The Last Skitzo!

It was the night before Halloween in the old Skitzo house People were decorating and designing a spooky haunted house

I just rhymed the same line using house after house! That's three times the same rhyme now! No more than the story begin with a mouse See, thesethese are scary What we did (Wah-wah-wah-wah) Not so much I mean, no offense to you guys Steve STEVE: Mmm-hmm

Ray, and I'm sorry, I already forgot (RYAN) [lisping] Oh, don't worry about it

That was, like, 45 minutes ago My name's Sam Oh yeah, that's right, Sam No, Sam I'm sorry? It's Sam! T-H-A-M, what's so hard to understand? (laptop glitches and powers off) What the

Hey, who stepped on my cord? Not me Anyway, like I was saying, This really isn't looking scary Uh, speak for yourself! My decorations are are scary, I think? Regina, all you did all night was hang up pregnancy tests

Yeah, and their all (spooky voice) POSITIVE! I get scared just thinking about it Why the hell you blaming us for? Hanate is not even here helping us Huh, that is true I did tell him to go pick up some candy and Coke's on his way But, it's not like him to be late

(SILENCE) Were you here the— BOO! I scare you all, yeah? No, you actually really didn't scare anybody— (Regina screaming) Oh my God! Hanate! You just April Fools! got me! Great! You got Diet HANATE: Yeah, Coke Same thing No It really

It really isn't the same thing But, it's okay I'll get the ice

Come on guys, Diet's not that bad Hey, there's some kind of There's a note in here! What's it say? "What started off as a nice day, Will start anew with an

" With a what? That's all that says There's just two blanks Oh, maybe we fill in and win prize

Yeah, it's probably one of those contests where you can win Hey, why do you have a rock? Oh, I am so rude, this is my friend, Rocky! Hi, Rocky! What up, Rocky! This is kinda weird, but hey He's cute, where'd you find him? I was kicking him the whole way home from park! And then I realize He is good rock! How is that good luck? No he's a good rock

to kick I'm suprised he's even friends with you If you were kicking him! So, let me get this straight

You show up 45 minutes late, You brought Diet Coke, instead of regular Coke Instead of bringing a friend to help, you brought a freakin' rock! Hey, he may be a rock but he has feelings! Yeah, rude! What are you guys talking about! It's a rock he brought a rock! (all arguing) Are they always like that! (all continuing to argue) Hey there wasn't much ice left—Aah! So scared! Freakin' storm! Hey can one of you guys grab the lantern? In there

Yeah, right over there Let me see There we go Here, pass one down There you go

Is everyone okay? Mmm-hmm What's that sound? Where is that coming from? (Regina screaming in terror) Aah! Oh my God! What the (sigh) What the

He's dead! Oh my gosh! I'm gonna be sick! I'll call 911 Did anybody see what happened? Maybe he just tripped when the lights went out I say we get the hell out of here! No, it's raining outside

You know how long it takes to get my hair looking like it's not on fleek! I can't get a signal!!!!!!!!!!oh shizzle Probably because of the storm! Well, I mean if we do get a signal, What are we gonna say? That somebody got murdered, when the lights went out and nobody happened to see, there gonna blame one of us! Look, I don't mean to be that guy, but Maybe Maybe it was one of us You know this is the first time I'm hearing you speak, Steve You have a nice voice Um? Thank you? Don't mention it

Or you can, I don't know Ugh Guys! This is serious! We're talking about a murder here! Okay! I didn't even know that was possible I don't even know that was possible How do you die by from ice tray? Wait, say that again, Regina

Say that again, Regina Say what you just said I don't even know how that's possible? The other part We're talking about a murder here! No, that's what I said How do you die from an ice tray? Ice tray? Yeah, it makes sense now

Uh, what? The note from earlier "What starts of as a nice day, will start anew with an ice tray" (Sam and Regina gasping) Are you a rapper? It means somebody planned this

Wait, there's a second note! (gasp) It's blank! Oh, I think it's the wrong Oh Well, what does it say? I'm trying to read it if you would stop interrupting me, I would be done by now! There's too many big words

