Skitzo – Nose Scar

Hey guys, so I know it's been a while since we hung out and it's a little awkward 'cause it's been like 2 years now, but um, any of you wanna- Regina: Wait, why do you guys all have the same nose scar as me? Did you guys also make a accident with your curling iron? R-Dizzle: Yeah, actually- Hanate: Hai Ryan: What? No, I know for a fact that we got that from a sword you know, from when we were filming the Fruit Ninja video? Regina: Maybe you did, I got mine from a curling iron R-Dizzle: Yeah, me too

Ryan: Well, no, I know for a fact that we got it from- Regina: You weren't there, you don't even know! Ryan: I mean, I do know because I created you, so I kinda would- R-Dizzle: What?! Regina: No you didn't, you're not a god, you're not my mom, you're not a carpenter, you don't make things! Ryan: Look, you know what, forget I said that, you're right, we got that from a curling iron R-Dizzle: Hold up What are you trying to say, that we're not real? Ryan: No, I mean- Regina: I don't get it, are we not real people? Ryan: I- R-Dizzle: Yeah, what are we? We have a right to know Ryan: Look, I don't think we should go down that road right now so- Regina: Wait, is this a real road or a fake road? Ryan: What? Regina: Or a railroad?! R-Dizzle: Rocky road? Regina: *gasp* Rocky road! R-Dizzle: Like the ice cream? Rocky road?- Regina: Yeah! Hanate: How come I the only one with Canadian accent? R-Dizzle: Yeah, why is that? Ryan: Canadian? What? Look guys, let's not complicate things, okay? Regina: Well then just tell us: are we fake or real? R-Dizzle: Are we like versions of you but like cooler? Ryan: Come on guys, we really shouldn't- Regina: Maybe we're all twins! R-Dizzle: Or what if this is all a dream, like in that one movie- Ryan: I really don't think that- R-Dizzle: Titanic Hanate: I think I from Canada

Look guys, please, I'm begging you, let's please not do this like- R-Dizzle: Or maybe we're just clones of you, but better looking! Regina: Oh my God, like in Attack Of The Clones?! R-Dizzle: Yeah! Regina: Are we attacking the Jedi's? *R-Dizzle and Hanate gasp* Regina: You made us the bad guys?! Why?! Ryan: What is happening to this conversation?- Regina: I hate Star Trek, why would you do this to us, Ryan? R-Dizzle: Seriously bro, that's messed up Hanate: I still think I'm from Canada Ryan: STOP, OKAY?! Just stop! I don't know what you guys are, okay? I don't even know what I am in all this I started this like 4 years ago, and I wasn't thinking about that, okay? Look, the only reason why I started doing this series again is because people kept asking for it Hanate, stop! Hanate: Oh, sorry

Ryan: Look, if this is how it's gonna be whenever we hang out, then I don't want to continue doing this, okay? So can we please just drop it? And just start over? Regina: So are we the Jedi's then? Ryan: UGH Ryan: Alright, so now that we finally cleared things up, let's start talking about- Regina: We didn't clear anything up Ryan: Ssh! Regina: But you said to drop it; we didn't really clear- Ryan: Ssh! Regina: But you said- Ryan: Ssh! Regina: But-! Ryan: Ssshhh Regina: If you're trying to do a fire jutsu, you're doing it wrong Ryan: Look, whether you guys are making it up or not, why don't we go back to talking about your stories? Regina: What stories? Ryan: Your nose scars I mean, you guys should already know my story

Ryan: You know? The fruit ninja filming? I got hit by a watermelon? The watermelon hit a sword, which hit my face? I posted a video about it? Come on, the video "Fruit Ninja Fail"? Everyone else- Ohhh that one Regina: No I didn't like that one R-Dizzle: Yeah, I didn'tthat one sucked, man

So boring Hanate: Canada Ryan: *sigh* Anyway, yeah, that story What happened to you guys? Regina: I told you, my curling iron did this Ryan: Okay, then what about you two? R-Dizzle: Curling iron Hanate: Curling iron

