SpongeBob Parody!

"Dear Ryan, can you make a Spongebob parody?" Are you ready, kids? (kids) Aye, aye, captain! I can't hear youuuuu! (kids) Open your ears, captain! ♪ Ooooh ♪ ♪ For Copyright Infringement ♪ (goofy chuckle) (seagulls squawk) (French accent) Ah, ze kitchen counter Home to many inanimate objects such as Spongerob Bareass

(annoying laugh) Good morning, kitchen counter! Good morning, Spongebob (gasps) Patdick, you're not supposed to call me that, remember? What? Why not? I told you already We're based off of a cartoon and that cartoon is copyrighted, so we have to change things But I'm left handed Can I copy it with my left hand? Huh, that is a good point

I suppose the show isn't "copylefted" Right? (annoying laugh) (joins in) Will you two shut up?! Hey, look, it's Squidturd Can you please keep it down? Your laughter is driving me insane! – But, Squidturd– – And stop calling me that! Don't you know that laughter's the best medicine? Well, I'm not sick It's not just for sickness It's also for pain

The only pain I have is listening to you two laugh all day I think you just need to learn what it really means to laugh, in the form of a song Please, don't (annoying laughter) You didn't even spell the word "laugh" right! It's L-A-U-G-H, not F But that spells "luh-gah"

The G and H make an F sound But if GH sounds like F, wouldn't the word "good" sound like "food"? Then you wouldn't be able to tell if food is good or if good is food Good isn't spelled with a GH, Patdick Ooh, thank fud Look, I don't have time to be teaching you guys basic English

Just please keep it down Okay! See you later, Squidturd! Foodbye, Squidturd! Will you stop calling me that? – It's Squidward! – (gasps) Squidturd! You're not supposed to say that name What? Why not? – It's copylefted – What? He means it's copyrighted But I'm left handed

You two are idiots! This is a parody It's nothing like the original Well, if we don't get in trouble from Spongebob, we may still get in trouble from that other show– What show? The one that has the exact same style as this one I think it was called "Annoying Apple" or "Irritating Orange" ormaybe it was– Oh, you mean the show where they kill all the fruits – by saying the word, "Kuh-nife"? – Yeah, that one! – Say what? – It's the show where they say the word "kuh-nife" and a big kuh-nife comes down and cuts them in half Kuh-nife? Wait a second How do you spell that word? It's easy! It's just K-N-I-F-E! You want me to sing a song about it? (grumbling) You two are idiots! The K is silent You don't say "kuh-nife"

It's just knife– (screaming) Oh my! It looks like Squidturd's in pain, Patdick He should laugh It's the best medicine I don't think he can! Maybe we should laugh for him Okay! (annoying laughter) Teehee!

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