The New Show! (Skitzo)

What's up, guys? I haven't humseen you guys since Halloween

It's good to have everybody back! Yo, why are we here for? I was about to get there but but apparently a lot of people didn't get the ending to our last Skitzo video What are you talking about? You know, the last Skitzo episode we did? The thirty minute Halloween video? I don't recall We didn't do that It wasn't even that long ago, how do you guys not remember? What was the name of it? "The Last Skitzo"! It is? It is what? The last one? What? If that's the last Skitzo, then what is this then? Where am I? I'm lost! No Regina, that wasn't really the last! I don't know where I am! You guys know how to get to Ryan's house? Hai I'm suppose to be there for a video

Yeah! I think that's like one street over Oh my gosh! Thank you! No! Regina sit down! Look, that obviously wasn't the last Skitzo! That's what I've been trying to say this whole time! People just thought it was because of the title! Title of what? The video! What video ? "The Last Skitzo" ! Oh my god! It is! I'm lost again! Ugh Alright, now that everyone knows what we are talking about, we are all in the same page, right? Yah Hai

Page 3 What? Wait, are we on page 4? Nah, I think we're still on page 2 Oh, okay No guys! There is no actual pages! Yes there are! See? Ryan says: "What are you guys talking about?" "There is no actual pages" Regina says : "Yes there are!" See Regina holds up script and reads: "Ryan says

" Okay, that's not supposed to be in this Just put that down No! I'm just kidding you guys

It actually says : "Regina puts down script" but I'm a rebel

I don't even have script! I don't know how to read Anyway, now that we're all on the same p I mean we all know what we're talking about We all know that Skitzo is not completely ending

but I do think it is time that we come up with some new shows You know we've got to keep this channel fresh We gotta come up with shows that people actually want to see Skits like these are a thing in the past! Oh, I can do that, it's easy! (Laughs) I've got some ideas! Hai! Well, that'sgood thenlet's see your ideas! Who want's to go first I'll go! Sounds good, let's hear it So I know this channel has a lot of guys that watch but I think we're missing out on all the young girls

'Cause young girls need somebody to like up to, you know ? Somebody that say youngand smartand beautiful and smart

and intelligentand all six of those things put together! And I'm gonna do just that with my new show that has one of my best friends and it's called "Beautiful, young, smart, intelligent Oh yeah! My show is called: "Reginers and Shawndies" Hi! I'm Regina! But you can call me Reginers and I'm Shawnda but you can call me Shawndies! But when we're together, you can just call us: RHAWNDERIES! Which I know sounds like a racist joke about an asian saying the word "laundry" but it's not ! We're not racist! and we hate laundry! We're just: Reginers and Shawndies! So welcome back and thank you guys again for tuning into our show If you guys don't already know, were the coolest teens in our school

We're homeschooled! And we're gonna teach you guys how to be coolies like us! Isn't that right Shawndies? Yeah Right? Duh Okay Right? Most of our swaggiest friends live by the motto of YOLO You Only Live Once

But the cooler and swaggier kids live by a completely new motto that we made up Awesomely Never Not Obeying Yolo Is Not Good! Also, known as annoying! Which basically means you should awesomely live your life because you only live once Because if you don't, that's not good And today, we're going to teach you guys how to sound like an annoying teen, just like us! The first step in sounding like an annoying teen is to shorten your words Words are long

If something is crazy, all you have to say is: Oh my god, that is so cray! If something is amazing, all you have to say is: Woah that is so a maze And if something is crazy amazing, all you have to do is put the two together and say: Oh my god woah, that is so craymay *ding* The next step in sounding like an annoying teen is simple All you have to do is add ers or ies to any word, and it instantly becomes annoying! For example, Hey Shawndies are you hungers right now? So totes hungers, how 'bout you? Oh my god, I got the rumblies in my tummers We should totally go to Chipoties Love Chipoters Oh my god, Chipoters is life! Oh my god I can't even! And the last tip we have for you to sound like an annoying teen is to make up your own trendy word! Just like Gretchen did in the movie Mean Girls! She made up the word "fetch!" And it was completely new and completely original! The most unswag thing you can do as a teen is to use somebody else's trend words Swag! Oh, my god what the fu- *beep* Make sure you make up your own original word

Don't copy All you have to is to think of a completely different word that relates to the word that you really wanna say! Like if you see a guy that's looking really cool, you can say: "Oh my god, that guy is so cold!" Because cool and cold are like twinsie words! Yeah, and it's if he's hot and he's cold! He's yes and he's no! Oh, my god: Just like the Katy Perry song! He's totes Kate Pers! More like Cat Purs for sure! Cat purs are like dog barks! Dogs are so adorbs! Yeah but barks are not! Yeah but barks are from trees But like trees have branches So branches are like sticks! And like dogs and sticks do go together! Yeah because when you throw a stick, dogs like to "fetch!" Oh my god that's the perfect word he is so fetch! So proud we made it up! So thank you guys again so much for watching Let us know if you have any other teen related questions and put them in the comment box below! All you have to do is hashtag Reginers and Shawndies and we may answer you next! But until then, I'm Reginers, and I'm Shawndies And together, we're just: Reginers and Shawndies! *Laughing and cheering* Who's clapping? We don't even have an audience So? What'd you guys think? I should've thought of that, that's a good idea I mean it's definitely something Yeah I was thinking of that too, something, yeah I knew it was something

Umm Anyway, Hanate, R-Dizzle, one of you guys wanna go next? Yep I'm not trying to rush you but like, are you gonna tell us? I'm already doing it You're doing it? How? You haven't even said a word Oh, I gotta say it out loud? I thought if I just thought about it, it would just show up No

