The RHPC Squad!

I am one haircut away getting rid of all this decaying dead hair, but you still need to live with it for now Hey guys, if you didn't catch the last video, I'm currently in the middle of a move right now so, I apologize this room is incredibly echo-y

It's temporary, I swear I should be moving soon, but anyway Over the past few years I've always gotten a bunch of comments asking me how RHPC or the Ryan Higa Production Company came to be You know, these guys? (The Greg-orian calendar) (When there's a Will there's a way) (The Brains and The Sean) (Derrick, Derrick on the wall) (Daina-ish Butter Cookies) (I've got nothing RIP Paco) Wait, we're doing mine now What where's my freeze

you have to let me know so I can at least look and get a freeze frame? *burps* And I guess when I really think about it I never did introduce who RHPC was or when they joined It kind of just started showing up in videos now and then eventually all the time You guys kind of just figured out who was who

Well, today (Dramatically) It's all going to change because for the very first time in RHPC history for the very first time – I already – said that I am going to be telling you guys all of you viewers out there, for the very first time The Story of How the RHPC Squad came to be *DRAMATIC MUSIC* I don't know why I did itsort of, like that It's not

the story isn't that epic It's pretty boring actually Or is it! Naw it's

actually not that interesting at all or epic Look I'm just going to be honest and tell you guys the honest story, so I apologize if it's a little boring I'm just going to do the best that I can do relaying the story to you guys without exaggerating too much from my own memory even though I can't remember things that well *Dramatic Music* It was the year 2009 when I escaped the UNLV training academy *More Dramatic Music* (Hey get back here) (No one drops out of UNLV) (Pay us tuition) *Super Dramatic Music* *Evil Laughter* Ahhhhhhh Thank you

I never thought you would actually ever help (steals tuition book) Ahhhhhhhhhhh You'll never get a job without us! Once I got my tuition back I had all the money to travel to another city, the infamous city known as Los Angeles which is Japanese for if you want to make it here don't be Japanese The city was beautiful when I first arrived Everyone seemed nice and pleasant and all of them were beautiful Little did I know these were some of the best actors and imposters in the world Luckily for me, I'd found my first allies You got to be a little more careful around here

Who are you? I'm D-Trix These are my friends Will (Howdy) and Greg (Gouty) Wait what? Gouty? Yeah, I have gout Ate too much oysters as a kid so I had to replace most of my body Oh um

okay And that's when I started to ease off on the seafood *Dramatic Music* After a couple years battling off the imposters, I knew we couldn't keep up this pace It was time to go back to Vegas

They got us completely surrounded Alright, Greg's gonna drop a smoke Roger that And then we all head northeast for the desert Smoking won't cover us that far

You guys go on I'll hold em' off What're you talking about ? We're not gonna leave you alone out here Don't worry about me I got reinforcements Alright guys let's do this *Fighting Music* *Fighting Music* Hi Ryan! (IT'S FUJIYOSHI!!!!) Sean?!?! The hell are you doing out here? I just got done with the academy so I came to hang out

Are you crazy?!?!?! Come on! Sean was an ally early on before we went to different academies Unlike myself he finished his training at the academy in the city of roses He easily became the brains of the group Hello there Hello? Greetings sir STOP!! (DMX-Ruff Ryder's Anthem) DROP, shut em' down, open up shop OH NO, that's how Ruff Ryders roll STOP DROP, shut em' down, open up shop OH NO That's how Ruff Ryders roll

And that's how we met Derrick He was a mystery, unpredictable, a wild-card I believe the first time we met we asked him to take us to a shop for some food and beverage and he brought us here Hey, come on guys I heard they have really good chicken strips here

We still don't know why Derrick brought us here but we're sure glad he did for that's when we came across one of our most valuable members Daina There it was a final piece to the puzzle We now knew we had everything we needed to create the ultimate team known as The RHPC Squad Uh Hello What? You're just going to give everyone else epic intros and leave me out Well, I was getting to that If you would let me finish

It's on the next page Oh Well it better be epic like everyone else is and not some stupid joke It will okay So may I

Whatever *Clears throat* And there it was The final piece to the puzzle

We now knew we had everything we needed to create the ultimate team known as The RHPC Squad Oh, and then we added the stripper too And Paco La fin Yeah, that was pretty accurate

Daina: That's cute Greg: Stuff off Yeah, that's good TEEHEE

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