The Best Joke Ever!

Two guys walk into a bar, but the third one is a duck [SIGH] [Sound of door knocking] Joke! What? It was a knock knock joke! Get it? Knock knock joke? [D-TRIX HOLDS IN LAUGHTER] That was terrible

Oh You think you could do better? Uhhh Yeah? Ok, Go ahead Wanna hear two short jokes and a long joke? Sure Joke joke, joooooooooke! That's a pretty deep joke Almost as deep as this one

[IN A DEEP VOICE] Jooooke Jooo~ Oh, I'm sorry, I was only half joking JOOOKE! Blonde joke JOKURU! Asian joke

[DRAMATIC MUSIC] This is really getting Sirius now! Are you serious? Black jokes? That's the one type of joke I can't stand [MUSIC STOPS] [MUSIC RESUMES] Why, you can't handle it? Oh, I can! Well then stop your WINE-ningand suck it up! I know your type You walk around with a chip on your shoulder thinking you're punnier than everyone else! Well, guess what? I got news for you, buddy: you're KNOT You shut UP

You think this is going to be a piece of cake, don't you? Like a walk in the park [SNAP] [MUSIC STOPS] Well, I've got a few aces up my sleeve [DIFFERENT DRAMATIC MUSIC] So do I Well then, let's stop beating around the bush, and cut to the chase [MUSIC CUTS OFF] Wait! Stop

This is POINTless You're right This IS pointless! Wait why are we doing this again? I don't know, I'm still drawing a blank! I know, it got so purse-onal! Siriously! You wanna just call a truce? Shake on it? Fine

AAAHHHH!!! Ohhh, thank god that's over Seriously, I'm so tired of doing that! Wasn't even funny anymore! It never was! You wanna just go grab a drink or something? Sure, there's like a bar 5 minutes away Alright [GASPS DRAMATICALLY] I got it! Got what? The best joke ever! It's a knock knock joke! Oh my gosh! Seriously, again, Ryan? Whoa, wait, just Just hear me out, just hear me out, alright? These two guys, walk into a bar, and— [KNOCK] [KNOCK] [GRUNTS] You get it? Knock knock, 'cause they both walked into the bar— [IRRITATED] I get it! TEEHEE

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