Ryan: Look, if you guys are gonna make things up, at least make them different from each other! R-Dizzle: Why do you keep saying we're making things up? Ryan: Because you are! Regina: Maybe you're the one that's making things up! Ryan: I have video proof of what happened! It's uploaded Regina: Uh, so do we! Ryan: You do Regina: Uh, yeah Regina: So there I was, I was doing my norm- Regina: Hanate! Hanate: Oh sorry Regina: So there I was, *bright music* *barking noise* *lightsaber noise* *laser noises* Marley: Oh nooo *slow motion of Regina's yell* Regina: And that's when the curling-iron-lightsaber cutted my nose Hanate: *gasp* R-Dizzle: Whoa, can't believe that! That actually happened Ryan: So I guess you finally watched Star Wars, huh? Regina: What is that? Ryan: *sigh* Let's just move on

R-Dizzle, what happened to you? And please do not say that it was a- R-Dizzle: Curling iron Ryan: You don't even have hair to curl, how could you have possibly gotten- R-Dizzle: Shut up! Ryan: Okay R-Dizzle: So there I was, like every 15 minutes of my day, curling iron R-Dizzle: 98! 99! 100! Such an easy warm-up for me Ryan: You did 3 curls

R-Dizzle: What?! Ryan: I mean, you started counting at 98, so you technically only did 3 curls R-Dizzle: You trying to make me angry? Ryan: What, no, you're clearly the toughest guy I know! I know better than to do that! R-Dizzle: You wouldn't like me when I'm angry Ryan: No please R-Dizzle, you're too cool and strong and you can read gooder than me! R-Dizzle: Too late *yells* Ryan: Oh no, I have to stop him from being so strong and cool! *grunt* R-Dizzle: Is that all you got? Ryan: Ohhh no! *monstrous yell* Ryan: Seriously? R-Dizzle: What? Ryan: That is just as unrealistic as Regina's story I know that didn't happen, you even put ME in the story! R-Dizzle: Well if you don't want to be in it next time, don't throw a weight at my face! Regina: Yeah, why would you even do that? R-Dizzle: Right? Ryan: Hanate, please tell me your story is even somewhat believable

Hanate: SOOO there I was, it was the year 2000 and 10 Announcer: Next up, team Canada! Coach 1: Hanate, I need you to focus okay, we need you to get the perfect score in order for us to take home the gold medal Coach 2: This is what you trained for, this is what you worked for, your whole life! I believe in you, hard! Coach 1: You can do this Coach 2: So hard! Hanate: Don't worry coaches, I got this Kage Bunshin no Jutsu *POOF* POOF* Y'all ready? Let's do this

And at that very moment, it was as if time stood stilland I suddenly understood every little thing he was trying to tell me It wasn't about the maple syrupor the free healthcare It's not even about all the moose

mooses or meese(?) It was about being proudproud to be where I amproud to be what I stand forproud to be who I am And who is that you might ask? My name is

Hanate wakuso shiseo tadashite teriyaki suzuki honda civic And I will alwaysand forever be Curling for Canada! Ryan: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Hanate: I don't know! Ryan: See, this is exactly why I stopped making these videos! Regina: Why? Ryan: They make no sense! R-Dizzle: Neither do all your other videos

Ryan: At least I didn't lie about how I got my nose scar! Regina: We're not lying! Ryan: Yes, you are! R-Dizzle: No, we're not! Ryan: Yes, you are!! Regina: No, we're not! Ryan: YES, YOU ARE!!! *Lightsaber activation* *Loud yell* *lightsaber humming* Ryan: Wow umm I'm so- I'm sorry guys, I guess you I guess you guys were telling the truth

I just never thought that it- *BAM* Teehee! Wait! Don't click away yet! To see the behind-the-scenes video on HigaTV, click here And to see the last Skitzo from two years ago, click here! Too late! Now they both take you to the behind-the-scenes video But if you want to subscribe to my channel, click here Nope! This also takes you to the behind-the-scenes video Click this one if you want to subscribe, this one if you want to go to my Twitter, this one is for my Facebook, and this one is for the Canadian Curling Association website

Just kidding They all take you to the Canadian Curling association website Hanate! Hanate: Oh, sorry

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