I don't know My God "Where darkness hides, and the sun shan't go, just reach inside look in a" And that's all Where darkness hides? Something that you could look inside of That could be anything! I mean, if it's anything like the other note, then it has to rhyme Yeah, that doesn't narrow it down much There's so many words that rhyme with "go" I would know, I'm a rapper, there's flow

And go Bo Whatever it is, if we figure it out the killer strikes again, we can stop it! What? How? No, wait! Tham is right! We figure out this now, before the blackout We could have stopped Ray from getting, the ice tray You're rapping again

Trying to mock me, dawg? (sigh) Guys, we have to find this next clue But how? If we don't even know what we're looking for But we do, kinda We just have to look for something that we can look inside of That's in the darkness And rhymes with "go"

Oh, what about "bowl" "Bowl", I said it first Yeah, things like that Got it I'm on board, ready to go! Let's go

This is crazy I'm with Steve! What a crazy idea, I don't like it It's stupid If that's the only clue we're going off of, we have to search this entire house Which is why, again, I know this is sound like something straight out of a horror movie

But I think we should split up into pairs R-DIZZLE: Hell no! REGINA: What? Are you kidding me; that sounds like something straight out of a horror movie! Right This sounds like a bad idea I mean, do you have a better idea Do any of you? What if instead, we all play the Wii! Wha— The Wii? Hi

Like Wii, as in the gaming console Yeah, It has enough controllers for everybody! Yeah, that sounds way more fun! How is that going to help us find the next clue, Hanate! Huh!? How? I dunno Am I the only one taking this serious? Someone is dead, okay! (Regina gasping) Oh my God, who? I give up! I quit! Look guys, as much as I don't want to split up Ryan's right We'll cover more ground that way

Thank you Can we please just pair up now? Fine, I'll go with R-Dizzle Great, I'll go with Hanate And Rocky, too! And his rock, which I guess just leaves Steve can pair up with Regina We'll all check different rooms, you guys find anything Just shout out! We'll all come to you! Sounds good Cool Let's see there's What rhymes with "go"? Sto? Steve Steve-O (rustling through packaging) (thunder) Can you stop that? Oh, sorry (suspenseful music) Meanwhile

"Smo", "stow", "sco"? Scow! Hey, what about "sco"? Nope, still not a real word Dammit Well, how about Neither is "scowes" Damn! Well, checked all the bowls Guess it has to be something else What could it be? I got it this time! It's a real word, rhymes with go "Po"

I guess that's a little better, like the Kung Fu Panda But that's still not a word Yeah it is! What about, Sim-po? That's only part of a word The Po-Po Real word is "Police"

Pocahontless? That's not even the right name Okay, I got you, I got you What about, the PO Box? What? The PO Box You know, like some people don't get their mail, they have to go to the PO Box to get their mail The P

O Box? Yeah, the PO Box That's what I just said, you don't got to spell it out I'm not stupid Meanwhile

Steve! Steven! Steve! Steve! Steven! (Regina yelling) (unintelligible) Look, you already did that last one The next one is supposed to be in some place dark, and that we can reach inside of, rhymes with go I know something that rhymes with go Steven! Wait, you do? What is it? How about, "Blow" If you know what I mean

Ugh Cause I'll blow you a kiss anytime you want, Steven (kiss) (blowing) Oh my God, stop Regina, your breath! Will you cut it out and just help me? Whoops Sorry, Steven Will you stop calling me that? It's just Steve, it's not short for Steven

There's no "n" I got something else that doesn't have an "n" I really don't care Kissing I'm not even going to bother Just, can you look in there

I'll check out here Let me know if you find anything Okay! Anything for you, Stevers Oh my God (suspenseful music) Hmm

Mean Whale (Ryan gasping) It's all of my favorite things! You find note? No, but I did find a bunch of stuff that I thought I had lost A long time ago! My DS and my cacti book and And this is from when I got lay sick

Manuel (creepy music) Hey, Steve Steven! Stevers! Stevie! Steve Steven Stevers Stevenopolis

What? What do you think our 'ship name should be? Our what? Our relationship name, Do you like Reve, or Restevena? How do you feel about Steveagina Steve Steven Steveticles! Oh, I can't find anything out here Hey, how's it going in there? You find anything? Yeah, I found lots of things

