The Diamond Play Button! (BTS)

C'mon Derek, don't look at it Oh, sorry man I was trying to get that sneak peak! – Keep the secrets dude! – Trynna get that sneak peek! This video is a month in the making

plus! Give us another 6 months and it's out This easily could be the end of the year video, But we're just like Nah! Rate Dragon like now that the scale has changed Dragon Ball used to be a ten This video is about a month in, probably got another week and a half to go, so probably [Ryan] Plus you have everyone on it too This is the highest, so this is like 11 Dragon Ball Ryan: Damn you broke the scale! No this is 11 Oh, damn! This is harder than the hardest thing you can even think of Harder than these diamond nipples *laughing* Kinda, kinda old

[Derek] Black nipple! Black nipple (high pitched) About to shoot the This is the shoot that we told Greg we're shooting to get Greg to come over for his surprise birthday Stop Derek

stop! Derek: Oh Will Oh Will! (music) Damn look at him I'm a snake

*Teddy barks* [Derek] Who's making all those rackets down here? *barks* What? I'm right here (funky music and laughing) *leaf blower* *panicking* Oh

This? [Derek] Yeah Nah, this is like a good

Greg: Fifteen? Imma say like [Greg] Five, ten, fifteen [Ryan] Twelve pounds *laughing* What's your guess? Fifteen This could be a fifteen [Will] Whoever gets the furthest from this [Sean] Gets to keep it *Greg laughs* [Will] Has to, uh, drop it on their toe [Ryan] O MA GAD! THATS NOT EVEN A JOKE! That's not even a game, dude! This is so heavy, listen to this *thump* [Derek] Oooh! [Greg] Okay, uh, fifteen [Derek] Dude, that's gotta be ten

[Paco] Yeah, ten Million subscribers! [Will] I'd say, it's, uh did anyone say 12? 13? Anyone say 13? [Ryan] Noooo

*laughing* [Daina] 14? [Greg] She has to drop it on her foot, like an inch high I can do that – 1 inch? – 1 inch [Ryan] But it's the corner, as well [Greg] Ohhh! That's done

Game overgame over man! (nearly drops it) Oh sh-*bleep*! Ooh, you got scared out Derek [Derek] What does it say on the back? [Ryan] Woah! "Congratulations for surpassing 10 million subscribers

" Just see yourself! Yep – [Derek] First time of the day? – [Ryan] First time of the day You think it's gonna crush all away? *laughing* 321 *thump* *snickering* *thump* [Derek] Ooh, it did scratch it No, that's the tape! *laughs* *clapping* – Ah, thank you! – I'm nervous, that's for you And this, that's for you [Derek] Oh, thanks

Thank you Thank you Thank you very much Thank you Thank you

Hey Paca, a gift for you Is this 'candid camera'? [Derek] I just 'can't' with you *music* What's this doing down here? It's supposed to *laughing* *music* *laughing* *music* *laughing* [Derek] Rocket, come on Get over here Almost lost him all, Greg! [Greg] Keep your dogs on a leash, guys [Derek] *laughing* Oh, he's not coming anymore! [Greg] Good boy Come on! *laughing* [Greg] Are you kidding me? *Derek laughing* *music* Ooh! *laughing* – Cool! – That was cool! – I didn't do that! *cup slaughter* *red cup trickshots* [Derek] Looks like Ryan cupped up

*music* [Derek] Run up real fast, Will Okay I just got a ton of dirt on me I'm coming up! *trumpet music* [Derek] This is like, some football training *ape sounds* [Derek] Good job Will

You made it back Welcome to the land Welcome to believe land You gotta catch it, Derek! [Derek] WOAH!!! *Ryan laughs* [RHPC in background] Ohhhh! Can't reach, you gotta just catch it [Derek] Hey, what's that? Was that Aladdin? I don't know why my hands are sore, Derek, grab it! I'll try! [Ryan] Sore! *Derek laughs evilly* (indistinct) WOAH!!! *waddle sounds* *exhales* [Greg] That's a wrap! [Ryan] That's a wrap! That's a wrap

Think fast! *Daina screams* Catch this with one hand and you win, but if you drop it, we gotta return it [Derek] I don't wanna play this game Greg will – [Derek] Yeah, y'all can play – [Ryan] Ready? 1

2 – Ohhhh! – Scary, that *laughs* That's yours now, Greg Pride to Slops McGee We just wrapped I feel like I'm in a desert

We are in a desert We're going home I've never seen this outro before First time in YouTube history Nah! We're still here

Just gonna break this again [Derek] So what did you guys guess? – 12 – 13

– This is 10 Million subscribers! Zero! [Will] Wait a second [Ryan] Damn, we all lost

[Derek] So it's not heavy enough? [Ryan] So we're gonna have– Ten! [Will] How did you do that? [Paco] Ohhhhhh! I said 10, dude! "This is ten" (slow motion) "This is ten" (slower motion) "This is ten" I don't recall it [Will] I don't recall

I think I said that, actually! Right? *Paco laughing* *Will clapping* I said ten! *cheering* Hey, good game No! I said it! – Good game Paco – Woooww! Paco said twelve, I remember! (dubbed) "This is twelve

" (slow motion) (dubbed) "This is twelve" (slower motion) (dubbed) "Twelve" *laughing* No way! What's up y'all? It's your boy Derek Thanks for watching this week's BTS (also known as behind the scenes) Don't forget to click that link above if you wanna see this week's Nigahiga video

Big congratulations to Ryan for receiving his 10 million plaque Well deserved!

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