Skitzo – The PSA

Hey guys, I just got contacted by the big boss at YouTube, and he said– Whaaaaaat? Anyway, he wants each of us to make a PSA and help educate the viewers to make the world a better place What do you guys think? What's a p-saw? What? You know, PSA, p-saw

No Don't be ignant, dog Everybody knows the P is silent So it's just "saw"? No, PSA is not a word It's an acronym

What's that? I'm gonna say it's a type of dog No, it means that PSA stands for something Right, it stands for "p-saw" Or do you mean PMS? No, what? PSA So PMS and PSA is like the same thing? (sighs) PSA stands for public service announcement

Thank you, Hanate Now please tell them what that means Well, in PSA, the P is not silent No The A is

Ohhh WaitWhat? So it actually sound like deflating balloon How is that anything like deflating a balloon? You know Psssssssssssssssssssssss

All right, show me what you guys got Who wants to go first? I'll go So I did my PSA on sex All right, let's see it There are five things you should know before you have sex

First, sex is like cookies Protection is your dinner Your appetite is your life Doo-doo is your baby And toilet paper is your tools

You can't have cookies before dinner Or it will ruin your appetite, because then you'll have to make a doodoo And you won't have the toilet paper to take care of it So in other words, if you don't want to have a baby, then just stop eating That was

Different Anyway, who wants to go next? How about you, R-Dizzle? What? You ready to go? Why? Where are we going? No Let's see your PSA

Oh, right Uh, yeah, I did mines on, like, everything Everything? Okay Well, that's great Let's see it

(rapping) When you do drugs, you will die! If you have sex, you will die! If you don't recycle, then you will die! You playing with fire You'll die, die, die! Are you serious? What? You know what? Forget I asked you guys I'm just going to take my PSA, because obviously you guys don't take this seriously But wait, I never get to show mine What? You're gonna yell at us some more? I forgot my keys

So this is what I came up with I know you're a nice guy, but feel free to be honest Each year, tens and thousands, tens and thousands, tens and thousands and even hundreds of children and dogs are being murdered by themselves due to hunger and starvation and the cold and terrorists, terrorists, terrorists Boom But with your help, we can give these children our leftovers

We can give them blankets without holes We can change their lives for life All you have to do is dial a simple number at Because together, together, together, we can stop the ending for not living for children and dogs, because all it takes is just a little bit of this Boob So if you can help us at So, what'd you think? What the (bleep) was that? Uh-oh All this talk about PSA I think I just got mine

Oh, that's okay, because you can use my ShamWoohoo!

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