Rant on Award Shows!

Hey, guys! I'm sorry, I-I'm just a little thrown off today I don't know if you guys know or not, but I wasn't – It's so stupid

I wasn't nominated for this Creator of the Decade award that's going on right now I don't know if you guys even know what that is I don't even care at all It's the first time I heard of The Shorty Awards What? I don't even know what that is

But I mean like label, like Creator of the Decade is kind of a big deal You know it's not just one year, it's a whole decade – like five times as many years as normally I'm just little thrown off, you know I like kind of question to myself like, what I've been doing all these ten years then and like am I even vlogging right-right now Don't care for the record guys, I don't care like I

don't care Seriously I don- I don't Just been rough you know, just been like, just been other stuff *Cut away to a flashback* The sound of suffering AKA, the alarm clock *happy music* *end of happy music* *sound of clock ticking* *start of sad music* (Screaming) You're short! You're short!! (Voice cracking) Don't need a Shorty Award I still have my lamps

*gibberish* You're not sad, you're happy *gibberish* Here's an autograph for you And an autograph for you *sobbing* *end of sad music* Ryan, Ryan, pick up your phone! Ryan- Ryan? What the hell is all this? Never gonna win one What? Wasn't even nominated

What are you talking about? Nominated for what? A Shorty award Creator of the Decade You know, I always thought that if you worked hard enough, and you really put your heart into something, that no matter what- You mean this? Wait ho- how did you- YOU got this when you won it five years ago? I- I did? Yeah

And that's, that's a Shorty award? Yes, it is So can we please get ready now? Wait wait, get ready for what? The Streamys The real award show Right The Streamys, yeah, that's that, that's the one that really matters

Was I nominated? Nope And that's why I don't even feel like doing this vlog right now Cuz that cutaway was so damn long and boring it sucked all the energy out of me I really don't know when to stop This is going on way too long

Hey guys! So if it isn't obvious enough, I was being sarcastic, just a little bit No, I really do not care about winning some Shorty award No offense to Shorty Awards I'm not trying to, like, throw shade or anything I'm just- That's not one of the reasons why I do Youtube

And don't get me wrong I actually really appreciate that a lot of you guys did care that I didn't get nominated for this award There was actually a lot of people that were really angry about it Just knowing how bad you guys wanted me to win this award already is, that's more valuable than the award itself to me I mean, I'm not going to lie

I'm still human, like it's always nice to get, win an award or be recognized for something You know, it's human nature But after a certain point of, you know, winning these awards or being nominated or going to the award shows themselves you kind of get to a point where you're kind of- *sigh* It's gonna sound bad It's not that you don't appreciate it anymore, it's just that you get to a point where you kind of realize like all these awards and award shows are pretty pointless And I'll rather bet I just have to go and say that I wanted to make this video a long time ago, years ago, but I never did for two main reasons

Reason number one: I did not want to appear bitter, I was actually waiting for the opportunity where I would win one of these awards, so I could make this video and not seem like I'm being bitter Cuz right now I'm probably coming across as somebody who's just being a bitter sore loser Not the reason guys, (voice cracking) I don't care that I didn't win (Back to normal voice) No, but seriously, I was going to wait until I won an award to do this video but in the form of a speech This is going to be pretty much my award speech

Good thing I didn't win, it wouldn't have been smart to do You'll see why Second reason I never made this video up until now is because, let's be real, there's a lot of powerful people and politics that goes, you know, behind the scenes when it comes to entertainment And these powerful people, they they create and run these award shows and the reason why i'm finally speaking up right now is because I think I'm finally in a place in my career where I don't really care that much- no, not that I don't care about my career, but I don't care as much (chuckle) It's been a process over, like, two-three years where I- I decided I'm not going to go through BS just to make my career better

Luckily, I don't know how, a lot of you guys have still stuck around, which, that's why I'm so appreciative that you guys still watch and that you guys still want me to win these random awards I'm just finally comfortable enough to a place where I feel like I can speak my mind and not worry about the consequences and I think it kind of shows in the videos I've been making recently, like the recent ReRyan video or like the How to get Views on Youtube They're very critical on Youtube and that's not something I normally would have spoke out on because it's so controversial and I think a lot of you guys who've been around with me long enough know that I'm not the kind of person to go out and start controversy or be a part of any drama but I'm just calling it as I see it You know, I'm just speaking my mind whereas Oprah would say "speaking my truth" I don't know if that's correct, I saw someone put it on Facebook

