The Saddest BTS Ever! (BTS)

Oh hey! Is this BTS? Derek : Also known as Greg: Nice to meet you! Woooo! Ryan: Did you just shake BTS's head? Their eyes HEY, NICE TO MEET YOU! (laughs) Like this? Hey, nice to meet you! Oh, hella spit, hella spit! (laughs) no (laughs) Nice to meet ya! (gurgling spit noise) Wow! WHOA! Don't act, you knew No, I didn't, actually Let me see, let's see, let's let the world see (Greg gives Paco a wedgie) (All laugh) Ha! (sad piano music plays) It's middle school And

action A really sad puppy? (Ryan hesitates) Yeah With flies? Oh, sorry Yes, that is sad That is SUPER sad! Oh sh*t (laughs) Hella Flies Is that what I'm supposed to say? See that? Oooh, a cactus! (laughs) That is exactly what it looked like! Ah ba blue kiter! Greg's trying to make himself cry right now Hey, cry, Greg This is his technique Every actor has their own technique OHH MYYY GOD! Dude, he's crying He's rollin' it Make himself cry impromptu How do you make yourself cry doing that? Stretching my nose (laughs) Okay, ready? Hahahaha! (sad piano music begins playing) (sad piano music and rain sounds playing) (laughs) Saddest Video EVER All capital capital OH! (beep) (laughs) You got pranked! (all laughing) (sad music playing) You guys are jerks! You guys are ALL JERKS! Pink! Pink The pink one! Yeah, the pink one Umm

Mhmm Cut Damn, I got nice hands You got some nice hands, bro I should be a hand model Who's trying to be sad today? MEEEEEEEEE!!! (sad music playing) Me (laughing) (laughs) I have hot pocket on my pants Yeah, it doesn't come off So you got hot pocket in (cricket noise) Dang! Your pocket's not hot though (laughs) (Sitcom laughter) CLASSIC! HahahahaHA! C'mon hot Paco! (laughs) (Erica gasps) Who are you? Wha

I dont' know why I'm sorryit's the wrong house! See! I didn't know that there were stairs here! See! I don't know! OH MY GOD! I'm so sorry II'm so sorry! I'm at the wrong house! I'm sorry! Wooooo GET OUT! RIGHT NOW! Action! Yeah! Is that it? Action! I want you to be in it Hooooooo scare ME! Yep! (clears throat) Ok Rollin' Airplane! I won't let you down! Dunno why am I doing this (laughs) Ready? Beep! Aaaan (laughs) What Derrick? Why'd you make that beep? I don't knowwhy not? Oh my gosh! Huh? (laughs) Why'd you go "huh?" (laughs) That's what I say! (more laughter) Huh? I was likehuh? Huh! I thought you farted! (laughs) Damn it man! What happen bro? That's you're Singapore shorts! Damn (laughs) Yo that's a BIG rip! You all right dude? Oh it's so cold! And we flip! (rip sound effect) Then this is the outcome (sad music playing) Ripped his Singapore pants Man, I'm like, legit bummed! I like these shorts! (laughs) (singing "Spongebob: Ripped pants" ) Alright action!

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