Treat People Like They’re Dyeing!

Hey, guys! So I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like lately a lot of people have been a lot ruder to other people than they have been in the past Ruder

Ruder I'm ruder, but he's ruder Ruder–What? Why does that sound so weird? Quick little spell checkrudernope! No squiggly red lines, so it must be a real word! Don't act like you guys don't do that But anyway, I've kind of noticed that people in general seem to be getting ruder

More rudeer I feel like, growing up, I didn't witness nearly as many rude people as I do now

Then again, I did grow up in Hawaii, and if you're rude there, most of the time you just get beat up I mean, I guess beating up people is a little rude too, but I mean Off topic! Anyway, I feel like the world is becoming a more and more hateful and negative place lately For example, I was at the coffee shop the other day and I witnessed a guy who slipped and kinda spilled some coffee on another guy, who reacted pretty rudefully

Oh! I'm so sorry What the f*ck's your problem, bro?! Yes, if someone spills anything on you it's pretty upsetting, but you don't have to go and curse them out And then, another day, I was at the gym– it was actually a while back 'cause I was at the gym– clearly, you know, I don't even lift, bro I was walking by these two fairly attractive girls and being the nosy person that I am, I was kind of ease-dropping on their conversation And basically they were talking about another girl that they were looking at that was on a treadmill

Do you see what she's wearing?! – You do not come in the gym like that – Mmm-mmm Hasn't she ever heard of shaving? And then most recently, which pretty much inspired me to make this video, I had to go to a place where there's nothing but built up anger, frustration, and just all around rudeness and hate throughout the entire facility Next I said next! If you're a driver, you know exactly what I'm talking about

But you get the point I mean, I get it Everyone has bad days, including myself I mean, I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I do feel like pushing back the guy who bumped into me on a crowded street, or yelling at a waitress who brought me the wrong order after making me wait an hour, or even flipping off a guy who cut me off in traffic But then I think of a model that I kind of made up and it's helped me be a much more friendly and positive person

And we all know all the generic things we heard growing up: Be nicer to others or treat people how you want to be treated But those sayings are so vague and overused that the moment something bad happens, or if we're having a bad day, we just completely forget about it Which is why I created a new campaign that is even more straight-forward and hopefully a little less forgettable The "Treat People Like They're Dyeing" campaign I know it might sound a little negative, but it's the complete opposite

If everybody treated each other as if they were <i>dyeing</i>, people would be friendlier and more forgiving For example, if you knew a guy was <i>dyeing</i> and he accidentally spilled coffee on you, I guarantee that you would not yell at him and you would not curse him out Seriously, don't worry about it It's just a shirt Most people would not yell at a guy who's <i>dyeing</i>

The world would have less mean girls because no one talks crap behind a <i>dyeing</i> person's back She's so inspirational! Seriously, she's so brave In general, people would just be nicer to each other Hi! So sorry to keep you waiting What can I do for you? But not only will people be nicer to each other, but when people realize that they're <i>dyeing</i>, a lot of times that's when people live life to its fullest

No longer will people have to put off all the things they wanted to do in life No longer will people have to wait until their father's death bed to hear the words, "I've always been proud of you, my son" No longer will people wait to chase after their real dreams Some people may know their expiration date and some don't, but in reality we're all <i>dyeing</i> right now because none of us live forever Every second of every day we're one step closer to death

And I think it's about time we started treating each other like it So the next time someone does something bad or upsetting to you and you feel like responding negatively, just remember: If you want to make this world a better place, spread the positivity Treat people like they're <i>dyeing</i> (inspirational music) Let's make the world a more positive place Treat people like they're dyeing The hell?! That was so bad

That was so cheesy – This entire video was so– – I'm dyeing Inspirational! I wish I had that kind of courage Teehee!

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