Ryan Tries: Ghost Hunting – THE PIONEER SALOON

My name is Ryan Higa, I've never believed that these ghost shows were real because they all seemed so overly dramatic Oh my god, I just got chills The a/c vent is right there

It is crazy How cold it is right here and extremely easy to fake What was that (It's John Cena!!) But then one night I had an experience of my own that completely changed my views on ghosts Ghosts are realNo they're not Yes they are What? Well, they're not as they are what that wasn't the experience I was referring to because I don't have footage of it However, I can assure you that despite all the jokes and obvious ghost show parody everything you're about to see and hear is 100% authentic even if we end up capturing nothing at all

This is Ryan tries (Better than LWAIY,,meme review or Pew News) g-g-ghost hunting So right now we are headed about 40 miles outside of Las Vegas Nevada to the town of good Springs to investigate the Historic and famously haunted building known as the pioneers has been featured in multiple movies and TV shows Including Ghost Adventures, which we're definitely not copying (100% authentic) We're planning to stay throughout the entire night to capture as much as we can Hopefully we actually get something we have our normal filming equipment normal audio recording devices But in addition to that we picked up some Night vision cameras and some actual ghost hunting equipment including like those EVP recorders and clothes box bunch of random stuff that we don't actually Know how to use but luckily for us We are going to be meeting the owner of the saloon who has a lot more experience in this than we are You a man? Yeah meet you the legends here Good to see ya other legend apparently (RYAN IS GOD) So, um, can you just tell me like a history of this place? I sure, yea So this is the town of good Springs which back in the teens It was one of the largest city in the valley So good springs got its big boom, of course because of the mining So, I mean I saw the episode that they did on Ghost Adventures here and that was you beyond the bar Yeah, right So I saw a little bit of your story But just so that we can have it tell us a little bit of your experiences here my experience It was about probably about nine years ago I was getting ready to close up the bar counted all the money made sure the doors were locked But there's a full apparition at the end of the bar that drinks a beer maybe about that tall beat-up cowboy hat Just by looking at you know, he's you were looking directly at it It didn't disappear or we had I would say eye contact but that would be impossible You could tell by just looking at him that he was there but not there

Is there anything? Correlated to the history So probably the best documented Situation at the bar There's three bullet holes They could see daylight through all three of them and that's from a card game in 1915 where one of the players was caught – you try to cash out ten dollars and the dealer ended up shooting him Wilda justified homicide his punishment was to bury him in the cemetery Interesting, okay And obviously we're gonna need some of your help with some of the equipment that we're not used to using I'm lending you guys the Full staff of the haunted lock down to her and then they're gonna guide you guys through it with all the spirit boxes all that But you're out That's a good night Yeah All right

All right again, well, thank you again so I appreciate know we appreciate it Yeah, this is should be interesting All right, so I'm here with Jill and Daryl and You guys want to explain we have a bunch of fun devices here, but you want to explain what you guys do exactly Yes, actually we're members of the Pioneer saloon Coast team Yeah So basically what we have here is a collection of the devices that we use for the lockdowns And Joe can explain a little bit about them Yes this right here is one of my favorite devices It's a spirit box with this device We can actually communicate with the spirits Through the white noise This is just a radio receiver What we do is we scan it in Reverse

