Reacting to Old Videos! (Sean’s Room)

I wasn't ready, I'm writing a script Don't look! Sean: Merry Christmas! Oh you got me food? THANK YOU! I don't want to write anymore What do we wanna do? The last Sean's Room I wasn't even in that Sean's Room Ryan: That was literally just your room Sean: It kinda worked and it was kinda Will's room, and kinda derricks room, too *laugh* But now we're in my room

♩ Ryan's room, na na na na na NA ♩ Lets do something FREAKING FUN today, dude Fun? Like what? I don't know, let's put you behind the camera so you figure it out! Haha, I did bring some goodies though today Monkey tag and Waaw, you have those still? -Yeah! We have a bunch of videos that are not on my channel anymore I mean they are, but they're privated because it has copyrighted music Like a good, like, 40 videos I think These videos are from when Sean and I were in high school Actually there's videos before that, that nobody has seen Except for like, Sean

Before Sean was even in them Dude, that was before I even joined you! Yeah, it was just me, by myself and then, yeah, I got my neighbors to do it And we made videos on VHS tapes which one day I might release but it's pretty embarrasing This is like one of the most requested Sean's room for the longest time, I don't know why people love watching people react to things but- Yeah, they'll pop up right now Get it off, it itches! I, I don't know It itches! It itches! I couldn't think of anything else on the top of my head I've been writing all day, I feel tired Looking at ourselves every now and then, how we used to look, I'm like Damn! We did look young! Everybody said we look so different, I don't feel like we look that different but now when I look back I'm like Dude! We look like babies! -Yeah! When I used to put the whig on, I was a pretty girl You were! -Thank you! Alright, let's do this, let's do this reaction! 'Kay! -Hey my neck folds Dude, I already see some titles -I see some of them I'm like, dude Damn, I forgot about all these! You remember the Sukiaki one, that's the one I had a cast on! Wait I don't remember this, "Untouchable memories" ? Do we always have that? -I guess so Wait, hold on! Pause that real quick! Dude! Do you hear on the back, right on the back there's that screatching sound which to this day, I don't know what the hell that was I think that was your computer dude

I think it was too but why did we just leave it, we didn't even care about that Dude, look how young we look! I know! Look at your hair! Dude, I don't even know who you are! My hair, ooh my hair! And I always used to wear a hat! -Yup! 'Cause I was too lazy to spike it Daaamn! That is old school! Arm on the wrong side uh? – Who are these kids? I hate them! They would take that old punch -We can't even frame correctly I know! Look at how much head room Dude, maybe our head room is wrong! -Maybe We should be like, down here -Like here? We started laughing

We'd left every mess up, this is a one take, all the way through! Oh the cast, the cast! Oh yeah! Yeah, that's what this is, right here! Yeah that was before you even had the green one! Yep, that's the cast, the scar Look at our titles, dude! Dude, I remember making those titles! I forgot we did this! Hey, we must've filmed this the same day, we're wearing the same shirt

I know, what the heck? It's the same clothes! Hella lazy! Have you seen? -I saw that! I remember that, it was like "Alright, I messed up, keep going!' And you can see every single time that we're looking at the camera -I know! Dude, we're freaking losers bro! Look at what we used to do on our Saturdays You see we're shutting our mouths, it's about to end

Okay, all you kids that are still in high school What do you guys do on week ends? Because that's what Sean and I did for fun! And that was like our fun week end I look back at those and I'm like : "Wait, we kind of still do that now but now they're skits

" We're still losers! We're still losers Oh my God! Asian duo! -Asian duo This is our first time like parodying, kind of parodying -Yeah! But I don't know what year this is though -Now that's baby face

We have choreo dude! -Yeah! That's how we followed -There was no way we could do that before! I like the original titles dude! -Look at those titles, this is straight up Windows Movie Maker Dude, this has cursing in it, we were edgy! We were! -We were edgy bro! There's Tim, for all of you that Oh I thought that was me! Wait, Sean is right there, I don't know how you could think that was anyone else If I saw this video today, like it just came out I'd be like "Who the hell are these losers?!" -Yeah Why does it look like we're reading, are we like reading lyrics? Might be! Tim's faces, dude! Just didn't go down all the way through! -Yeah! Alright, that's enough lip syncs! -Enough of that! [Did you ever have the feeling] This is one of our first skits too [ you were being watched?] [ stalk three teenagers

] We had choreo dude! -Yep, choreo! The timing was so tough! -With everyone! I like this video! Oh my God! Can we talk about how we used Jessica Alba as the name for the joke, and I ended up like like that's somebody I know pretty well now I'm probably gonna show her "This is what I used to think of you

" This is before Parkour was popular So Sean and I used to wrestle -Yeah

There's weigh classes, so all we had to do is over the week ends, we'd have to lose weight We thought "hey, let's kill two birds with one stone, let's make a video -And exercise! -while we exercise" But it was just basically our way of losing weight So this is what we did to lose weight This was fun! -Catch me if you can! Dude! And we used Darude Sandstorm! We used Sandst Is that Sandstorm? -Yeah, Sandstorm! We used Sandstorm before it was a thing! I hope we don't get flagged! -Dude, all those cans

