Tell Me How I Die (Movie Premiere)

We are here at the "Tell Me How I Die" – Premiere! And I'll tell you how I die You will watch as I We will tell you You will I have

I'm too busy DERRICK: Well, how do you feel? I mean, Age we look the same, the premiere of your movie! Are you nervous? Yes DERRICK: I'm excited, I'm listed I do not know how I die I'm looking forward to it, to see that Can you tell me? I have to make Red Carpet things, so

Here we go! PACO: Oh, look, you're already on nem black carpet! (Excessive laughter) (Okay, calm down, Ryan, you'll be fine) If the make-up? Yes, I forgot my pen You helped me to deal with my depression, so thank you! I have my toenail for you broken! Hah! Running gag Derrick! I can not believe I'll see you in real! I know! I've seen you for so long by a screen! I can not believe that I see YOU in real! Let's spread out a few of those! was one of my favorite videos, as he has just started, for example, the "Shamwoohoo" I have his videos watched since I was really small! What is it doing here? (incomprehensible) Thank you thank you! This is about our third Hug today, so we are now practically best friends! PACO: It's definitely about to poop Wooow, okay okay, not even I have that! PACO: Derrick, Derrick, Derrick, we can have it short for an interview? Derrick, yes you, Derrick !! Are you already excited about the movie? I am VERY excited

(addressed to fans): Yes, hello! Paco: HEY, CALM, WE TRY JUST AN INTERVIEW TO LEAD !!!! Yes, I am very excited about the film! My buddy Ryan plays with, you know, he'll hang another teehee back it will be a good movie Derrick: Tell me about the character that you play in the film So, I play Ryan Higa My hair is smooth and hochgegelt It is simple in general a great experience

Game me out, Johnny Any last uhhh

okay Whats up bro? We can not film here! We have the movie just watched us, Ryan has done really great All scenes where you were, were really funny (And here we have why Ryan Higa will never play more in a horror movie the reason) Hey, what was your favorite scene? Nothing Come over here! Come on

more Oh, look out, bugs !! Wa * gasps * Oh my god Why did you do that? (Sitcom laughter is displayed) (Dreckiges pools of Derrick) Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! Kevin! Okay, we're done here, all the premiere is over Look at that ARDEN AND PACO: Ryan, Ryan, oh my God !! Oh man! PACO: What's going on? DERRICK: What geeeht, Paco? So, now are Paco and I

oh man! I pay attention HAB! Me and Paco are on their way to meet Ryan, we want to surprise Jenna because she had recently birthday So we say happy birthday to Jenna because, well, we love you and so Therefore, we will meet with them now! Here we go! OH MY GOD!! (I would react as if Ryan would eventually show up just for me at the door) Gooottt! Waaaaahhhhhh * Happy Birthday sung * We have just arrived back home And this idiot Paco is asleep! PACO! Okay folks, we're back in Vegas! The film was brilliant, Ryan has made it damn good! Not that I'm biased, but all of your scenes were my favorite scenes

If you have the chance and $ 10, it can see you and go download the movie, and supports Ryan! It was pretty good, an interesting concept My favorite scene was when Ryan died Ooooder he did not die? Okay folks, I hope you enjoyed the clip like Give the video a fat Like! (Derrick undergoes his dogs mental abuse) Haha that's so mean!

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