So this just cat scanning different radio frequencies And so sometimes we'll pick up words or in a very rare occasions You'll pick up whole sentences, which is pretty cool because you're it's like you have before in the pen Just to explain we're not In the saloon right now This is the SI nexus alone So there's not any technically anything here right that we've gotten a lot of activity here I think it's really the whole property Well, you were also telling us that electronics for whatever reason here Messed up like we've already had one of our batteries a couple of them actually just fully charged when we came here just dead that's a that's sort of typical but here the body a Lot of people a lot of guests have said that like, oh my phone died And this doesn't that happened were like Mike that's not surprising This is one of the original It's called a EMF detector What a lot of people in the paranormal field use this will you can measure when the lights go up? Okay, that means someone a spirit is close to this basically measuring energy So what energy becomes comes interactive it's the same with with the RAM pod That's my energy interacting with it So the so the closer something is exactly this is The Ovilus five this actually has noticed (What the fuck?) That was this This is speaking now said raised and this will actually It has a built in dictionary and the spirits can actually pick the words that they want To communicate with us through this right? So why did that just happen now raised an end? I'm not real sure Um, is there ever a time where you feel like it's just how do you know? It's really thank you can be it can it can be random Because it's affected also by the environment but the goal for us is like, you know If you want to try to get one of these to light off will say are you here think you make the meter light up? And try to get a specific reaction to a question now We do have a lot of prominent spirits here

One of them I'd love to talk about on this side actually because Ultimately, she was murdered right over I'm like fried by the second booth over Gerrard left Her name was Ruby Ruby was here in the store the cafe It was a mercantile store back then she was alone and someone came in and they beat her they raped her and then She was strangled and she was left for dead right over children after all Right a man that seems like a good place is in the story Right as we began to cut cameras and move on to the next part of our investigation one of the devices Unexpectedly began to go off on its own I mean it's fine if you work now Nobody touched that as you guys just saw but (Jesus what the fuck Ryan? Is it really a serious video?) You got that cold

There you go They're doing it again Yeah Can you make it go to red my gosh, what does that mean red Only just ask them Okay, I take it you guys are ready to tell Ruby story that let's let's do *creepy woman laugh* After reviewing this footage carefully with headphones our audio devices Also capture what we thought sounded like a scary ghost more (Ruby wants to play lol) Only to later discovered that it's actually a familiar noise that our cameraman Gregg makes when he scares (FUCK YOU GREG!!) We're in the booth right now where ruby was murdered well there wasn't a booth it was she was on the ground Yeah, correct, right where we're setting her head was a little bit past year is where she am Okay, so this is the first I guess spot right So about ten thirty one night we drive house to Cemetery which all saw and it's pitch-black We parked on the outside and there's a fence there So the woman said should we take photos? I said, of course, I always take three this is what was in the second photo *Captioner exits the video* Is that amazing now until someone can tell me differently because I know this girl and I'm very unsound but Right, you can't tell me that is no person (Ruby likes it) *creepy woman laugh again* That's *inaudible* That's her did we get (Lol she must've been lonely) What is happening right now (He's legit scared) Ruby loves that what her story's told

I want to show her photo They get very excited It's going crazy Yeah, they're just I I adore these spirits They're amazing and they're very friendly That's good to hear yes after these two strange occurrences in the cafe next to the saloon It was time to investigate the saloon itself by sitting at the exact same table that the poker player was murdered at back in Nineteen something – a long time ago Is there anyone here with us right now? (Only me and my brilliant youtube channel Type Master Subazaki, Go subscribe to Eraldo coil, for Anime) (Yes i am shameless) That's like yeah, this is tip give our audio recorders closely, can you guys say hello to us How many spirits are here with us? Ruby are you here with us? Three and You make his meter line up in front of him Thank you Okay, how many ladies are here with us? That was a girls voice Really After closer review we noticed that the flight pattern of those orbs looks similar to that of a bug but since we're not experienced enough to distinguish between Actual orbs and bugs we can't debunk this one

So for now we'll just call it the bug Is Paul here with us right now (Jake or Logan?) Anything you want to say Paul Hello We continue to try and communicate with Paul for nearly 30 minutes but had little to no response But because Paul died playing poker we decided to bring out playing cards in hopes to trigger a response from him when this happened Hey Paul Paul do you think we should call? *Oh man that creepy laugh is scarier than the spirits* Yeah, but that was the only coherent response we got for the next twenty minutes So we decided to move on to the next spot that has been frequently reported for having paranormal activity but right now we're gonna have its I Don't know It just keeps going red which supposedly there's a lot of activity We're gonna head to the bathroom because weird I'm not sure what happened there But they said that a lot of women say that a lot happens in the women's bathroom specifically the women's side I think we should check that out All right, so we're going to the women's bathroom Nothing this is like less activity than out there Yeah Should we try the 'Mens'? It's really yeah, that's the keys playing red I'll be good Right here look is there someone in here It smells so bad in here compared to the other one, I think men are just smelly there's definitely some activity Yeah look This was never going on

