Revealing My Not-So-Secret GF!

Hey guys, so sorry there wasn't a post last week I mean other than the podcast We've actually been pretty on point this year with the posting and you know Especially with the podcast we haven't missed a week yet That's a miracle for us But anyway, the reason why there was no video last week was because I did not do anything last week I was in LA and this is something I never thought I would be admitting on this channel, but The reason for that trip was because of Valentine's Day That's right I'm not single Hallelujah! Hey, what the hell are you guys doing? Oh, we're just singing for you Yeah, we're just happy for you man

It's a miracle It's not a miracle Stop making it seem like it's so hard to believe We're not Yeah, we're just happy Yeah, we totally believe Okay You know what? Can you guys just leave because this was actually supposed to be a serious announcement for once and you guys are turning into some kind of weird skit joke thing Oh, is this not some type of weird skit joke thing? No and frankly It's a little insulting that you guys would assume that We definitely thought it was a skit Yeah, or some kind of trolling right because like that's is you usually do when it comes to relationships and stuff Yeah, like the last time when he was going to reveal his girlfriend, but it just ended up being Greg in a wig That's so obvious As if we didn't see that coming Predictable Guys I am NOT trolling and I'm not gonna make some kind of joke So, can you please just let me do my thing is the longer we prolong this? the less serious it becomes and for once I am trying to be open about this part of my life So you're actually serious Yes So you really do have a girlfriend? YES! How many times do I have to tell you guys that I have a girlf- Yeah, that was my way of saying that I'm actually being serious this time Probably could have just said that but you know, why not add a few more hours to filming and editing Pay for all those costumes too Look guys all jokes aside I am being serious I am NOT single and I haven't been for a while now, believe it or not And no it's not the best-kept secret in the world I mean there's bunch of rumors I just never publicly came out and said it People have seen us in public together We've been in pictures together We took trips together because we don't really go out of our way to hide it we just I've never announced we just both decided that it'd be best for the relationship at least in the beginning to not say anything publicly and then we just kind of continued to not announce it because it's just It just became the norm It wasn't like a huge secret or anything but since I am trying to be a little bit more open and honest on this channel with like You know the podcasts or videos like this I felt like it'd be really hard to continue to do that without you know revealing anything about this aspect of my life Especially because it's such a big part of and I'm not trying to make this all overly dramatic or a bigger deal than it really is But with that being said I'm just gonna get straight to the point

So no more theatrics Lights! I am going to be revealing ,for the first time ever, my secret girlfriend of almost two entire years Three entire y more? I will be revealing my secret girlfriend of three to five years for the first time ever By playing a romantic song that I wrote for her this belated Valentine's Day about some of the greatest moments and memories from our relationship showing just how great we are together But more importantly how great I am as a boyfriend Another one of those videos, isn't it? Yep Oh, and I know you can't see because of the sheet But there's this really beautiful slideshow thing that I made of the two of us but since I don't like to save pictures of us I kinda didn't have that much to work with so I had to do some editing we'll seeokay

here we go When we met? To be honest I forget It was a long time ago ya know? Imma guess 2010 because that's when ASS came out and we didn't work out then But then five years passed and we did a collab you were a fox or wolf on some MTV cast and to be honest I didn't care for that show NOPE! went to your viewing party for your episode because I had to let you know I was into you I wanted to let you know the truth about how I was so completely in love, even though it's been only a month with you, good thing I didn't It was infatuation The honeymoon stage only lasted a few months but that don't mean that we cannot reminisce don't remember our first date but i should remember the first kiss we both just ate so not the freshest breath I still leaned in but i kinda tripped and I missed your mouth when your tooth hit my lip and I had to get a napkin I was bleeding a little bit but let me get back to being romantic I remember taking our first trip across the Atlantic Well the Pacific but that doesn't rhyme as well and actually it was a business trip So we're working the whole time in the hotel But the point is I remembered it and I remember other things like our anniversary is probably on the 26th or 23rd I was pretty close this time Getting better every year Like a fine wine I know that I Forgot your Gift on this years Valentine's Day That's a big whoopsie-daisies by me And I know this is late My bad Is that a robot? And I know you hate when i sing So my gift is to end this Right away You're welcome bae I guess it's time to say your name Yes this song is ending for you Arden Ch-ayyyyy It's uh Cho Arden Arden Chonot Chay Again it didn't rhyme as well So I just had to kind of change it up a little bit

Aren't you supposed to reveal it already? Oh! Right uhm sorry Ladies and gentlemen, I'm so proud to announce my girlfriend Arden Cho I mean technically, this is not her but See? here you go again what We called it Another troll video with another disappointing ending what no guys this is not a troll video I'm not trolling The point remains the same I'm still reviewing the fact that I'm dating Arden She just couldn't be here because she's been filming a show in Chicago

So I got some stand in That's it Well guess you did kind of reveal it See? but the whole sheet reveal thing wasn't that kind of like unnecessary? Yeah, but I mean sorry you guys are right should have just spoke to the camera Who is that anyway? wait, no Oh my god Who the hell is Arden Chay?

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