The Teehee Song! (Dear Ryan)

Just need to get a bit of energy before I get this started Shameless plug

What does that mean even? Shame-, shameless plug I'm a little ashamed Hey guys, speaking of which and just a quick update before we get this Dear Ryan started, I just wanna say "thank you" to all the people who actually ordered Ninja Melk since the last video when we announced it We sold a lot more than how we were going to and again I Appreciated so much So thank you guys

Don't worry guys I know I know not everything I'm gonna be posting is gonna be just fun in Jamel Noah I definitely know what it's like to follow a celebrity or a Youtuber they know they create a product and all of a sudden their whole entire life and everything they post about is about that product Conor McGregor used to have funny tweets and funny like Instagram stories and stuff that made his whiskey and everything was about that I actually almost had fallen because it was literally just about his whiskey and that is kind of what I'm doing for the moment But don't worry I'm not gonna be doing that for it's just cuz we just launched but with that being said, yeah shame shameful plug, ninjamelkcom We should we still have a lot to sell just to break even but seriously Thank you to everybody who did order back to the Dear Ryan He's actually gonna be a specialty arrived because I'm gonna be giving away secrets Thanks to this first year Ryan dear Ryan Can you make a video showing us how deer Ryan's are actually chosen that one had no likes teach us the algorithm I'm just to break it down even simpler for you guys So you understand the way I think D Ryan's are not necessarily always because I like when I feel like doing it you're Ryan video I'd go to addy Ryan

Not only the most recent but the past year Ryan videos You can check the comments I think screenshots of all the deer Ryan's that have you know tons of up votes and tons of life but a lot of time even those your riser there a lot of are very Much the same like the same ones over and over not see sometimes they're really good ones and really interesting ones but I would say a majority of the time they're things that I think I've already done or done something very similar to it or it's just something I don't want to do or it's just I don't Think it's gonna be entertaining I know because it has something likes it means people want to see me do it I just I'm selfish I just do the ones that I want to do all of today's D Ryan's are gonna be ones that you guys want to see because it's the ones with the most likes starting with dear Ryan Can you go outside and scream teehee one point six thousand people wanted to see me do that? I mean like this is a good example like I don't I don't for one I don't want to do that It's hot in summer But the thing is I don't just don't see how that's gonna be entertaining 1600 people want to see me do it So I'm gonna do it whether I want or not I'm doing it all right, so go outside we are outside and I just have to Scream TT, right? I see like this is this is stupid

Like what is it mean? I'll do it It's not hard to do is just I don't wanna you know disrupt my neighbors I Mean I could do it louder I just wanna you know what let's go down the street Yeah, this just go down the street so we don't bother these people All right, so we actually went to the end of the street I didn't realize that there was gonna be construction workers and I don't want to be screaming and then they think something's wrong do we Go a little bit further All right, so we are a little bit of a hike away from the houses I think we're good You know what birds? I don't want to disrupt them I don't want to issues with PETA So maybe we should just like a couple more miles

Okay I think this is good I mean, we're a few miles away from anything I don't hear any birds So yeah, it's pretty wide open Yes, we're good Can you keep it down you're not the only one out here, sorry Hey, we could go a little bit further do you Ryan why are you so talented? I mean, I guess some people are just Born with gifts

Yeah I Don't know how to that happening Are they trying to do it? You're right you and your friends pretend to be each other for a whole day Hey guys, nice I just got this dear Ryan and asking if you and your friends could be each other for an entire day you guys down Oh, yeah, I'll be dead I guess I'll be Greg No, and then I'll be will Oh But I mean who's gonna be me then and Who am I gonna? Oh, I thought you said we were supposed to pretend to be our friends What my only friends are men are my dogs so We kind of see you more as like an owner type of figure than a friend that makes sense do you write when you prove that one plus one is not equal to two see this one is just dumb like one thing another thing Always makes two Unless one Apple with another Apple you just got two apples one plus one equals two Mike Well, if you had one cup of water and you had another cup of water, and you added that together You still got one cup of water? Just a bigger one proving that one plus one doesn't always have to equal two It's just a bigger one show that to your math teacher dear Ryan Can you do a face reveal? I actually had to just google it because I didn't know what the hell a facial is and apparently it's a trend on YouTube where? Youtubers who've never shown their face before I guess aren't showing their faces for the first time on video I'm not sure how I would be able to do that because you know I I You've seen my face before but then I realized there is something I actually could reveal since I'm just releasing all the secrets on to You Ryan I might as well keep releasing more secrets guys There's another person that makes appearances on this channel and you may recognize her from skin cells or others random skits as the real dumb One yes I'm talking about Regina and I know this might come across as a little shocking to a lot of you but both Regina and myself well We're actually the same person That's right

There is no lying Ah See now you don't have to worry about how dear Ryan's are chosen because there is no Ryan's just me your dear Regina Tune in next time for a special episode of dear Regina It's Regina Regina Dear, right you make a whole song using only the word TV ever since I started this show dear Ryan I think over the course of a I don't know how many years that has been the most Common one I've ever gotten and the most the one with the most likes and upvotes Has been this making a song out of the out of my teehee And I'm not sure why everyone wants to see that I guess because that's what I'm most associated with is the word teehee I'm just warning I never did this one because I know it's not gonna be good But I guess I'll just do a bunch of T's and see what I can come up with Alright, let's see what we can make So leave your questions in the comments below and you could be responsible for the next video

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