The Worst Boyfriend Ever – Nigahiga ( 史上最糟男友 ) 中文字幕版

Hi Hello everyone ~ I am most frequently asked question is Ryan you're single? And three years my answer is the same Yes! Then I'll get a bunch of reply like this "How can you not his girlfriend?!" "I could be your girlfriend!" "London can house when your girlfriend " In fact, I am very grateful for your flattering I feel great here My ㄋ ㄋ ei ei (chest) But honestly You do not know with people like me who together what it feels like I am single for so long, of course there is a reason Because I have all the qualities of the worst boyfriend [History of the worst boyfriend] I'm not romantic I have "not super romantic infectious diseases" Eg Happy anniversary surprise !! ~ Malady Thank you How it? It's fine

But others are sent roses girls like Flowers and useless! They soon died That shaver is how is it? U do not need it? Not at all! Why u legs recent feels like sandpaper? Oh And u need some toothpaste Because I have been using the u That cactus it? This is to be placed in the bathroom U remind the shaved legs of the ~ Whether I'm right or wrong I have to argue to win Even if I'm wrong I do not know the world's largest animal is the blue whale yeah! It is not a blanket Pokémon in the big rock snake U little stupid – I now see Jesus! That he was wrong! Why every time you fight with me? Are u every time I fight with it! You are too naive, right! U just childish grin! You do not learn to talk to me! You'll know you can?! 1-0, I won – And my very strong desire to control No, u are not allowed to go! Just a family dinner ah ~ There will be boys go? will not! That your dad would go? Of course, ah U really break my heart! I could easily jealous This soup is good to drink ah ~ ~ I love Oh! Well you just go get married !! I never put the toilet lid down Honey, you can remember to put the toilet using the toilet lid down it? U remember after using the toilet or put it off to it? 2-0, I won! The worst thing Is the main reason I'm still single That I often overreact A little bit of friends ~ I'll miss you You have to go right? U not already know? That I wish you a safe journey Safe journey? Safe journey?! U dare give me this kind of pressure?! what?! Aircraft are not I drive! Ping Ping I can not control it?! What?! Aircraft are not I drive! Ping Ping I can not control it?! Let alone the whole plane yeah! Sometimes Naizhen very white head! Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit But we know everyone will have these qualities How many little friends After all, we all know that nobody is perfect Whether your favorite celebrity or Youtube Creators Or your contacts a few months male and female friends They are making the same bad Because we are all human beings The secret is not to find a perfect person But for that perfect person Find the secret (?) In short Whether you're single or not I just want you to know

Hey Hi I just saw your movie, and you're right How is it possible?! I'm still Phraya Indeed no one is perfect I forgive you Because I still love you ~ hold on Oh yes, I forgot to say to you I have difficulty with people say "I love you" I am also ~ what?! Tell your same ~ I just told you I love you, but you can not say to me? I said, "Me too," I love myself ah ~ You know what? Forget it! I can not believe I wasted so long in your body! Goodbye Good luck to find people who can stand you! I still hear her words echoed in my mind Like happened yesterday (Good luck to find people who can stand you!) I knew then that I can not, can not, must not let things end this way Catherine! I just want to Zhunai luck finding people who can tolerate u blanket ~ 3-0, and I won! Thanks for watching ~

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