Skrillex, Nirvana, NigaHiga, Hooman News In 210 Seconds

Hi Everybody, my name is Radek Glorking and this gentleman here is one of our subscribers And You are watching Weekly YouTube News! Number Seven

Berklee Valencia Campus which I like to call the heaven on earth for musicians and singers was very active on their YouTube channel And thanks to Patrice Rushen they produced a new rap song called "Let's move" Singing Mr Brail Watson Number six

A famous singer and artist Amanda Palmer and her bass guitarist Jherek Bishoff have a small suprprise for all the fans of her band called Grand Theft Orchestra! And it is! A healthy and beautiful baby boy! Number five! Here is something cool Do You Guys and Girls like Nirvana??????? Mr Rabea (on the right) and Matt (on the left) from Andertons Music Company has produced a video in their Sound Like Show and Guess what! It is called SOUND LIKE NIRVANA! These Guys have discovered which instruments you can invest in to sound like the king of grunge! Curt Cobain – rest in piece man! Number four And here is Mr Skrillex with his remix of "Show Me Love!"

Augusto Poliche was waiting for four months for a song like this, am I right Augusto? Augusto is Skrillex fan who loves the song called "summit" Number three Have You heard of Picasso? Florian Picasso? No? And do You like cars and robots? Yes? Me too! There is a must hear track called "Kirigami" on spinnin records channel! And it will make You feel like a DJ! S: I give to this one 10 out of 10! Number two is shampoo prank part 4 by HoomanTV! You can find a link to this video in the description bellow! If You like prank genre you will love this video And number one is nigahiga and his "Let It Go" rap song! With nearly three millions views within first four days! Congratulations Ryan! Thanks for watching this video! If You want to see more videos like this please subscribe and we will see You NEXT WEEK! Bye! I love You!

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