Oh It's a common mistake Well, my show is basically want everybody comes to the internet to see; Pranks I mean pranks do well, but, it's not that original I mean I just did put out a video about prankers going too far Exactly, that's what makes my pranks different But how? See, all those prankers that are taking it too far, I'm gonna prank them, but even farther – further furtherI don't know how to read *laughs* Got you bro! *laughs more* Dude I got you so bad! – Oh, why'd you do that man? It was prank, it was a prank! *phone rings* Hello? Mister Charles Brown? Yeah this is Charles Brown, who's this? Hello Charles (Char-less) this is Doctor R-Dizzle — I mean, Doctor Dizzle-R Junior, at the third, fourth The 34th Your, uh, y-your parents were recently in a car accident and you were their emergency contact Oh my god, what happened, are they okay? Yes uh, they're both still alive but in critical condition

We're gonna need you to come down here immediately Yeah of course, I'll be right there *ominous music* Ow! Dude, come on Mister Brown (bro-in)? It's brown Hahaha, like poo

Um, uh sorry *clears throat* Come on, where's my parents, can I see them? Yes, uh, you will be able to see them shortly but I do have to inform you that Wait hold on, where are my dolls? Can you hold this real quick? Thank you

What is this? Sometimes we use the dolls to explain to kids what really happens so they're not shocked I don't need that! Well imma do it anyway! Oh um, sorry, uh Look your father we had to amputate both of his arms; and well, your mother coincidentally, we had to amputate both of her legs What the hell happened We actually thought the best course of action was to take both one arm and one leg from both your mother and father and sew them on each other so that they'd at least have one of each Wait, what?? The only problem isI kind of mixed up the arm and the leg during the surgery? What? What does that even mean? Well it means that we accidentally sewed the same leg on your father and the same arm on your mother, so now No! This can't be happening! It isi-it did

Uh Mr Poop Color, there's actually one more thing I need to inform you What else could you have possibly done you stupid son of a — None of this is true bro! What? My name is R-Dizzle, I'm not even a real doctor! None of this even happened! You know what? YOU JUST GOT PRANKED SON! *laughing* Yo yo, he got you so good dude! Your parents aren't even in the hospital! Oh god, okay, well where are they? They're in the river! What? I killed 'em! Yo what up it's your boy R-Dizzle, make sure you guys like my fan page if you guys wanna see more pranks That was disgusting

Yeah, I know, his name was the color of poo! I like it! Hai! I just need toCan we just please move on? Hanate can you go? Oh yah yah! My show is about the gaming! You do gaming videos? Well again, that's not something new, but gaming videos do do pretty well! Ha, doo-doo! *giggles* No! Mine is different from everybody else! How so? Everybody else film themselves playing game, but I'm going to film myself watching them play the game! I don't like this! Hanateehee Damn that's another good idea! That was my favorite one yet! Are you serious? What? You actually think that's a good show idea? Why you always gotta hate on our show ideas? At least we got ideas, where's yours? Ya haters back off! I guess there's no better time than now, but, this is my show idea! What? I don't get it! I still don't have script so I don't know what to say! After all these years of Skitzo videos I guess it's finally time to reveal it Reveal what? Wellthe truth

That's about it I just tell them the truth I mean I know you told me not to talk back to these voices in my head, but I mean, what am I gonna do? I needed show ideas

And they had different ideas I never would've thought of It's like they have their ownpersonalities Like that one that wanted to do a pranking channel that just went way too far, and that other one that came up with thegaming reacting video which we probably can't we even do 'cause we'd get sued for that now and the girl, man, I'm not gonna lie, she probably had one of the best ideas out of all them but

my God is she SO annoying! I mean sometimes I- sometimes I just wanna you know? Just I don't know how much more I can take you know

What do you think I should do? Well First of all, just remember when you're feeling these feelings, just remember what I always say Just breathe; Everything's gonna be okay

Secondly, I think you do have a show idea I don't think you need those other ideas All these voices that you keep hearing inside your head, I mean it seems to me that- Oh my gosh, is that Sam? Really? You're just gonna cut me off? What? I'm just saying hi to Sam, hi Sam! Oh hi Regina! It's been a while! I thought you were supposed to be dead! No Regina, that was just a skit for Halloween remember? That's why Hanate it still alive too, I mean I thought you'd kinda figure that out since he's kind of sitting right next to you Hanate you're alive too!? Hai

Wait, this doesn't make any sense how are you guys– Wait a second Sam, if you're still alive, and Hanate is still alive, that must mean Oh my gosh my Stevens! Stevers is alive I love him! Yeah, you see, about thatum

*gunshot* What the heck? Where am I? Hello Steve and welcome to Heaven No I can't be dead! Oh that's right I got shot Actually you're not dead yet

What? You are in a place between life and death and you must choose your own path What do you mean? You have a choice You can choose to come with me right now and enter the gates of Heaven, or, you can return to your body, fight through the pain, push harder than you ever pushed before, and not only will you be able to see, but love amongst all of your loved ones once again It is your choice Steven Steven

Yeah no, I'm just gonna stay here Oh! I get it! He's waiting for me, he's such a sweetheart He's so fetch Right

Alright are you done? With what? Uh, interrupting me by talking to people in my cutaway or my skit? Talking to people in a fake world? Wait wait hold on, you think that you're in the real world? Uhyeah, we obviously started in this world and you were my show idea! Uh, nothis is obviously the real world, I mean you guys are just a bunch of voices in my head you're not real, isn't that right Dr Sam? What are you talking about Sam? I thought you were on our side! Well, no, I'm on this side in the real world, so That's not the real world! Yes it is! You trying to call us fake?! We're not fakers, we're real! I'm the one with the actual doctor right here! He's not lying! *arguing* I don't like this! Hanateehee!

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