Table Flip Fails! (BTS)

Are you enjoying yourself though? Yeah , It feels nice This is how uh

like how normal rich people have cushions They use macs Let's flip some TABLES? I don't know what we were trying to do *mumbles* We're about to shoot the first scene of the day I don't really feel like doing it today Sean will, his voice got higher 'bout to shoot the first scene of the day! You can go higher than that

Higher than that I can't You can Fartfah That's the highest dude 'bout to shoot the first scene of the day" That was pretty good *cough* kinda hurt *coughs more* I got the black lung, pop Let's do an apocalypse personality

What if I just take this, uh hey could I- I'm rich could I hit that red bul and they're just like- It'd be funny if it was a clear bottle and they were like sucking it in and blowin' it out Alright let's do it Let's go! We got gold already *music* *table slams* *Greg's screams of pain* Don't try them at home, but if you do- don't get the folding tables Kay? Get the- get the solid ones Alright, let's go inside I guess

Uh, we have a curse here at RHPC Whenever we go outside- It doesn't matter when- Once we hit- It's actually a superpower Once we hit the ON button on our cameras People start workin' What'd you say? I can't hear ya, what'd you say? *ryan mumbles in despair* Dag Gad dammit Daaam daggit OOOUUGHH DAAAAAAM OOOOOOOOOOH DAAAAAAAAM lmao his face How bout dah? There was this game we made up You take an item, and you make it into a prop *DJ noises* DJ Will Shahan original~! So um, are we doing THIS joke? nyooooom Arcade Oh that's a cool show Yeah you like that? Oh yeaaaah, look at him

You missed it No, I got it dude Look at this nerd Dude these are- Nnnerd These are so busted

Look at this Holy smokes That doesn't even have a clip on it and this- this just broke Will's always hitting me and picking on me in the videos Now that he's a nerd I can pick on him

*chopping sound* *punching sound* NERD ehehehehehhe Nerds Alright we're testing it right now Testing Test number one Three

Two One *bang!* I broke the zipper *laughter* Aw it broke It just straight-up broke

3, 2, 1 321 One

One more time Three Two One whoops That is a wrap Take that Ow,OW! What the HECK?

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