Skitzo – The Halloween Story

Yo dawg, how long are we gonna have to wait? I told you, we have to wait for Regina I mean, I'm sure she's like– (phone rings) See, she's calling right now

I'm sure she's just, like, on her way Hello? Hello? Regina? Speaking Where are you? Who is this? What? Okay, I don't know how you got my number, but stop calling me! Regina, you called me This is Ryan Oh, hi, Ryan! And to what do I owe this pleasure? Where are you? We're all waiting for you right now

I'm in my car Great, so you're on your way No, I already is here Even better, then come on in! See, that's the problem I'm locked inside of my car and I need

help because I can't roll down the windows because the car won't start because I don't have the keys because the keys fell down and I can't find it because it's dark Wait, so you're inside of the car? Uh, duh, how else do you get locked inside a car? Did you try unlocking the door? Oh, oh, okay, I'll be right up

(theme music plays) Alright, thank you all for coming again, despite the minor delay :/ Ummso how was all your Halloweens? Aw, dawg, it was TIGHT! I scored SO much candy! Wow

You, of all people, went Trick-Or-Treating That-that's great! Trick-OrTreatin'? No, that's embarrasing, dawg! Well, you're never TOO old– I beat up a little girl and took hers! Silly! So, Regina, how was YOUR Halloween? I had the worst time ever; not one kid came to my door

And that's partially the reason why I came late tonight, because I was waiting for people to come 🙁 Regina, Halloween was yesterday

[Regina laughs] THAT explains it Explains what? Well, I was getting a lot of complaints from parents, because a bunch of monsters and Miley Cyruses were showing up at my door

so I would shoot them with a water hose Oh my God, did anyone get hurt? No Well, at first, but then these three Jonas brothers showed up at my door, and, I should've known they weren't real because they were all [?], but I was so happy because I LOVE the Jonas brothers [wink] Okay, and

? And then they took off their faces and then I realised it wasn't them, so I got really mad and grabbed my shotgun and shot them dead Wait, what?! I shot them dead You shot them? That's hilarious! You shot someone! You're a murderer! You killed somebody! Actually, it was three kids That's almost just as bad! But it was consensual! And dat's all that matters What? No, no! Like, seriously, you have to get out of here! You stay here, we'll ALL gonna get in trouble! Okay! What the hell was she thinking? Oh my God! What? Get out of here! I can't! Why? It's locked! Wait, that's not fair! I never get to tell my Halloween story! I sorry, Hanate

How was YOUR Halloween? I stay home, cook rice!

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