The Next Viral Youtube Trend!

Guys, wake up! Come downstairs! Get in here! It's, like, 3:30 in the morning I think I may finally be onto something, guys

Are we still doing this? Hasn't it been, like, 3 days now? Actually, it's been 4 days Didn't you see the text at the beginning of the— Anyway

*sniffs* Why does it smell in here? Yeah, smells like piss! I mean, I've been literally working nonstop, so it probably is *spits it out* Ugh! Pulp?! Pulp is good for you, dude Wait, why doesn't mine have any pulp in it? Anyway, guys, I think I might finally be onto something

What is this all about again? Finding the next big thing on the Internet! You know, I'm sick of always being late on those stupid trends like planking, or those coning videos In fact, I think I only recently just saw that nen (nyan) cat video Wait, isn't it nine (nyan) cat? No, I think it's nyaan (n-ye-an, like "meow" in Japanese) cat (idiots pronouncing "nyan") Anyway, I think I just figured out how to find the next big thing on the Internet

You can't really predict that, it just has to happen Oh yeah? Remember Aaron Carter? The teenage heartthrob when we were kids? [intense music begins playing] I guess it's just a coincidence that his brother, Nick Carter, was in the infamous Backstreet Boys The rival band of N*SYNC, which consisted of who? Justin Timberlake, one of the biggest stars, even till today! But who's even bigger than him right now? Someone with the exact same name Justin Bieber

And just when we thought no one could possibly compete with Justin Bieber, BOOM! Five Justin Bieber's! All in oneDirection D'you see now? They're all connected I mean, I guess they're kind of connected But it's kind of a stretch

I thought you'd never ask! What? Oh I thought you were gonna—you know—ask— How is this relevant to the video? I thought you'd never ask You remember the Evolution of Dance? One of the first viral videos of all time! And he just so happened to dance to the song 'Baby Got Back' Right at the time where babieswere the most popular things on the internet Such as Dancing Baby, Laughing Baby, Serious Baby, Babies, babies, babies

Oh? That's right, Justin Bieber, who many considered a baby at the time, comes out with his very first hit single: Baby (featuring Ludicrus) Which just goes completely viral, and what word is said more than any other word in that song? Baby, baby, baby ohhh Which brings us to more babies except a little bit older now, like Charlie Bit My Finger Charlie became a memorable name, especially after Charlie the Unicorn And who believes in unicorns? People on drugs But not just any people on drugs Babies on drugs Which brings us to David After the Dentist David: Is this real life? :Q And what do you usually go to the dentist for? Bad teeth Teeth like a chipmunk But not just any chipmunk, the dramatic chipmunk Speaking of dramatic, of course you remember one of the most dramatic videos of all time? Leave Britney Alone by Chris Crocker Who just so happened to be a cross-dresser Just like Liam Kyle Sullivan in OMG Shoes The viral music video that was so fun to watch, but became a little bit irritating, kinda like the superstar sensation known as Fred Fred: Hey, it's Fred! Fast talking character with a super high pitched voice Almost as high as that sneeze from Sneezing Panda *sneeze so loud it isn't a sneeze, but rather an inhumane combination of an elephant's trumpet, autotune, and the echo of my empty soul* Aahh-choo? More like bless shoes Which brings us to— [music abruptly stops] Wait, we already did that one So you must be thinking: [dramatic music continues] Ahh, here it goes again The spectacular music video of Ok Go dancing on treadmills which everyone uses when on a DIET Coke and Mentos And who would've thought that such a simple combo mixed together would create a fountain of brown liquid flying everywhere like CHOCOLATE RAIN Once again, a viral music video where the artist Tay Zonday says the phrase "chocolate rain" a total of 48 times Tay Zonday x48: Chocolate Rain Now this is where it gets tricky 48? No Try 4-D-8 It's a simple math equation, really The 4 words in D, Obviously meaning daft, as in daft hands Are harder, better, faster, stronger The number of times those words were said in the song totals 56 And what's the difference between 56 and 48? That's right, 8 You see? 4-D-8, A lot of chocolate *snaps* [dramatic music ends] Thanks, Vic No problem, man And well, that's all I got so far Dang, so close

(sighs) You do know this doesn't make sense? Wait Will, say that again What? That you don't really make sense? No, what you did before that You just sighed So? Don't you get it? Psy, "Gangnam Style," the most viewed video of all time right now

That's the next connection That doesn't make any sense Oh, doesn't it? Because I think it's simple It's easy as ABC ABC

– One two three! Exactly, 123, the National Pokedex number for the bug Pokemon Scyther There's your proof Proof of what? How we just connected the very last and biggest trend to date

Okay, even if I did believe your crazy theory, what about the Harlem Shake? That only lasted a week, and it doesn't count Anybody that did that trend is probably an idiot (chuckle) So what's after Psy sigh then? I don't know Well, I mean, he's Asian Wow

Okay, dick What? Wait, no, you guys are both right The word "Asian" and "dick" What are Asians most commonly teased for? Being FOBs, fresh off the boat, and Dick is just another name for Richard You see? Boat Richard? Wow, you're really gonna make me spell it out, okay

What do you do when you're on a boat? Uh, you row? Correct Now, what's a shorter way to say Richard? Rick RICKRO– ("Never Gonna Give You Up" plays) Wow, you really just made all the viewers sit through that whole video just to rickroll them That's kind of messed up No, it's not

What would be messed up is if we were to make the viewers sit through this whole video just to see us DO THE HARLEM SHAKE! By the way, I never bought pulp That's just my piss

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