What, really? What'd you find? I found clothes and bags and random board games No, I mean did you find the next clue? Yeah, how'd you know? That's one of the board games (sigh) Okay, no I'm not gonna go through this, schtick I found those too! How'd you know? How do you keep guessing, are you a physic? Are you a psy-schtick? Am I your phy-chick? God! You are so

This is! (sigh) We are never gonna find anything This is hopeless! It does feel hopeless, but, I know found at least one thing STEVE: Yeah

Okay, what? What did you find now? Huh? Love In a hopeless place Wait, but how did this stuff get here? And why is this light on? (gunshot) (Regina screaming) (frantic music) Why, Steven? (sobbing) (sigh) The killer knew that he was going to be standing there

Oh my God! Is that the next clue? No, this is what Steve was reading when he got shot What's it say? It says "Goodbye Steven" (gasping) Which means again, the killer's one step ahead of us Wait a second It's says "Goodbye Steven"

RYAN: Yeah THAM: His name was Steve There's only one person here that called him Steven (Regina sobbing) What? Regina, you didn't Did what? I mean, you're the one that called him Steven And you weren't the only one in the room with him What are you guys talking about? What are you trying to say? We're talking about how you talking about you shot Steve in the back! What!? How could you even say that? I thought you guys were my friends? Look, we are your friends, Regina But, all the facts

I don't care about the facts just use e-mail already! What? Just because I was partnered with Steven and I was the only one in the room, even though I love guns, and I accidentally shot 2 people in the back, who both happened to be standing in front of a toilet as well, doesn't mean I'm the one that did it! We were in love Even though he didn't love me back, we were in love I believe now

I remember the first time we met It feels like it was just yesterday You guys just met like a couple hours ago Love has no time, Ryan But the way that you guys were attacking me, even though someone I love just got shot

I wouldn't expect any of you to know what love means (sobbing) Then I guess we did point fingers, pretty quickly Yeah, and I suppose anyone could mistake Steve for Steven so And, I mean, we didn't actually see her do it No It really doesn't look like she actually was in love with him despite only being a couple I'm over it! What? All right, what are we doing? What? It's just, everything you just said You just seemed so sad

Yeah, and I've moved on That was like, one minute ago! I just met him tonight, how long do you expect me to be sad about him? Love is all about time, Ryan I didn't even love him that long (sigh) I mean, okay then, I guess We'll just move on Okay, what are we doing? (sigh) Well, we still haven't found the answer to the other clue But, if anything like the other one, it has to be around here somewhere What was it again? "Where darkness hides and the sun shan't go

just reach inside, look in a" In a what? That's what we're trying to figure out! Oh What about "hole"? Yeah, that That could actually work! I mean, I suppose it's usually dark inside of holes, right? And you can reach inside of it

What, you mean, like a hole in the ground? How are we supposed to find that on the third floor? I got it! (gasp) I know where it is! What? Where? It's in Steve's butthole! I believe What? Think about it "Where darkness hides and the sun shan't go" That's where the sun doesn't shine! That's a butt And the next part is, just reach inside

and look in a hole! A hole! Asshole! It's an asshole! Well, I ain't doing it Don't look at me No, no, not me

I mean, Regina It was your idea And

I mean, you were the closest to him So Eww! No! I don't care how much I loved him! I ain't reaching into his booty like groceries! That's grossceries Oh, that's why they say that

(reluctant sigh) All right, this is not leaving the bathroom Ever (SAM): [gasping] No way No, of course not, none of us are gonna say anything Oh my God! You're actually gonna do it? Well, what other choice do we have? I was just going to recommend my other idea, but this one's funnier

What other idea? I was gonna say, we should just check the other hole first What do you mean another hole? What hole? The random hole behind you (supenseful music) (gasp) It's warm How long ago did you see this? A while ago, before you guys even got here Then why didn't you say something earlier? I don't know, I just didn't think it was important

Just a random hole with smoke coming out of it And you thought that a random hole in the wall, with smoke coming out of it Right after someone got shot, wasn't worth mentioning!? You know what? I don't need to take this from you! You were about to dig in someone's butthole, you weirdo! Wait, there's something in here (note scraping against wall) It's the next clue (sigh) "Don't stand in shock from suprise

Pour the blank, and it will blank" Damn, we gotta figure out two now! There's no way we can figure this out We couldn't even figure out one

