Skitzo is Back! (BTS)

Show us how long your hair is So, this is the longest it's ever been I usually cut it when it reaches my eyeballs See, the Skitzo characters They don't like to sit next to each other They never, ever sit next to each other They don't like each other They don't even like being in the same room Yeah, they don't They don't They might not even be

They might not be But they hate sitting next to each other, so that's why they're never in the same shot Not because it's a lot of effects and It's a lot of effects and split screen and timing and it's, you know a headache but because they just don't like each other 'Bout to shoot the first scene of the day Greg: Woah woah <clap> <clap> What's that? When I'm gone, when I'm goneeee Alright, I have to get into Ryan's character Done! See what I like to do to get into character before Skitzo is that I have this routine This is not it! But umm I'm trying to think of what the routine would be D : Would it be a morning routine? Regina's morning routine? Where I like cartwheel, where I like do a flip into the door? G : One of my favourite bloopers ever! <muffled laughter> D: What just happened? Yaaaaay!! Are you rolling? Rolling! K! Ugghhh!!! KINDA HURT! If that's the last Skitzo, then what is this one? Where am I? I'm lost! Is it because of the title? Title what Oh my God! Are you going to the Hanate part? I think I can just do this Alright Hai! That's literally like everything i think hi 🙂 How do you channel your R-Dizzle I think David Choiwhen he's happy G : DAVID CHOI? I wish David was in town

Remember all the times David was in town? mehhehehehehhhehehehehehe David's in townDavid's not in townEverybody be sad because David's not in town 🙁 Hmmm I'm on set! Hahaha What?? Too much David Choi Oh that's too much? Alright! S: It's about to go down! W: It's the premiere of Shawndies I'm gonna be turning into a little baby S: I'm redderz Come in with pizzaz You can just leave your hair like that G: You're like Skrillex Woawoawoawoa Have you seen the

lesbian girl? The lesbian girl in "Orange is the New Black"? He is so bad! So bad we made him uuup Hold itHold itHold IT Yes explain the thing everyone can't see I can't even with you Sean I can't You don't have to give up, give up

Nope that's it I'm done I tried and I failed well that's a new record I am legit crying so hard right now Nope couldn't do it I can not with you too glad to see we are on the same page *Outro music*

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