Skitzo – Introductions

ryan R-Dizzle Regina Hanate SKITZO by Ryan Higa of Wong Fu Productions® Hey guys! Thank you all for coming today I've brought you here for a reason but first let's introduce ourselves

My name is Ryan and then let's go on with you! What!? Why don't you introduce yourself? Why don't you? I just did Weren't you listening? No! (Sigh), Yo waz up' guyz, ma name is R-Dizzle Okay! Thank you R-Dizzle

Fo-Shizza'-Ma-Nizza' All right! R-Dizzle-Fo-Shi Off-Da-Hizza' Than- Drizza' But a ya'll can call ma R-Dizzal' Are you done? What, ya tryins' ta rush ma dawg? No! No! Ya think dis iz some kind a' race? No! You racist dawg? You racist? No! I swear

I was just trying to- Nah I'm just playin' Go a' hea Anyway (sigh), let's move on to you! Hi guys! My name is Regina But you can call me Regina and I like rainbows and sunshines and puppies But! I don't like when my puppy's nose is wet! Because when it's wet, what is that? Is that boogers or is that water, what is that?! Okay

Let's move on! Ahh! Oh! Yo! Yo! (Paper ruffling) (COUGH!!!) Haaarrrooo everybaady! What!? My name is Boob! But you can call me Hanate Wakuso Shiseo Tadashite Teriyaki Suzuki Honda Civic, Okkkaaaaaayyyyy?! Okay Let's Wait, your name is Boob? No! He means Bob Yes, that's what I said, Boob No, Bob Boob! Bob! Boob? Question! Yes, Regina

If his name is Boob, can I be Ragina? Tat's tight! No! I know right? You can't just change your name! Why not? Yeah! I don't understand why she can't No, no! I can change it if I feel like it! Isn't that right? Tat's right! Isn't that right? My name Boob! So I don't know why you're making such a big deal! (Indistinguishable Chatter) Okay! That's enough! We didn't gather here so you could come and change your names! You are going to be R-Dizzle, you are going to be Regina and you are going to be Hanate It's settled

But the real reason why I bought y'all here is because I wanna start a series with all of you You're gonna bring a little gangster in the picture Do not touch touch (Laughter) Maybe a little ninja! HOO! YAAAAAAAH And a little I said you ain't getting under this! Under what? Under my umbrella! Tat's a lamp! So what? You think you're some kind of umbrella expert now?

Stupid, and combine all into one! To make one awesome show! What do you guys think? (dramatic Music) MY NAME BOOB! fuc- TEEHEE!

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