Things That Ruin Thanksgiving

-Things that ruin Thanksgiving [football game playing on TV] -Hey guys The food's getting cold

Dinner's ready -Go, go! -Guys, the food's getting cold [all cheering loudly] -Things that ruin Thanksgiving -We thank you for this food at our table We thank you for everyone sitting around this table And we'd like to thank you for– -You're welcome

-Peace -Things that ruin Thanksgiving -You know, isn't it funny? This one meal could feed a whole village in China -Things that ruin Thanksgiving -Happy Thanksgiving! -Merry Christma -Things that ruin Thanksgiving -Ah, so, who's doing dishes? -Things that ruin Thanksgiving [door opens] -Ho, ho, ho! -Hi, happy Thanksgiving -Son of a b– -Things that ruin Thanksgiving -Dad, Mom

I'm gay [both gasp] -Things that ruin Thanksgiving -Oh hey, Ryan, did you get the yams? -The yams? Oh, yams I thought you said "ironing board

" -Things that ruin Thanksgiving -Dad, Dad I'm straight [both gasp] -Things that ruin Thanksgiving [gun cocks] -Things that ruin Thanksgiving -Dad, I'm Mom

[both gasp] -Things that ruin Thanksgiving -So, bad news We both lost our jobs, so there won't be any Thanksgiving food this year -No food? How can there be no food? It's Thanksgiving -Well, also, you're adopted -What? No, that can't be true

-Oh no, no, it's okay We're getting a divorce anyway -That doesn't even make sense Why are you just telling me this right now? -But you know what? Let's just go enjoy the day and watch some good old-fashioned Thanksgiving football -You guys don't even watch football

How am I supposed to enjoy this day when I know all this is happening? -You're not watching it, silly You're playing -What? -Things that ruin Thanksgi– Teehee! -So what did you guys think about my Thanksgiving video? What? [chuckles nervously] [guns cock] -(Justin Bieber) Ba– [laughter] -So what did you guys think about my Thanksgiving video on Thanksgiving? [laughter] [both gasp] -Oh wait, sorry, I was too late -Yeah! [laughter] -'Kay, let's just go and enjoy the day and– watch some good old Thanksgiving– -That's good "Good old-fashioned Thanksgiving–" -Calling it right now, this next idea is an extremely dumb idea

-What? -Let's do it -Take two What? [laughter]

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