courses and ~ ~ Should hold his bag went off, so I called the car for ~ ~ He stood in the front yard and tell me that ~ I do not know, I forgot Oh man! You push this this Oh yeah, man! Why do you remember how long? People will tell you better than me for considered YouTube channels that you like You have to read the way they write muscles YouTube channels you like outside of the main channel you out? I think both my children were not there any channel we'd really like But for the benefit of earlier trials, we'd say the first name I will re-count to 3 to see her we have telepathy not nhé You ready? 1,2,3 S: Smosh RH: Jenna Marbles Oh man Cheese, cheese again! Yourself think we do not have favorite channels anywhere Actually I or watch and Jenna Marbles both Smosh RH: I choose Jenna for us or go out with her S: Yeah But I see all Smosh, Jenna, Lilly, PewDiePie I want to choose us body and muscles Yeah, PewDie

Tao or see of us met and Because I do not hardly ever see something where one randomly Unless I know there is something or we'd meet them in person and then And then type, "To see what he's trying!" Because we wanted to support them was You know who I do not ever orgasm? Derrick Comedy is there! But they do not do anymore They stopped before Now he's not popular anymore image RH: Donald Glover was, or is Donglover cowboy? S: He You're correct that If selected any superpowers, you will choose? Whichever Asia? I then wanted to fly or teleport You only get one thing only, select 1 go Okay, then flight Okay, but if you choose teleport will be able to move like

so what? Flight and shift-style reviews Sounded tired Yes, but I always thought that, though there is illusory, but I always wished I could have the strength to eat anything I want as many times as but do not be overweight Oh my eyebrows, so there will be very strong Type control your weight or something At first I still want more finger muscle, real shit! Anyway, it really telekinesis, time travel I will do a lot to see butterfly effect If you have the capacity right now, you will do anything, say! I will will come back, tell me the answer to this question you do not ask me again Okay, now I'm with you there is telepathy 1 Name of the superhero OK I'm going into your head then, ready? 1,2,3 RH: Green Lantern S: Flash Oh man Who you miss the most "Ai" means humans á huh? Who was the most memorable in Yabo? Sun, Yabo Asia? Does every I, you, Tim and Kyle? Kyle Chun Asia? Kyle Chun I remember that there is much that

We include Tarynn, Bryson Murata, Tim Always a bunch of people that I mean I remember them too Yeah I think that we'd recovered closest to Tim Both Tarynn again S: Yeah, I think Tim RH: We used to be you that RH: I remember S: I remember Helga Yeah, well, right term Not long ago I met Tim you sir Yeah, me too You do not know Tim is one game You do not know where Sure you did not know Tim was, and did not know what Yabo is always where Which by the way, I have not played Helga Islam is his idea that people play Oh yeah, Sean never like this where Everyone thought it was Sean, but Sean did not do bad side to that where Heart shall be there Evaluate each person in RHPC in appearance, the humor and dressing This question will make us fight for considered All of us are beautiful, funny and knows how to dress the most Appearance will be the most remarkable You stand but who most No, looks both body styles, including how to dress and all Oh, that is the whole shop too? Who taught you that's the word? I do not care I think I chose Greg Yeah, I think so too there RH: As the best-dressed Greg S: Because it's yeah And he or keep one very Certainly Greg already And you know what not, the funniest and Greg always You do not see it because he's not a show for the camera or It just Strangely, it kept up the camera back out humor I also do not understand why more But he did not like, he's very bright humor Best dressed and also Greg Greg should win Greg is the number one, is the number one

The next question You slept together several times in 1 week? In the past only Well, only in the past In the past almost every week you sleep well again Well, a habit he always We went to school the day of the week, to visit on the 7th Yep Then me to the eyebrows, make 1 video Or play? S: Either play RH: Basketball Yeah, we'd play 2K Yeah Naruto favorite episode? Do not say before jog Sean watched over her that Naruto Choose from the comic also be I like to practice fighting with Gaara Well, the first game from Asia? Filled it When they

