– (FBE) Well, over five years ago, you reacted to nigahiga while being on Kids React Do you have any idea what you said in that episode? – Kinda forgot, but just remember the green ball

– No, I don't even remember the video I just remember – Yoga ball

There was a huge green– – him and his face, and that's it – He had a huge green yoga ball

– (FBE) We've got a super-cut of some of you from that episode to show you now – Really? I look so much different (laughing) I look like a little baby in that video – (FBE) Are you excited to see yourself back then? – Uh not really – (both) Yeah! – I'm, like, so excited, 'cause that was so long ago – (nigahiga) Throw it at your dog Bark

Throw it at your cat Meow – Oh, it's me I have that shirt still – (nigahiga)

the Big Bouncing Inflatable Green Ball – (Darius) Ball, inflatable ball – Oh my gosh, it's Darius

– We were all so little! – (Darius) Inflatable ball green ball I don't understand a word he said – (laughing) – (Dylan) as like one light second – The nostalgia's gonna kick in right now – We all look so– not like super different But we all look pretty– – We don't look 10 – (Dylan) And you don't have high-def or something

It really looks unprofessional – Oh, I'm sorry – (FBE) What do you think that means? – (Megan) Mm – (Shannon) Wait, "niga" – (Megan) "Nigahiga

" I think it means "pie" in Spanish – (amused) What?! – They're so funny – (Dylan) Maybe he calls himself that because it sounds Japanese – (tongue-in-cheek) Oh, we were so young, oh my gosh – (FBE) So do you think he deserves to be number one? – (Darius) Yes

– See? Fan since day one I'm just saying Always been a real fan – (Shannon) I don't like getting involved with politics! – Fast-forward to the 2016 election – Yeah! – (FBE) Would you watch more videos from him? – (Darius) Yes

– (Shannon) Yes, I'll watch more videos by him, because he's funny, and he talks really fast, and he's kinda squeaky I'm letting her hit me You know? We'll deal with this at home – Ha "We'll deal with this at home

" – Nothing's really changed (laughs) Still the same old, same old Darius – It's weird to see a video of your past self And most people can ignore their middle school years and stuff like that Ours are literally on YouTube for everyone to see at all times


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