Oh no He was a skater boy He said see you later boy Wewewewewe! Hey we all gotta learn the dance Yeah You ready? No! I forgot! Boys generally Asian Booty sexy now baby We are Dota! We are Dota! We play Dota! I don't know how it Oh Beats by Ryan? You know when it plays like soft like Eminem It sounds so weird! (Song plays) YOU ALREADY KNOW CAPITAL B (Muffled) with a lower case G AND A BIG "A" BOYS GENERALLY ASIAN (Muffled) Where my BgA Army at though Hey heard this dude! (Song plays) YOU LIKE MY BUTT? WHAT? YOU LIKE MY BUTT WHAT? Spitfire! But you don't skate Uh! Uh! Uh! STARTED THE GAME YOUNG LOOKING BACK IN '06 I'D WEAR A HAT TOO IF MY HEAD WAS DIPPED IN PISS BUT I GUESS I SHOULDN'T HATE ON A KID WHO'S RELEVANT GOOD THING YOUR NOT ANYMORE YOU GAINED SOME WEIGHT, YOU ELEPHANT! YOU RELEVANT, LIKE TELEVISON WOULDN'T EVEN WATCH FROM A CELL IN PRISON YOU WANT TO PROVE ME WRONG?! THEN LET'S YOUR INTELLIGENCE! 17 MILLION SUBS AND 2 MILLION VIEWS THAT'S 15 MILLION PEOPLE WHO DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU!!! 🙁 They call me the box king *punch punch* Boxing! You can't make that joke! You're Asian! I know, that's why now I'm PUNCHINK (Dance party) We're number 2 behind that song For this episode of BTS, instead of BTS in the credits, I'll put BgA Behind ga'enes! (laughs) We're number 2 Number 2! Almost there! BgA! Hey Ryan You could've been! You could've been! Guys we didn't practise enough You guys didn't make the cut– You guys didn't audition! (sad music plays) (slo-mo deep voice) You guys didn't audition Audition AUDITION You were in there? In the gym shooting baskets? You're shooting baskets in the gym? You were * WROOM * Daina: Where did those moves come from? (laughs) You're a dancer now Just made it up! You're a k-popper now Ryan: Guys, it just comes to me It just comes to me! You do k-pop for ONE DAY and you come back a whole other person You know how much training I've put into that? FOUR DAYS! Actually two days only (laughs) and only number two Was it worth it? Should've put in one day xD One day and we would have been number one but we put in two –CARE ABOUT YOU (echo) CARE ABOUT YOOOU MARLEYYY!!! Good job Marley! Good thing you're not anymore you gained some weight you elepHANT! (laughter) Still frozen DEOWRROWHURHUR (ryan laughs) MARLEY! Stop! STOP! (Sean choking) Hehehe for real? Cut! Ryan: Does it look like it? Some points it looks hella real Like that one! (laughs) (laughing) Cool! This type of comedy I LOVE dude! Okayyy here we go! (more laughing) so A savage with NO CHILL (even more laughing) Derrick: Oh snap my bad dude! Wut? It's a wrap! That's a wrap 🙂 Masserap! Hella quick! That's a wrap! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! A fast video! DAE (PIU PIU PIU) DONG DONG DAE DAE DAE DAE DONG DONG NA DONG SAYA DAE DONG DONG SAYA DAE-AE-AE (all laugh) Ay wassup y'all! It's your boy Derrick! Thanks for watching this week's BTS! Don't forget to click that link above if you want to see this week's nigahiga video! And if you guys want to participate in the roast yourself challenge make sure to tag Ryan or anybody else from RHPC so we can check it out! We'd love to see it <3

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