Dude, you fell, do you hear that? -Yeah! You knocked them all over! -Yeah I'm like dodging tripping! That was my moms' car! -You can barely see it Dude, we broke a lot of stuff in this video! I broke -That's some basketball -I think I broke a lot of stuff! Yeah, Sean broke a lot of stuff! Was my wrist still messed up in this? -I think so! I saw a cast or something, I shouldn't have been running around! My parents saw this, they were like, kind of mad

-Yeah! Just feet all over the table! This was the one, I broke it! -This is the one, Sean broke the chair Had to redo it

My parents never found out about that until like years later and then they weren't mad anymore -I know! Is this -This video is so long we had to change the song That's where I broke my arm! This ditch So, hold on So, the story behind this scar right here, when I was 6 years old, I was up my bike and I tried to ride it and do a backflip I really thought I could do it And I did, I flipped, but I just landed on my arm so my arm broke and like, everything healed, it grew back but I guess it was casted poorly When I was in high school, I hurt it again in wrestling, and then they said I had to have surgery so that's why I have a cast in all those videos in the beggining and that's why I have a scar now right here

So yeah, that's that Look at this video! -Oh my God, we never posted this! It was never finished Hey look at those shirts! -Oh my God! Look at that choreo! -Dtrix, woow! This is a funny video! I think it's gonna end soon, right? I think so 'cause we didn't finish it Hey, we're pretty good, dude! Hey, we're starting a dance crew! But just with our hands

Except that my hand doesn't really bend 'cause of the scar That ditch! I forgot about that video -Dude, that video never got released! That's never before seen footage For the longest time this was the most popular video Almost, basically started everything! -Yeah! When we started making skits, this is one of the bigger ones -Yeah "How to be ninja" did good, then "how to be gagns" That's was like the stepping stone and gangster just like, took it off And we were just like "wooow, this is too many viewers!" Too many -Too much pressure!! This isn't fun! And then people were like "what is the next video?!" "I don't know" -"Dude, we have to pull something now!" -Yeah Dude, the dinosaur book! -Damn dude! That seems, I don't know Dude, How to be Gangster! -I don't know why Look at the -No way! The reason why we kept that take, you see how my thumb is covering the Gangster

Let's just go back, replay! We just kept it because there's very few takes If you've noticed in all the How to be's I would always hold the dvd with my left hand for I don't know why, but throwing with your left hand is not easy! Remember how we didn't even say the words because I didn't know, we didn't know how to take out audio like that -Yeah! Dude, this is legit happiness that when we got this done It took so long to do this! That genuine happiness, dude! That's like real happiness! [The kickstand] Dude, we're voice-overing like live! [The Breastcup] I know! That's me behind the camera, you behind the camera We had to look up how to spell "loiter" This is when the copyright infringement came into place! Yes dude! These were the hot songs

-Yeah dude! See, we brought back our lip synching roots This is all real! [

is a DVD, for you! -Thanks] At least your thumb was out of the way -I know! Oh, it's the one dude! -Oh yeah! Kind of broke the TV There was a TV right to the left of the screen Right to the left And a bunch of medals [Oh **** not again!] What is it with that green ball, freaking bad luck dude! Still got that -I still got the green ball! Oh! Yeah that's Sean tripping over a chair

Now everybody knows what happens Daaamn! That is memory -Memory lane dude! Remind me of how we used to disturb -Dude! Those were the days, we had it easy! All because of the music, we could use all those songs YouTube just got popular I hope that that video doesn't get flagged cause of that music in there

Technically, it's new since we're reacting It was cool, I haven't watched those in a looong time What is this? Ho, I think I know what this is! Ooh, this is the Power Ranger uh? I thought we lost this, did we ever release this? We did, uh? For a little bit -Yes we did! Our first stop motion! Hella work! To the dance, that million waves! It's like, you can see the tape on the feet Oh hey, look at that move -Heeeeey! That Tokio Drift was hot! -Too fast too furious! That video, was it ever released? -I don't know! I don't think so

-I don't think so That was our very first stop motion, when we didn't even know what stop motion was Do you remember we broke that Power Ranger too? Dude, the head broke! -Yeah, and now those Power Rangers are worth like a lot of money! I guess thank you guys for tuning in to memory lane! Memory road -That was fun! Yeah! It was interesting I wonder if we're gonna look back ten years from now, I'll be like "Damn, we were even more loser-y -Yeah! At least back then we had an excuse, we were like in high school and we were stupid kids High school kids -Now we're like, technically adults and we're still acting like high school kids We're young at heart! We're young at heart! Let us know what you guys want to see us do

-Yeah Or Sean, if I'm sick again -Thank you for joining us on our trip to memory lane, We'll do another one if you guys want us to and -If not, we will not react ever again! [Ooooooh] Hey guys, thanks for watching this week's Sean's room

Clic that link above if you wanna see last week's Sean's room and also don't forget to clic those links if you want to subscribe Okay, see you later, aligator! -Aligator? Where?

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