There's someone in the bathroom with me Oh Oh miss appear sick right here It's a great oh, it's right here We go hard up glide up you got a little red Oh Yeah That's a cold ass That's a strong red That's solid red Who else is in here What do we take that is about that yeah Let's do it Yeah, when we do it on the ground, I'm trying what is this thing base? Please to show you the consistency when you go like this so earlier I was going off when it's on that's why I freaked us out hasn't really done since There's something there yea-ee-aah-ah No!! Go higher (sexuality 100) Woahhh!!!!! *creepy laugh never stops, she scares away the spirits I'm tellling you) Continue to investigate the men's bathroom with the REM pod we also got a Coherent response for the very first time from the Ovilus v the device that allows spirits to communicate using a select number of words almost like a modern-day Ouija board This may not seem like a big deal But throughout the entire night the Ovilus v had little to no activity and even when it did it gave us words That seemed completely irrelevant but when it gave us the words look area and much the exact same time that we were looking at an area very Much Lee, we couldn't pretend that we weren't freaked out much Lee freaked out You this is your show Are you still here? Oh What's on the other side of this wall The only thing that's actually out here No, it's yes At this exact moment Outdoor audio equipment could barely capture it two of our cameramen heard a thump coming from behind them on the other side of the room What was that what you hear I was like that like a door On this end Never would be addressed I'll remember I just went through this door to get the card

Yeah the cards in this door with Isis Both of these doors are open No we call it we closed it No, well What else when I when I went in there to go get the SD cards because the SD cards were on that table over there? both of these doors were open cuz I Really? Yeah, for sure 100% pause I'm like 99 just one that's what sounded like wood or something Yeah, kind of like a like so desert like a breeze that usually goes guys I can close these doors Yeah, when he tries was open try and open it and just see if it will close on its own It was like this Yeah for sure Because I went in I remember we closed it remember to for the sound though You guys were in yeah, I remember it coming out quick because I didn't want to be in here So I went like and then like dodged the door Somebody closed this door over here Oh Wow, it's peaking right now

Oh, it's a cool I know Dude, whoa, look look look Can you see this? So you this you see that? It shows you felt the same thing and then this thing just shot up also was you asked somebody close it did hurt Yeah, yeah So that there what really was open? Can you move the door again or something? We felt something really cold and we're assuming that was That was it me real quiet the ladies were yeah, what's your name? With that would you hear? Two syllables wait Reuben what thousand rupee? Yeah You like these guys, huh Yeah Ruby did you close the door? For us please I was a last yeah, I Think that was great (FUCK YOU GREG AGAIN) Again despite all the silliness and jokes with these voiceovers all the footage and audio that you've just seen and heard is exactly What we captured that night and whether you're a believer or a skeptic there are things in this world that we'll never know for sure Were spirits really trying to communicate with us, or was it some kind of interference? Do we capture actual orbs on camera or were those just bugs flying around in the dark? Did we really in fact witness a spirit physically closing a full-size wooden door or is Greg Just a big fat wooden liar(He is) We will never know all we know for sure is nothing this is Ryan tries or ryan trying if we change it because that's what you guys want me to do, but ryan tries for now Oh Something is going down Yeah Even those things are going on Yeah all the salmon rolling

I'm not it you gotta get that Is that you don't want us to lead? That was crazy No, you don't want to Subscribe to my Youtube channel, I post Anime and Philosophy related content I'm Indian by the way Just type Master Subazaki and Subscribe to Eraldo Coi, I would really appreciate that

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