Where’s Will Tho? (Ep.1)

Hey guys We're trying something new today! We started a new game It's called Where's Will Tho? We've kind of just testing it for the first time basically it's kind of like we've got the idea from a where's Where's Waldo we got to find something specific and that specific theme just happens to be Will Tho! none of us have seen any of the pictures that we're gonna be seeing except for will and Greg so they're not gonna be able to they're not gonna be able to play

So that's what we're doing Took some pictures and this is HOW YA PLAY Will: I went and took some photos and I'm hiding somewhere in the picture The objective of the game is to be the fastest to find me The quickest player gets three points Second gets two and third gets one if you want to play a long, pause on the pictures or before each reveal

This game works best on bigger screens Alright Let's play so I'm gonna put a picture out (on it) ? I can be anywhere in the entire frame Okay Okay, ready, here we go, first – oh when ryan cheated away, okay, you said three two one Alright that in the first round Sean got it first you got three points flew Ryan got a second It's to Dan you got third she just walked in three two one open Got it

Oh No way I can't zoom in more buzz right there Yeah, I got it I got it I don't see you in this Must be somebody sir we have Claire and Paco duck Where's we'll Find that so bad This is a hard one what it's the only spot

I don't have glitter I got it There's Eight oh it gets harder alright ready, okay guys in three two one go Yeah being up her See like I want to check out that spot to see if a mistake or not Okay This is the heart again that is you? Three two one go oh I see yep, okay I see they you know you don't Perfectly First of all I get hiding a bunch of chlorophyll I Just so happened to be spot when you Yeah, right there to the right Looks like the first one right yeah, yeah Yeah Pretty awesome Yep, yeah, I don't see it Yeah Yeah Keep going

Oh, that's a good Ninja stuff That's a good one all right double point around Building anomaly that extremely hard round this one's really hard All right, let's do this the finale we're on in three two one go Oh my god Oh, I can't get my phone right okay You can use your phone It's so hard I know this is you This is so hard Where's will doh? – this is so Difficult I'm just like looking at blurs There's no fee – like I kind of zoom in is just blurry

That's a good cheaters Oh My god, dude where I can't even find it on here I was just okay Oh Find it three things go Scary Ball scores Ryan has 8 yeah Dina has 7 Shawn has 18 oh I think Paco has 11 Derek it's got pen good job star Of the first places you would do a speech, thank you Thank you for the with lido We're still though award though Thank you

Thank you to everyone who is playing with us If you found then let us know it feels too easy for you guys if you saw any clones in the pictures yeah, what a mouth and scare us and send it to us tag us because there might be aliens We're gonna leave this camera right now We're all gonna find a hiding spot tag versus and tag us in in a photo That's cool hang all of us in the photo

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