Saddest Video Ever! (Try Not To Cry Challenge)

Hey guys! So you know that I don't normally do challenges And that's not all this video's gonna be so just watch until the end

I keep getting comments that say this: "Dear Ryan: Can you do a try not to cry challenge?" And I know that a lot of other people who have already done this challenge watch the whole video or watch a bunch of videos and show the entire thing but For the sake of keeping this video quick, I'm just gonna show the highlights from each video that I watch And I'm gonna put in some subtitles just in case you guys can't understand me I don't even know what videos you're supposed to watch I'm just gonna watch the videos that other people watch

So I guess let's try it out "I used to think that pork chops and karate chops were the same thing

" hahAHA "We found ourselves outnumbered day after- "Raising two kids whose death- "-only always ever been amazing" "He never even sent me a damn card! To hell with him!" "How come he don't want me man?" "I miss Minnesota too" Okay fine I'm not a cryer Obviously And I'm not saying that because I'm afraid to cry, I'm perfectly fine with guys crying

I just cry for things that are real, not like- movies and whatnot So I decided that rather than just doing this challenge for real like everybody else, I decided to make it a challenge for you! After watching a bunch of these challenges and doing research on the most tearjerking movies and clips, I went to my incredible research team and we scientifically broke down the saddest things ever Take a look! *Sigh* There's gotta be more than death, Pixar, and looking outside of a window when it rains that makes people cry, right? What else we got? Oh! What about saying goodbye to someone you love? Yeah Okay Saying goodbye

Okay, good, what else? Any time a soldier returns home? Those videos always make people cry, right? Yeah, that's pretty sad That's good Okay, what else we got? A really sad looking puppy? Well, I mean, With flies circling around it? Yes! That is sad That is super sad

Hell flies! Oh! What about a kite? What about a kite? That can make someone sad How? 'Cause it like flies And stuff

You don't have to raise your hand, Paco Oh Well, picture this, alright? Imagine a little nerdy loser-looking kid eating lunch by himself while the rest of the kids eat together on another table Huh? That's sad, right? I mean I guess it's kinda sad Alright, what else? Anything? Dereck? Nothing still? (GREG) How about not being in the video? Because you're always filming it

What? *Melancholy piano* I got it! What if the kite was blue? Better See? We clearly did all of our research

And with all that information we finally did it! We created the saddest video of all time! So rather than just watching me do it, I created a video for you guys to watch! I'm challenging all of you guys to do the try not to cry challenge, right here, right now! So if you guys wanna go and do the challenge and record your reactions to this, I would say Pause the video right now, go get your camera, get your popcorn, Oh and while you're at it you better get some tissues as well, because let me tell you You're gonna need it You don't want to get popcorn butter all over your camera and stuff With that being said, this is the saddest video ever, and your try not to cry challenge! Where'd it go- It's time to say goodbye Oh my God! -I'm sorry I'm -Who are you?! What the hell! Get out of my house! -I'M SORRY I'M IN THE WRONG HOUSE I'M SORRY Hey

Is there anyone else sitting here? No Go ahead, yeah Thanks Hey Greg I want you to do this next scene

What? I want you to be the star of this next video Really? Yeah I'll film it this time Because I want you in it Oh my God

You don't know how much this means to me! Thank you! Don't even worry, bro, you'll be great Ready? Okay, yeah, ready when you are! Alright, aaand action! Ohmigosh- That is beautiful What? Where'd it go- Uh oh Where'd it go? Oh no, I am gonna have ants My dogs are gonna have a feast! How did it just disappear? Did it go in my mouth? Did I drop one? Did it fall back in the bowl?

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