Troll Boxes… (Teehee Time)

Alrighty I brought my own tip from home Feel it Ooh, that's pretty sharp Hey here's a tip: Don't touch it

*SCREAM* You're bleeding! Ow Welcome back to another episode of Teehee Time! It's been a while and we there's no something feels different

There's no Greg Greg's not here The magic Higa face, I heard, A long tale, from a long time ago that if you rub it, it will grant you one wish *gasp* Okay? Where do I have to rub it? Wherever you like to be rubbed *clown honk* (unintelligible) *thump* WOAH! *random cheering* *less cheering* Hold on a second

This isn't right What do you mean? This mustache comes right off! *gasp* And so does this hat! *gasp* *fart* *playful music* Yeah! YEAH! Let us touch tips! *playful music* This is from Siri, dude! Derek: The iPhone? THE Siri Derek: This is Siri-ous

This *smack* What is this? "Salamakiki" – Sean: What is that, liquorice? – Ryan: I think so Sean just eats it *laughs* You want some patkis? The moomin! I always talk about this

*Moomin theme* This is the real thing! This is just gum, but they're all black Who's it from? *Indian accent* "Where's it from?" *tries to do Finnish accent* Oh, Finland I don't know their accent Sean: Tastes like liquorice Derek: Want some gum? – Hold on, let me open this real quick – Oh, that was cool

I'm just gonna rip it Will: Nothing beats pure strengthexcept for, maybe brains? – Derek: Or machines? – Will: Machine guns What's this? *laughing* Hey, I have that hair, dude

This was hand drawn Thank you so much from Finland! Her name's Siri? Siri? *impersonation of Siri* "Thank you Ryan" Oh, here we go Finland! Just put it in Finland What you got, Will? Will: Here's a sick card to start off with Damn! (everyone) WOAH! – Ryan: That's hella detailed (unintelligible) That is coloured pencil right there Sean: Dude, that's legit Ryan: Dude that's so- you can see every single streak that they made! We might give this to them for their birthday

Derek: Hey you drew that? Good job! Derek: There's all these different colors Ryan: It's from Sin Yee Sin Yee, yeah

Let me guess, Malaysia *Ryan making dinging noises* – Derek: What? Ryan: Nah, it says right here *laughing* What is that, spam? Ryan: This isn't spam

Sean: That looks fake "Spam: The Dice Game"! Do this, roll the dice and then you mark it off Will: I won! "Bar men'sshoe"? Sean: I don't know who it belongs to, it's either Greg's or Derek's *Pokemon music* Ryan: Hey, if you put that on, you're his owner!" *gasping* I own you now You're mine You're in my ball Sean: But Ryan, you know what the best part of this is? Ryan: What? *drum roll* *heavenly angels sound* WOAH! Ryan: What the heck? It's Surge, bro! It has your name on it! Ryan: DUDE!!! *SURGE!!!!!!!* Sean: This is from

from, Cali *Jeopardy music* Ryan: Guess what this is – Derek: A poster! – Ryan: Of what? Derek: Of a mountain Sean: A Naruto poster Will: A poster of you *drum roll* Sean wins! Sean: WOO! NARUTO!!!! *slow motion* NARUTO!!!! Ryan: From Landon

Landon! Ryan: "Chicken sh*t, Landon!" What's that from? *Jeopardy music* Sean: I know, I know, I know! Ryan: Will, what is that from? Daina: A Walk To Remember? Ryan: Daina got it She got it A Walk To Remember! Oh

Good job Daina! *clapping* Derek: I've never seen that movie "You little chicken sh*t!" Ryan: Hey look, "stab here" You think I can do it with my eyes closed, from this high? Will: Yeah Ready? Yeah! Sean: What are all these tabs? *laughing* Ryan: *devilish voice* I don't know That was you Ryan: Ooh, that's a candy bar! Derek: What the heck? Ryan: MARABOU! MARABOU! Swedish candy From Sweden! Ryan: No big deal! Derek: Dang, that's kinda legit right there

Ryan: Is that from the same person? Yeah Ryan: Vilma Anderson from Sweden Thanks Vilma! Sweden! It's on the map Big boy! (Where's that from?) – Ryan: Been waiting for this package – (Woo!) This is from Razor

THE SCOOTER BRAND! So Razer got in contact with me, and they're gonna be sending us stuff, but, we don't know what it is yet, so Will: They sent like, 6000 boxes SIX THOUSAND!!! I don't know if I wanna stab this Alright

What if that's a laptop? Derek: Cool WOAH!!! Damn Dude! Sean: Look at these

We got some new headphones Ryan: Dude, I actually need that! I guess someone wants us to start a gaming channel Will: I don't know what this is, but it's something heavy

WOAH!!! DANG!!! Ryan: Brand new! Will: This is so nice! Sean: Damn! Ryan: Thank you, people at Razer! This is, above and beyond! Look how much stuff they sent! What is this? Derek: Straight up Minecraft Ryan: Creeper? Will: "For Greg and Will Ew Lol" Ryan: Dude, there's a tennis ball! *laughs* – Ohhhh

– What is that? Derek: Is that some slime? "Silly Sludge" Ryan: That looks way too moist! *playful music* *Will laughing* Flubber! Yeah! Will: Feels like it's gonna, like, spill Ryan: Dude, that's cool! Ew! *playful music* OHHHH!!! *laughing* – Damn! – You got trolled! – You got Rick rolled! *laughing* Ryan: What is this one then? *song stopping and starting* Ryan: I think I opened mine wrong Will: You trolled them! "AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!" *laughing* I like this, but look how I demolished it "AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!" *music* Alright! Once again congratulations to all of our winners

Remember to keep sending your addresses/return address in case you're a winner Thank you guys for tuning in to Teehee Time, we'll talk to you next time! that's a lot of alliteration time! *t t t noises* Derek: Hey look, we've got another gift Ryan: What is this? *Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up* *Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up*

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