I agree And I say we all stick together And, make sure we all know where everyone is If someone goes missing, we'll assume their the killer We just all have to stick together as a whole

Make sense? Wait a second Say that again, Ryan Really? Like, the whole thing? 'Cause that was, like, a lot of words You said, "Stick together, as a whole" Yeah? That's it

Whole! "Where darkness hides and the sun shan't go Just reach inside, Look in a Hey! Where are you guys going? I have to answer! We already do that one Oh, yeah (sets lamp down) You guys stay upstairs, nobody leaves this room But what if we get hungers? Just eat the candy that Hanate brought for the kids But these are just crackers Crackers? Really? What, it go good with Coke No, it doesn't

Yes, this is what they are for! It says Soda Crackers on the box You dip inside of the Coke Just like how you would dip Oreo inside Lemonade That is disgusting You just have to try it

Ew No I would try Yeah, why not? Hai Hey, where are you going? I dunno, get the Coke? We just talked about this, nobody leaves, remember

But, it's right there I mean, we'll still be able to see him (sigh) Fine Just be quick because we're getting off-topic Hai

All right So, how are we going to figure this out Well, the clue did say something about being in shock from surprise We've all been suprised so far True dat

But you know the ending, is actually pretty interesting If you pour something it will something It's like something watery, you could pour water Yeah, I mean, like, any liquid really Anything you can pour, I guess

Oh! I almost forget about that How the hell does pouring something kill someone? Like, you could pour lava on someone Yes, you could That is one option, to keep in mind, I guess How does that even relate to being in shock, from a surprise? I'd be pretty shocked if you pour lava on me

No you wouldn't, you'd be burnt Still good Wait, don't stand in shock Liquids What? Liquids are conductive Con-what-tive? You'd literally be shocked if you poured it on the wrong thing Well, that's a stupid one Then all we have to do, is not pour something, and then we live, right? Why would we even pour any

(soda cracking open) (soda pouring) Hanate! (frantic music) Hanate, no! Oh What? Oh, thank goodness Um? (REGINA EXHALING IN RELIEF) No, I mean, we thought you were gonna die

No, I just poured the Coke, and it rise too fast And spilled all over the wire Good thing, I not stand in puddle Coke and rise That's it

Pour the coke and it will rise Well, at least we figured it out, before Hanate got shocked Damn, that's a messed up computer charger Maybe you need to get a new one Yeah, and wait, how are those even sparking if the lights are off? (switch click) Hey! There we go! It's back! I was getting a little sick

Hey what's that? There's candy in here Really! Hey, no! Regina, don't! These are Mentos Diet Coke and Mentos That's why the Coke, rose so fast Well, at least we figured out

There's the next clue! In the electrocuted puddle! I'll get it! Regina! No! Aah! (shock noises) Hanate, get the wire! Thisis an unlucky room It's the final clue

"The time has come, for you to" Hey, can we do this in another room? 'Cause Tham's body's all burnt and it smells (sigh) (sniffing) All right, here we go

"The time has come" I can still smell it (sigh) Okay, are we good now? We're literally a floor apart

It smells like trash in here Too bad Ready? "The time has come, for you to be wise Make a choice if you wish to survive, You have all the information you need, I have told no lies, for every Halloween" You gotta be kidding me What? There's five blanks Wait? So, this is it! It's has be one of us I mean, that's what it sounds like

And according to this, we're supposed to have all the information we need, to figure out who it is We don't even have any information Other than the fact we know it's not me What, we don't know that! And now that you said that, I'm kind of leaning towards you! Don't lean on me, I'm not Major Lazer! Guys, we can point fingers all we want But, the only way we're going to prove it, is by solving this! But that's impossible! Or, I have idea

that work 100% Okay, how? All we have to do, is wait until the killer kill everybody, than we know the last guy standing is killer That's brilliant! That does work! That defeats the whole purpose Why would we care who the killer is if we're all dead? I dunno This is exactly, why a part of me thinks we should— Wait a second, what if it isn't one of us

What are you talking about? We're the only ones left No we're not Has anyone seen Rocky lately? The last time I had Rocky was upstairs? Where upstairs? By the Coke, I put him down to make the Coke But Rocky, would never do such thing! Are you sure about that? Because, I knew something was up the moment I met him Yeah, and Ryan did say, if you leave the group, we'd assume you're the killer

