Violencia (2008) Nigahiga-Subtitulado al Español

Hey guys, today I'll talk about violence Because there are plenty of violence these days, with these conflicts and the slaughter of Virginia Tech People are dying from left to right, up and down, side to side And I'm tired of it, I say that today I saw an attempt to asesinatoEste type Tom, I grabbed a knife and shot Jerry, Jerry made you hurt Tom Because not everyone can look good, live in peace, like a cat and mouse, cat and dog, low and high Fat and Flaco Coca Cola and Pepsi Verizon and Cingular (Mobile phone companies) Husband and wife

husband and husband sometimes apple and orange Britney Spears and CPS A Palo and Palo Other A Fart and Burp Sperm and egg If all these things get along, we would have no great violence or serious conflict But sadly, are not all peaceful like me, I say, I never hurt a fly, I do not even think I hurt someone in my life Oh forget it Come, I do not believe in violence, and neither should And if any of you have a problem with this, I'll kill you playing Wii Tennis

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