The Fakest BTS Ever! (BTS)

(Paco) Oh yes~! *to Ryan* *Ryan's annoyed lol* (Ryan) You're inappropriate *to Paco* Dude, it's the last video of the year, i gotta give them-all the gud- *Turns to Greg* Oh yes~! Woooohoooo~~~ *Greg's bellybutton voice* Hey guys it's BTS! (background laughs) My name's Paco *More excited laughs* Piko- (Greg) My name is Piko the Paco-Paco the Piko (Paco) You're done, you're done~ Wait do people know what Pico is? (Paco) Dude, the very first video of this year you had a Hawaiian (Pidgin) word of the day *laughs* And now this one *laughs* (Ryan) Now it's gonna-Now it's gonna come back (Paco) Yep

(Ryan) Piko means: Bellybutton everybody *laughs* *eyy nice drone* *epic shot of the sun* *Roku's staring deep into the camera lol* (Daina) Pretty touch of colour~ *Paco begging dat kiss lol* *Rejected* *laughs* *More amazing filler-music for everyone to enjoy~* *Derek the wiener man* *Don't ask* *Derek captures quality Ryan Higa BTS content* *whistling* (Paco) Derrick get that one now *points to Greg* (Paco) Yeah~~ *more whistling from Greg* (Derek) Greg gotta a little six-pack going on (Ryan) You've changed (Paco) What are you smiling at? (Ryan) You just made my day (Paco) Oh i got that ON FILM! (Ryan) Yeah people are gonna believe that *Paco laughs* Edited So this year's uh ReRyan is gonna be a little bit harder, so uh we got a bunch of other people helping us out today (Paco) Hey guys (Ryan) What up? (Paco) Who wants their early Christmas present? (Paco) Ryan Higa How to Write Good Who wants one guys (Ryan) Where was that? (Paco) Who wants one (Ryan) Hey-what, this is different-this is different right? (Sean) This is different (Paco) Wait what does it say? (Ryan) I don't know, it's yellow though, it's like-yeah (Greg-Sean-Ryan triple) This is- this is like special edition- limited edition! (Daina) Oh ok now I want that one *Paco laughs* (Greg) Ok, no more! That is- *indistinguishable, sr guys* (Ryan) I'm selling it for 1 Bitcoin *Paco's iconic laugh* (Paco) Bro, who are you? You just look like a German-like wrestler or something No! You look like- *awesome music* louder awesome music + Will's one man dance show lol (Paco) Since its end of the year, can you give us a house tour? (Ryan) I mean I think we- we already did didn't we? (Paco's quality house tour) This is the floor- The entrance-The bathroom floor *awkward silence* (Paco) Ceilings~ (Ryan) Yeah~ (Paco) This is the living room ceiling Kitchen ceiling Ryan's office ceiling *a wild Roku appears* Ryan's room ceiling Ryan's bathroom and shower ceiling (softly) It smells good~ Ryan's table ceiling Ryan's backyard ceiling – the clear blue sky lol* (to Sean) Hey Salt Bae~ (Sean) It's cold dude *rises* This shirt is so thin *laughs* (softly) My nips are getting cold (Paco) Wait-wait oooooooo *questionable zoom-in lol* (Sean, softly) It's not hard [his nips he meant] (Paco) We're getting flagged

(Sean) staphhh~ (Derek) Dude don't show my wiener bro (Paco) Derek gotta breakdance today And he's using Ryan's brand new shoes (Derek) I know, these are nice huh, Ryan has got that style boooyyy~ (Paco) Breakdancing dog in the house *indistinguishable words from Greg and Ryan's conversation* (Paco) Derek is like the best actor when there's no words involved He just gotta sit in a bunch of cereal He's killing it~ When he's a hotdog, he kills it~ Whenever there are words, he always over analyzes (Derek) Tell 'em what you tell me about Lincoln (Paco) Don't tell Derek about Lincoln he starts laughing too hard (Sean) Yeah dude I've got a whole bunch of bloopers for that part *Paco's iconic laugh again* (Paco) Hell yeah! Give me that one dude give me those clips baby~ (Will) Well, we will be the judge of that, shall we? *Giggling derek + facepalm = best combo* (Ryan, background) What's going on Derek *lol* (Will) Cuz he's told not to blink (Sean) Dude, just make your eyes small and they will never know *more facepalm *laughter background* (Ryan) Derek, what's going on? *more indistinguishable laughs and noises :v (Trump Ryan) Does that mean- *closes book* *softly + excited* haaaa *catches Fidget Spinner* *Beautiful Ear-Ripping noise for Headphone users :v *not anymore 🙂 *oh wait there's more 🙁 *laughter* *someone, sounds like Paco* oh wait? *Greg* CUT! *Derek's cries for help lol* *background, imitating Derek's golden noise* *laughter* *Greg* Action! *soft fart* *laughs* (Ryan) Okay, now you wanna throw shade? You know what that means huh *what* *softly* Dra-ma *softly* Life (Draw my life lol) *old video throwback* So I was never gonna do a Draw My Life video