They hit in the arena right? No no, hit the other in the forest Yeah, yeah, that game was clearly tired Who would not watch Naruto style: "We are talking mịa what's up?" Of me will be when Sasuke with Naruto fighting I type At 1 child in the dark and was transfigured At that time I type "A" That is when I reached there the pits I like "The ministry building intelligent real, unlike those other stupid cartoon" Favorite character in Naruto, ready? 1,2,3 S: Shikamaru RH: Gaara Oh man Cheese, cheese again Upcoming memory is full, the battery is almost over We did do more 1 more question whiff! You pretend to be like the last Pokémon is not? I remember that I faked it all and that Favorite Pokémon Ready? Á favorite Pokémon? 1,2,3 RH: Squirtle S: Articuno 1,2,3 RH: Charizard S: Zapdos 1,2,3 RH: # $% ^ & * S: Blastoise Drilling, what? Star? Aerodactyl? Aero Yeah I'm going to say 1,2,3 RH: Alakazam S: Pigdeot RH: Abra S: Pidgeotto RH: Nidoran S: Hitmonlee RH: Hitmonchan S: Rhyhorn Tao is for me to think about child you know what, it has 3 types but this is the weakest form I'm just suggesting to be as far as it Okay, I got it RH: Ready? S: Then 1,2,3 RH: Geodude S: Caterpie Oh man We'd not been for the video that was taken 1 not say what okay You ready? 1,2,3 RH: Wartortle S: Graveler 1,2,3 RH: Gyarados S: Magikarp Oh man Gyarados is what? (Ryan mispronounced) Why I say that? Gyarados Damn, going alright Still not be counted on, we're still not done RH: This is too hard! S: Yeah, real hard! RH: sweet water carrier! Ready? S: Firm Asian freshwater? 1,2,3 RH: Mountain Dew S: Coke Oh man Any company you find in any candy near the checkout counter 1,2,3 You said it's difficult to guess what to do? Sorry, I'd rather say the first option rather than Cookies and Cream to tell me I'm also going to say S: So why not choose both mother go? RH: That's my first choice I did not choose it because the name is too long I, too, I think so Eyebrow, we'd never be the end of this video takes We'll not stop the video until the camera runs out of battery or her until we do This is the test of us Cartoons continue broadcasting 1,2,3 RH: Adventure Time S: Family Guy Oh man Good of you, huh, I still do not know that I speak Adventure Time I watch Family Guy more than Countries located in Asia 1,2,3 Yea

puzzles to too which Why do not we alone, right? Did we not have to be your friends? We did not even say what was taken 1 We did not have friends and Judo throws nhé 1,2,3 Oh man Any creamy yet Ready? 1,2,3 Oh man Color merge with one door in the movie 1,2,3 RH: Red S: White I do not know where Favorite Fruit 1,2,3 Oranges Oranges! Yeah! RH: It was not the result I like S: I know, me too, but I'm going to say I think about the first results engine At first I thought apple S: I think so RH: And then I thought, "If that is easy too!" Damn, took 7th day already Finally, we have to increase the stupid question to this level And finally, it also rolls to what we like to Longer have to lie to complete Wow, long time away The longer you do not see every scene was not cut on, we're still doing more muscle Anyway, I have to stop the camcorder battery does not lose So thank you for watching Thanks for visiting Thanks everyone for questioning and leave the tweet or And because not too complicated so we're able to do more videos like this more Certainly there will be should you think of the more interesting questions are light I mean These questions are great then but you just think of more creative sentence nhé Yeah The more toxic the more questions will have the opportunity to contribute to video Now you want to go eat somewhere? 1,2,3 Chipotle Yeah S: Hey Greg! G: Hey! G: This is the first time I do this S: You do not ever Asian Encore? S: You have somewhere that? S: Anyway, you see how they are said to have dressed, funny and looks best? G: I'm the best that Asian appearance? S: You do not see the video, right? Wowww (Trailer created by Tanran subteam)

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