Skitzo – Valentines Day

Alright Guys So It is Valentines Day and, And, we're, we're all here *Sad Pause* But You Know what It doesn't need to be sad because we have a girl here No Hanate – Regina What? You're a girl Uh Duh ! And we are all guys Sooooo The comments say I'm the dumb one No Regina why don't you pick one of us to be your date for Valentines Day? That way we don't all have to sad Right? Oh Okay Yo but how do we get to decide who gets to go with her? Oh we could have a contest Or we could just let her *Cut Off* Hey John! I don't have date for Valentines Day So I was wondering if *Cut Off* Wait what are you doing! What? I said pick one of us! Oh well why didn't you say that next time be more Pacific! (specific) I , I did Well who am I supposed to pick? Well I have an idea Why don't we leave the room for, like, a little bit And we'll all come up with something to present to you And uh you can pick the one you like most Hi John it's me again Sorry about earlier I got disconnected *voice from the phone* Ma'am for the last time this is Papa John's we serve pizza WE ARE NOT A PERSON *Laugh* Oh John! He can be so silly sometimes Alright we're back Anyone wanna go first? I'll go No Regina this is for you Oh Thanks! *awkward pause* uhRR Dizzle why don't

why don't you go first Oh yeah uh I wrote you a poem Deepest Love I have ever felt so far By R Dizzle For SHizzle My nizzle Off the hizzle Will You just start? SHUT UP! ok *cough* I pop two caps in your butt for free I don't need another girl that don't need me So you better watch out, or I'll cut your face Will you be my, valentine's date? That, was beautiful Okay Hanate, go ahead Um I rike (like) your face Thank you That's it? We had three hours, that's all you wrote? No, I never write, I was drawing cat

See? Unlike these guys, I did something a little different, I wrote you a song, so uh Really? Here we go ♪ Hey there Regina, looking pretty fine today ♪ ♪ When I take a Iook into your eyes, I know we'll be okay ♪ ♪ So take a look at me, and I'll take a look at you ♪ ♪ We know it's true, we can do, all the things you wanna do ♪ ♪ So I will ♪ *cut off* Dude SHUT UP! Ok I loved it! Really? But I'm gonna have to go with Hanate Because he was just true, to his heart I could feel his heart, I could feel it, It was all warm, and, puffing And I could feel his heart, like I could feel *cut off* Okay! We get it! I could feel his heart, It was like, it was warm, And it was like, puffing And I could feel, like he had his heart I could feel it, i could just, feel it And what he said *voice fades*

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