*weird tongue movements* Lai-Lai-Lai-Lai-Lai-Lai-Lai-Lai-Lai-Lai-fe (idk don't ask me, I counted lol) *mad scientist Ryan* Wahahahoooo~ *throws* *misses * *slime on ground* *laughs* (Ryan) All right, pick it up~ That Paco *points to leSlime* (Paco) What am I supposed to do?? (Ryan) IDK, you said you're gonna clean it (Paco) No I didn't (Ryan Yeah, I said if it goes on the ground *gj paco* *laughing Paco* I didn't agree to it (Ryan) You did~! (Will) This is fake, Paco asked me to film him cleaning this *still dirty lol* (Paco) Dude does it look like us cleaning it though? Huh? Thanks Daina *you rock Daina* (Derek) Where are we at, Ryan? *inhaling through mouth-noise* *sighs* (Ryan) I don't know (Derek) You know This place all looks familiar

Do you know? (Ryan) Yeah (Paco) This is the gun range where we shot uh *Star Wars* Star Wars at! And we got a bunch of extras *IDK how to write his name and sorry if I butchered it* Keon was also in the How to be Gangster *2

0* You know what I mean? (Ryan) Rival (Paco) Oh, yeah, my YouTube rival right here, Anthony When you have people who work on set like Lou, with us It's always nice to give them free food (Lou) That's what I'm here for (Paco) All right guys, we need you guys to come up over here

(Daina) Well thanks for helping us today, uh This is our last-like big video of the year, if you guys don't know we're shooting a big protest scene today (Sean) I'm sure you guys all figured it out but, We're at a shooting range so be aware of your surroundings *tutorial on using 1 charge blaster + the force to defeat storm troopers* (Monica) We only have 1 charge left (Ryan) Here *Stormtrooper 1: Argh! *Stormtrooper 2: Eek! *Stormtrooper 3: I did not see that coming

Stormtrooper 4: Hey I'm dying~ *Spaceship : Wow 1 hit, I call HACKS! *Stormtrooper 5: Kill aura! REPORT REPORT oh wait I'm ded *Eh Robot? : Someone call an ADMIN PLEASE! Hax Hax Stormtrooper 6: All my friends are dead, and me (Sean) Don't go wandering off to any old random place uh (Greg) We need more friends This is- this is like the most people I have ever seen us have but we need like Hundreds of people to make this easy (Derek) I can hit up uh my mom (Greg, softly) Give her a call (Paco) We got our protesters Wait, how are you wearing a San Francisco thing and yet you're for the Oh, "Let them kneel", you invaded them! (softly) I don't even watch football *laughter* He's like, FAKE! Fake news (Paco) Is anyone here actually a 49ers fan? *Ryan pulls too hard lol* *gasps + oh* You almost- You actually broke it? *laughter* (Paco) RYAN!- Breaking props Ryan *oops* *mumbling Paco* (Daina) It was their gift to you (Paco) Wait the Niners sent this? (Ryan) Yep *background* Oh wow

Okay, so everyone's a Niners fan now right (Daina + others) YAYYYyyyy (Derek) Ah snap the PUBG scene is done Goodjob (Ryan) So we're faking it? *someone* yeah we're faking it (Ryan) Alright that's a wrap! *yaaaaayyyy* Thank you guys Wat? Oh is-was that good enough for your uh fake "that's a wrap"? (Paco) Yeah, this whole BTS is fake *more fake yeeeeaaahh* *Car engine sound* Hey, you trust me enough to do donuts around you? (Paco) HELL NOOO! Yeah dude, I know how *more beautiful ear-ripping sound* *yeah if you're using headphones, probably turn down your volume alil' bit* *16 seconds of engine vroom-vrooming 'round Paco, so fun* *look at all that dust and sand* *so beautiful* *yay finally* (Paco) Wow that was crazy~ *sarcasm* Dang he just did donuts around me dude! *indistinguishable sentences, sr my ears not 10/10* Sickkkkk~~ *distant* Sickkk broooo (Paco) Daina is hella jealous (Daina, softly) yeah, I am *No idea what Paco said* Love those bras so much? *IDK* Dang, It's not even Ryan's hand (Derek) Plot twist, I-I did all the hand stuff

(Paco) Faking it (Derek) For the Man's Not Hot Video (Paco, softly) That's actually true *background conversation* also Ryan's killing it in that Wig lol (Paco) He's having trouble with his hair (Ryan) -just gotta crack a cold one with the boys~ *where is it lol* (Greg) Cut (Ryan) I don't have it *laughter* That's a wrap

on 2017 (Will) Wahoooooooo (Ryan, background) All our friends are dead (Derek) It's been a- It's been a good year 2017~ (Paco) No it's not, ending like this Just gimme some regular clothes *lol* (Derek) I'll always remember this moment *Ryan throws rock* *fails* (Paco) Nope (Ryan) That one went??? (Paco) Ey what was your favorite moment of uh 2017? (Will) When I hit this rock and no one else can (Paco) Why is it everyone

*also fails* No one is hitting that *laughter That's what this year has come to *Daina hits it* *everyone* OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH! (Ryan) YEAHHHHHHH! (Daina) Wahhhhhhhh *oh snap* (Ryan) Oh dude, oh dude! (Paco) Ohhohoh My God! (Daina) I tried to (Paco) She almost died! *Greg's face though lol* *laughter + Idk what Daina is saying lol* (Paco) That wasn't fake at all!

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