So, why wouldn't he follow us down here? Hai, that true Yeah! Cause he's a freakin' rock! Okay!? Are you guys kidding me?! I'm almost to the point, where I'd rather be killed by one of you, than to listen to you're stupid, idiotic, useless ideas! That's sounds like something a killer would say Yeah Hai Oh my God

Where were you during the blackout, When Ray got stabbed by the ice tray? The exact same place as you How would know where I was if there was a blackout? Sounds suspicious to me Wait, what? What about when Steve got shot in the same room as me? Where were you then? Not in that room So, first you're saying you were in the same room as me as Ray died Now all of a sudden, you were in a different room when Steve died Sounds like something's out of order! It's all coming together now! That makes no sense! And last, but not least, when Hanate, was pouring the Coke and it was rising, then spilled on the ground to form a deadly puddle I was gonna put my hand in, but Tham jumped inside of the way for me, instead of me dying instead? Where were you then!? Out of all of you, probably the furthest away from her

In fact, I don't even think that that needed to happen She only died trying to save you! That may be so! But you didn't die trying to save Tham, trying to save me now, did you? (Hanate gasping) Checkmate! Or is it just check? Check All the clues finally make sense! The ice tray, the hole, the coke rising What do they all have in common? You put ice inside of the Coke, You put Coke inside of the hole, And the hole will rise to the— It'll— the hole— it will ri— Okay, no you're innocent because mouths don't rise Wait a second

That's it What? Ice tray, hole, coke and rise That's five words! That's what the clue meant! What are you talking about? It says we have all the information we need Now we just have to fill in the blanks "The time has come for you to be wise

Make a choice if you wish to survive You have all the information you need, I've told no lies for every Halloween, Ice tray, hole, coke rise

Now, we just have to figure out what that means Oh my gosh, I get it! Really? Oh, no because mouths don't rise

Mmm They don't Every Halloween, ice tray, hole coke, rise Ice tray, nice day Or do mouths rise? Dies, flies

I told no lies, for every Halloween What do we do every Halloween? So, how was all of your Halloweens? Oh, dawg, It was TIGHT! I scored so much candy! So, Regina how was your Halloween? I had the worst time ever! Not one kid came to my door Wait, that not fair, I never get to tell my Halloween story! I'm sorry Hanate, how was your Halloween? How was your Halloween? (echoing) For every Halloween (Hanate) I stay home, cook rice! (riser) Hanate! (chuckling) It can't be Oh, can't it Ryan? (Regina and R-Dizzle gasping) Your accent It's gone

Your face, it's less handsome (evil chuckle) Wait, Hanate Yes, Regina You had a gun this whole time? Indeed I did Well, that's perfect! Now if the killer comes, you can shoot him! Regina, he is the killer! Oh my God, Hanate! How could you shoot him! (sighing) Feels good not to have to make that face anymore

Hanate, why? You try making your mouth like a puckered butthole all day! It hurts! No, I mean, why are you doing this? (chuckling) I think you know exactly why I'm doing this! What? Why don't you finish that flashback you were having earlier? Wait, how'd you know I had a flashback? (gun cocking) Finish it! Okay, yeah Um Wait, that's not fair! I never get to tell my Halloween Story! I'm sorry, Hanate, how was you're Halloween I stay home, cook rice Stay home, cook rice

(echoes) Now, do you see? Not really, I still let you tell your story You let Regina and R-Dizzle have the entire video to tell their story! You only gave me five seconds! And it was after the Teehee! You're doing all of this because of one video? Oh, no Not just one video You have no idea, do you? Were not starting with you Hanate! I don't even know if we're going to do yours this time What? Why not? What the hell are you talking about? I dunno

But wait, I never get to show mine! Tell us! Tell what? Your morning routine! What do you do in the morning? Oh, I wake up, cook rice! Okay, Hanate! I'm sorry I mean, like I could give you better parts You can be the star of the entire show! You see, I thought about that But why would I want to be a part of Skitzo? When, it's a dying show? I'll just start my own show! I mean, I already pretty much wrote this entire episode! What do you mean? Everything that happened tonight played out exactly as I planned One might even question the script Because of how perfect it all played out I mean, It might have worked out for you

