Skitzo – Despicable Me

Hey guys, so as you know, I– What? I didn't know I didn't even get to– No one told me either

I didn't even get to– Finish? Is that what you were trying to say? Yeah, dog, what are you talking about? You have to learn to finish your sentence because Okay, listen As all of you know, I got to watch the film Despicable Me earlier today, and guess what I– I love to guess things

Anyway, I was allowed to bring home one of the actors, and let me tell you who– Oh, my God, really? What? Is it Steve Carell? No, but– Miranda Cosgrove? No, no, listen Justin Bieber? Oh my God I love him! What? No, he's not even an actor! Well, then who? Just spit it out already! (sighs) You know what? Let me just show you already Dave Dave, come in

(suspenseful music) Ew! (theme music playing) So, like, what the hell? What is that, like a Pokemon or something? No He's– Fat He can't even fit through door Oh, right Uh, why don't you, you know, turn this– sideways

There you go There you go You got it Alright, so, um, this is one of the Minions from the movie His name is Dave, and, uh– What movie? Are you serious? Cuz I just– I just said that earlier

What? You think I'm playing, dog? You think I'm playing? You think this some kind of game? You wanna play Monopoly? Yeah, okay Maybe, sure Anyway, uh, why don't you introduce yourself? (speaking Minion language) Uh, I'm sorry, what? (Minion language) What– what are you trying to say? He said that his name was Dave Weren't you listening? Yeah, dog, pay attention You guys understand this? I seriously can't understand a word– Let him finish! (Minion language) I'm sorry, what? (Minion language) Wait, how did you– (Minion language) Okay, seriously, how are you guys– (Minion language) (laughter) (conversing and laughter continues) All right, stop! What the hell is going on here? (silence) (Minion language, laughter) (groan) Despica– despic– de– despi– aah! Pbbt! Despicable Me

Despicable Me (other Minion laughs) (mimics, laughs) Despicable Me Despicable Me July 2010

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