Snowball fight, Oh Block of ice at me It's not a snowball die you're thirsty Walk hard Man today's Saturday and our video comes out Sunday

What are we gonna? Do I don't know? What are we even doing the past two weeks? Think is a good idea, dude I Do tell us six, I don't know probably working hard oh, I know I'm a text Ryan, maybe he'll be in our video No, we don't even know what video We're doing what are we gonna do like react to the best clips of 2017 on tikka TV or at nigahiga? Nah, you're right Everyone does It's overdone Plus Can you even edit a good video in one day? No? Chick shot Down took forever That woman think now it took a long time for you to you There's a while

I think like 30 minutes so Star Wars yeah But no Watch to Dana did a really good job You really look like a Rebel Alliance I? Was a strong sugar a lot of time it is my favorite thing answers I thought about this This seeds soul buds think of flipping This is a low smart Hey right daddy you dying yeah Monica kept having trouble is she she was trying to think it looked like the end of his head was too afraid What are you supposed to be? What do you mean? I'm I'm a storm trooper Releasing Hey look Ryan's house not even built Yeah, dude

We're actually fighting for the aquarium in Reno oh You're so dirty hey, you're a sick villain though, they always cast me as the villain because I'm so good a big dislike Yeah, we add like we did all bunch of different ones for this one that never made the cut oh This is like one of my favorite scenes in the video We in LA right now We can be genius in the most important create this video You right David you know you guys are missing right yeah Okay, we weren't even supposed to be in that think of the video Brian just wanted us to be like Easter eggs but they just put us up front and center and Dude you're so knocked out right here, I was not feeling good Ryan is actually so mad at me about this story time He was his about this essentially the night before a Super drunk I don't drink often, but I was like at la tile say yo the first day was so good It wasn't even with them Yeah, I could have had a mother good They don't work for like six hours, and I didn't get fired because he loves me that's right guys Ryan loves me I'm his friend this right here is old out of the archives Never-before-seen footage

Don't even know right? I'll let this be on the video We'll see So best is like That's never happened to me before it hasn't since and your lesson I did hey Derek and Paco What's up, kike TV fans are asking for your show all coming out soon It's the revamp dude the TV's back This is the first time it was yeah, we enough Oh, this is one We made our first like rhpc story about everyone coming together It's like based on a true story, but it's obviously not real I'm not a stripper guys

You're officially in at that time, bro I was officially in a long time ago alright Greg did a great job Greg did a great job Monica Really died your first your first villain video is speaking at different language Yep definitely shoot, man You guys killed it in how do you got the story somewhere? It's September We were lucky enough to be in how to be gangster 20 Actually our scene got cut this right Here is a joke that didn't make the video Ryan decided cut it out It's probably bad That's why I didn't mean every gangster knows that you got to have a cool quick

Handshake all your homes There's me there's got cut Clean yeah, this is their actual like b-boy and shake, dude Why does get cut it's so good Hey guys, it's That guy is BTS Hey guys is BTS That's like a thing now it is Oh We released our trailer wait when was this October September September? And we released our first episode This was like a year in the making we talked about so long ago, and that finally came out That's pretty cool Dizzy Oh god She's too strong

No no oh It hurts my inner thigh just thinking about it Oh Dude every time I see it pop the back of my head hurts Reminds me Durant text, you know he didn't text me yet whatever I hate that guy anyways I dare you to faceplant on five different things Oh, I dare you It was this one yeah, I was never on I dare you before oh my Greg of course Greg would do that Story to Greg right before that she all he's like appeared here, and then vacuumed it Oh the dogs were living in the house at the time So it was combined with the dog hair does our Leandro Kapoor all up in my face I'm glad I didn't get too many sins welcome to the barbershop I'm Derek I'm going George Costanza look It's you with hair

Would you add not right now? There you have the most points I was on a roll This was a fun idea Man you guys miss the crazy I dare you Auntie Lucy Good time time there's a lot of stuff that happened in 2017 pretty good year I'd say what and be looking at the password too long 2018 What are so wild card you use resolution wild card throw it up put out good content You come better friends I want to do something with Roy and Marty Church, Meaghan Basu merrily Watch I know I treated up that they respond We're in a vibro reaction video very reacting to us now we're gonna react to them Yeah, it's pretty good I want to do a video with Jenna and Julian Julian, but he saw the wrestling video It was like I want to do something with them I don't wrestle those Are my final new year's resolution for wild card and make a video for wild card that hits a million views and it doesn't have Ryan in people watch the video for us and that means a lot you know cuz a lot of times we Were like we want more Ryan, and we get it we understand that you guys want Ryan but this is something that we're making is such and Ryan like allows us to I think Ryan likes it because he laughs when he Watch it It's better to have people Want to actually see us like it means a lot and for those of you are like true wild cards out there like it touches Us yeah, yeah cuz the last video we made only had five use only have five years I guess my final New Year's resolution I just be not get beat up by Ryan right that's your last, but I've messed me up in the Well is it right let me check oh, I did get a text from always avoiding us What do you say huh? Oh? No she

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