But there's no way you could have planned everything! Like, what about when Ray died You couldn't have planned to have a blackout (chuckling) There wasn't any blackout was there? Why do you think I stood where I did, when I entered the room? (sigh) You stood right by the light switch And in the same path, that Ray had to walk through, in order to bring the ice trays Which, I had already attached the note to

It's funny, I gave you all every single chance to guess that it was me all along What do you mean? I was the one who brought the Coke, with the very first clue? Remember? I was the one who was closest to Ray, when I found him dead I was even the last one to mysteriously show up behind the counter yet none of you suspected poor, harmless Hanate, because I'm nothing more than a punch line to all of you! Okay, what about, when Steve got shot? Even if it did come from a hole in the wall, we were on the complete other side of the house You were with me! But was I? Yes, you were right— When I went to the closet— you— You were by Um You see, over the years, I've been collecting some of your favorite possessions Remember all those things, that went missing in that one episode we did called "Skitzo: The Missing Things"? Wait, no

We've never uploaded an episode like that Exactly Because just like everything else, that you were distracted by in that closet, it went missing Wait, that's still makes no sense This whole explanation makes no sense You know what else doesn't make sense? I already cocked this gun once, to shut you up! But I'll do it again if I have to! Okay! Okay Just go ahead

As I was saying, while you were distracted by some of your favorite possessions, I waited for Steve, to get into position Where I have already made a hole, pointed exactly where he would be standing Okay, I

I mean, I don't mean to offend, but, How did you know that Steve was gonna read the note? I mean, what if Regina read the note Because, I wrote the word "read on that note Remember? Oh, "read"

That's what that said What? I saw that way before Steve did But I thought it said read, as if it was already read So why would I read it again? You're an evil genius I know

All right, fine What about the Coke and Mentos thing? Hmm? Yeah, you could have easily killed yourself Oh, see, he planned that too Let me guess, you froze the Mentos in the ice tray, knowing that by the time we got back from all the other events, it'd be melted, so by the time, you poured the Coke, it instantly spilled everywhere Next to the wires that you previously cut, but, no, you didn't spill Coke on yourself, you spilled it exactly next to you so that the puddle would form

and it would look as if someone else tripped to kill you, so you'd be the last person to be suspect to leave the next clue in the electric puddle, knowing that only Regina, would be dumb enough to reach into that puddle, causing Tham to jump on it to save Regina! Taking her life in the process! Acutally, that's the one thing I got lucky on What do you mean? I kinda forgot, that I set that trap up Good thing, I wasn't standing in that puddle, right But, what if none of us wanted Coke, because it was Diet Well, you have to drink something, right? Why else would I brink soda crackers? That is true

All right, that's enough of this explanation! Long story short, I set everything up and now you're all here ready to die! But why are you doing this, Hanate? (sigh) Are you serious, I just answered that at the beginning Oh, well then atleast tell us how you did it I'm gonna enjoy killing you the most, I think See, I knew he liked me the most But, now that I unnecessarily explained my entire plan

It's time to put this to an end Please, Hanate! You already made your point! You don't have to do this Yeah, plus we're the main cast! The other guys can die! But if we die there's gonna be no more Skitzo! Perhaps that's exactly what I wanted Say goodbye to Skitzos forever! And say hello, to the one and only Hanate Show! (screaming) (gunshot) What the Better rock next time, buddy! (gasping) ROCKY! NARRATOR: And so after years of inconsistently uploaded episodes, Skitzo has finally come to an end! No more R-Dizzle and his uncontrollable temper

No more Regina and her completely, nonexistent intelligence No more Ryan and his well his boring realistic jokes

setups and storytelling and of course no more Hanate Quite possibly the most random and beloved character of all May he finally enjoy the RIP

No-no (rewinding) May he finally have the RIP Wait (rewinding) May he finally have— May— So he finally RI— Just say "RIP"! "May he finally RIP"! That's all you had to say But that make no sense

May he finally rice in pot? Seriously? We're ending this whole entire thing, and we cut away just for that joke? No, we also cut away, to show people that I'm still alive! (happy tune) Teehee! Wait so Tham was a girl? Two Teehee!

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