The Ultimate Foil Ball (definitely clickbait)

Hey guys, so most of you guys know by now but I'm never on time for trends Clearly, as you could probably read the title but this time I feel like we were way ahead of the game like years ago if you guys watch our "I dare you" series

You guys know what I'm talking about? Okay Yeah, it's not quite the exact trend because you know, we didn't actually hammer it and polish it but I'm Japanese So that's like half the trend, you know, anyway, for those of you that don't know what I'm talking about This trend is called the Japanese mirror polished tinfoil ball or something like that It's basically just taking a bunch of foil and making a foil ball and feeding it up until it becomes shiny and spherical sphere sphere S-Spheri – coal ( oof it's okay Ryan), but for the majority of you you probably already have seen this trend done like a thousand times I mean just searching foil ball on YouTube, you see tons of these videos just like everywhere A lot of them kind of clickbaiting I mean, it can't all be the largest world breaking ball in the world I mean, I'm not trying to throw shade you guys seen the thumbnail have like a perfectly shiny ball on the thumbnail That looks like perfectly round and it's mirror polish to the point that it is a mirror Then you watch the video in the end product is nothing like that I mean if I'm not mistaken, that's what clickbait is, right? You mean like what you're doing right now [ Ryan: what? ] the ultimate foil ball? Sounds pretty click bait-y to me Wait, how did you know I was gonna name it that? it's right there

And seriously that thumbnail you're gonna make a foil ball That's the size of a person that's definitely click bait ( agreed ) What? what's so hard about it is you just make a ball out of tinfoil right? I do that every single time I have leftover See anyone can make an ordinary ball out of tinfoil (dramatic effect) to create a perfect mirror polished Japanese tin foil ball One must hold the powe- [ Ryan: It's a tin foil ball Okay, honestly, how hard could that possibly be? ] Yeah, no, I didn't even start it yet I didn't really feel like doing it So I kind of just been sitting here for a week

I'll probably get started in like an hour or two So Alright, let's do this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) That did not work at all! Let's do this What?! Let's do this! F$&@ it! I'm done Oh

Heh Hey guys, I'm finished with the song now And now presenting, the ultimate foil ball Hehe, wait I knew you weren't gonna make one as big as the one in the thumbnail, but come on that was just sad Oh this no, this is just for the switch to open the curtain for the real foil ball

What? Do you really need that ball for that switch and is that even a real lever? [ Ryan: Uh yeah? ] Look guys, come on Ready? [ wait I really thought he wasn't gonna make a big one (ʘ言ʘ╬) ] Really it's the green ball No that that's all foil

When you compress tin foil enough It kind of loses its shininess and what happens is this green tint Well, it's the green ball Okay fine I wrapped the green ball in foil But this, this is real This is a lot of work See, I knew you couldn't make one as big as the thumbnail without baking it

It's not fake! Then where is it? Huh? Where is this ultimate tin foil ball? Right here! I just told you! That is not ultimate! That isn't even close to the size of the one in the thumbnail Okay, what are you trying to say then? I'm trying to say that your title is misleading and not only is your thumbnail fake It's a straight-up lie Do you know what that makes you? Don't you say it A clickbaiter *grunt* { See I know you're couldn't make one as big of the thumbnail without faking it! it's not fake } { Well, except for this part, but the next part coming up? That's all real } See pretty good thumbnail Ha! I told you it wasn't fake! But the title was still misleading Come on Fine I'll admit it I was wrong

I know Guess you made a real ball, even though it isn't as big as I thought it would be and the contraption was pretty cool So So what are you trying to say? This video Wasn't clickbait That's what I've been trying to tell you from the start See doesn't it feel nice to know tha- See cuz when you compress tinfoil Teehee

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