The Pun Challenge!?

You know that you have a really big pimple when you're like out of focus and you can still see it Gross

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted a video in the past couple weeks We were on such a good spree and then you know we were posting every single week for like a month and a half And then I um did what I always do and I ruined it because I wrote something that I knew was gonna take a long time to make It's been about three weeks and It's getting pretty close, but it's still not done Hopefully it'll be worth all that time probably not and I don't want to spoil it or I don't want to give away too much But just to get you guys excited And because I made you guys wait so long here is a tiny preview of what's to come next week Pretty exciting right? Fine! I'll give you guys a real preview at the end of the video But we'll get to that later Back to this video! As most of you probably already know I tend to make a lot of puns I know I know most people don't like puns They say it's like the easiest joke to make and it's the lowest form of comedy and honestly sometimes I feel like I don't even have a choice

I didn't train myself this way I've always been like this seriously I can't help it like literally See, like this is a perfect example of a bad one, because that's not even a good pun for "literally" It's not even lit Oh Guess it just needed to be lit orally

That's the face you were just making right? Yeah, I, I get that a lot, but hey—it could have been worse, you know At least, I'm not one of those people who makes puns out of the word "pun" I mean those by far are the least funny puns Funny ones! Punny fun—what‽ Hate when that happens [Frustrated sigh] That's the other face that I get a lot, but in all seriousness, guys, I'm not even joking when I say I can't help but think of puns I think of a lot of people are very similar to me like think we can't help it it Just, it just happens And that's not a good thing! It gets very distracting, actually Like, I'll be talking to someone and they'll say something that triggers me to think about a pun of what they just said and then I don't hear what they said because I was trying to think of the pun and a lot of people like to call it "ADD" or "attention deficit disorder," but I think that is inaccurate because it's not a lack of attention—us so-called "ADD" or "ADHD" people— we are paying attention, but to everything! That's all it is—I'm paying attention to everything, specifically to puns We're just People Paying Attention to Puns

PPAP ["PPAP" music plays] Yep, I think that's the only thing that's more upsetting than a bad pun—old, overused memes that aren't relevant anymore How 'bout dat? This video's like a test to see how long you can endure horrible things that are being done to you Pretty sure half the people clicked away by now, but for those of you that are still here, I thought of a fun little challenge that, well, to me, It's fun because I like puns Sure, call me immature— I don't care what people say I personally still believe that puns

Are comic coal I mean obviously I don't love olive them, some are butter than others I mean for example, to me, I find Liza Koshy to be

well Is that Hillary Clinton? Yep Why did you photoshop Liza's face on her butt? 'Cause I think she's Hillary ass I Hate—— ["PPAP" music plays again] We are never gonna get to the actual challenge, unless that challenge has already begun No, it hasn't

The challenge is as simple as the name sounds: the pun challenge It's all about making puns The twist is that instead of just hand picking easy convenient words to make your puns work You have to use a random word generator and try your best to make any of those work in any way possible And I know that sounds really simple and easy, but trust me—you can make this as difficult or as easy as you want it to be [light string music plays] So this is the random word generator, which if all you have to do is Google "random word generator" and one of them will pop up—there's like a bunch of 'em Right now, it's set to one word, so it'll make one word at a time, but you can change that if you want to make it more difficult for yourself

Like I just said, it's as easy or difficult as you want to make it [more light string music plays] [mouse click] [light string music continues] What does the uhwheelchair superhero do to get places? Why do you think Derek doesn't put on sunscreen in the sun? Why? That's just

He roasts! [laughter] [hand slams against table] [cool beat plays with unintelligible conversation in the background] [background laughter] [mouse click] [light string music plays] [bang] Ow, I knew that was coming, dude- You didn't even know, you went "OOH!" Give me a note, like a[note] [Note intensifies] Niceee Aw, he's laughing (You know what) this uh

lens cap kinda looks like? What? [Laughter] [light string music plays] [mouse click] [light string music continues] What do lights and camera set up for? What? Hey, that's a lot of [laughter] [light string music plays] [mouse click] [light string music continues] What major are graffiti artists really good at? What? How do you make aold lonely woman happier? How? Like"morgue"?? What is a priest with a lot of saliva's favorite pastime? So descriptive [metallic bang] I think it's Same thing? – Move on to two words? – Yep Why does I don't know

"The belt ting?" Why does Should we call it the bad pun challenge instead? Because that's what these are Three words? I mean, it was

had to but Ionly When the You're just doing it just for Hawaiian people? That nobody else is gonna get? Yup Don't act like Brah Or you can get I think we should go to the skit already So, what do you think about my new place? I don't know, it's kind of

[Piano Chord] Wow That's actually really good Thanks, man

I mean I have my whole life, so [Noise] You alright, man? No, I have a problem With what? I'm addicted Tokitchenware? No, to chrome Doesn't matter if it's a I'm a Man, I'm getting chubby I'm getting like a double chin, And when I lean back, it turns into a quadruple chin, like

What? No, that's like one and a half, tops Now that? You see that over there? What? Are you drinking tea with a straw? Yeah? It's a Hey, did you know that humans breathe in oxygen and it turns into carbon monoxide so it turns into carbon dioxide yes, sometimes it does I Cannot believe lit everyone's just gonna like my photo no one's gonna comment For real and all over the furniture damn, bro You skipping leg day again You know me, man You know son two things you want to always look for in a girl number one Her fragrance and number two the white ship puts carrots up her nose Why? You're probably not the best examples, but um you guys get the point and like most challenges I'm supposed to call out a bunch of people to do this But I actually thought it'd be better to ask you guys I tweeted it out and said who are some of the best people when making puns, and these are the common names that popped up But like I said everyone's invited not just big youtubers I just want to see more puns It's a dying art, and I want to bring it back And it's easy to do you don't have to make it into a skit like oh I did There's no rules just have fun with it and that's what this challenge is really all about celebrating puns and getting rid of the negative stigma around them because like I'm And earlier some people we can't help if PPAP is a real serious disorder that I made up it affects everyone in The world that's the real reason why we're all here not just to bring BiPAP awareness But to finally bring an end to punch Amy just because most people happen to hate puns doesn't mean that you need to accompany them In punishing those who make them beep understanding have an open mind Don't be late to the movement be punctual every single part of you can make a difference It doesn't matter where you are whether you're famous like Stefan curry on elevate Cruz Kim Kardashian Lil pun or just a normal person riding in your average suburban being driven by a man in a turban to the local 7-eleven Every pun is encouraged to join the fight to end this epidemic Once and for all because we all know it's better to fight with word puns and web pounce and that all depends this message is brought to you and paid for by the Hillary-ASS Foundation

I'm pretty sure everyone's gone by now I promise you guys I was gonna play you a preview to the big video that we're working on right now, so I will do that right no It was crazy right anyway thank you guys so much for making it this far into the video be sure to go and tweet and Comment and go harass the person that you want to see try this challenge now So they have no choice, and so that they're forced to do it I can make sure you guys come back next week for that crazy video I just played I promise you guys and you know I don't promise things off in here But I promise you guys this next video is gonna be real Lit It's just gonna be a real letdown

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