I don't watch those stupid awards show See, these things like that get me into trouble Anyway back to the topic

*sound of phone receiving message* Right after these messages I think I said it a few times already but I personally believe that, you know, these awards and these award shows are kind of pointless, like for one, these award shows that, you know, we all watch, I don't want to say that they're fake It's super misleading and I started finally going to these when i was like 10 years old, like, back in high school, I was shocked at what these shows really are like during the scene

If award shows were honest, I think people would not care about them nearly as much They'd just be like, this is just for promotion Again, I'm basing this a lot off my own personal experiences, it might not be the same for other people I also heard a lot of things from friends who told me their stories as well, so I think it's a pretty commonly known thing in our industry, but the public doesn't ever get to see I'm not even talking about the award shows themselves, the real important things happen even before the award show happens

It's easier if I just show you guys Here, let me just show you some of the things that happen behind the scenes of these award shows and you can decide Yo "Alright, so red carpet starts at four Your hair and makeup should be there on 2:30, your wardrobe will be there shortly after

" What? I'm pretty much ready already Oh, they helped you already? No, I just did it myself Okay, yeah They'll be there 2:30 Okay

How about your date? Does she have her own people? Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, G actually can't make it tonight Wait, what? Yeah, her grandmother got sick So she is not going to be able to make it Why didn't you say something earlier? Do you at least have a backup? No, I just figured out I would go by myself No, you're not a loser

You know what? I'll figure it out Have your driver meet me a block away from the venue, alright? Got it? Good, great, awesome, buh bye Okay Alright And, ah, driver, sorry, could you start driving? So yeah, we have picked up the person of interest, we're gonna be your on the way, and- Oh, sorry, Ryan, this is? Petrise

No, your name's Hennessy Yeah, Hennessy Henessy's gonna be your date tonight What? We just met Yeah, so do we

We just hired her Hired her? Is that even legal? Ryan, she is not a prostitute She's just here to hang out with you Rich people do this all the time to look cooler We're here all right, well thank you no no, no look cars not big enough, uh what time is it Let's circle the block, again sir what why, look, there's not enough people you show Up too early you look, like a loser you show

Up too late all the real celebrities get the attention You, gotta find the sweet spot so we just drive around in circles yep This looks doable, wait! let them do it All right, here's the plan, you're just gonna stay here and look good you're gonna Go, talk, to some fans and sign autographs and when i come up to you just say just give me a minute why Would i have to just do it fine Ryan, we have to go but you just told me to come over there inside i have, oh Just give me a minute oh fine Hey, so how's the event go and it's pretty good right Where's the patrice hennessy is gonna be waiting at the end of the interviews Which i lined up for us so what do you, want to start with, oh? We know people we? matt Jacob really all right, new, plan so what you're gonna do is you're gonna go over there you just say Hi, you're, gonna have a couple laughs and then we're Gonna move on that's it i don't even know The, guy, he's 22 years old, 12 million subs, has a younger sister, and- Good luck It's so good to see you, again nice hey how, do you like be from hawaii how, do it what collab, yeah, okay sure Check it your email or okay, so maybe these things didn't exactly happen that way, but i'm just trying to show You an idea and to be honest it's not that far wrong And i'm just speaking from, my point of view of things i've witnessed other creators who's been around The block long you know if they might not say it publicly but They know what i'm talking about they know, the game, oh? They know z that's them meeting me up, about the game because, sorry, guys i put some Sorry and i know it might seem strange from the outside like, why Would people do these things through this it works this, is the bs i was talking about that i don't like? Doing, but to be honest if i really wanted to help, my career and if you're an entertainment You, want to help your career you should be doing these things that's, why, so many creators and actors who hate doing these things Still do it because they have to and it's not anyone's fault they have to do it to stay relevant, again I have nothing against these, award shows i think it's great entertainment but, that's it where i have an, issue with this Is that we as a society value these, awards so much more than just entertainment some of these awards We treat it like it's an integral part of our society take the oscars for example remember the, whole hashtag, oscarssowhite Controversy remember that we're a bunch of people even other actors and celebrities were saying like you know the oscars are racist Because there's so many white people winning and not enough you know People other misses and being a minority being asian Myself i always thought you know i completely get, why, people are upset but i always thought, like, this happens every year nothing gets changed You know there's what's the solution and when i really thought? About it my point of view was always if you really think the oscars are racist then, why are you watching them Why are you supporting it there are all these celebrities that are speaking out against the oscars saying the Oscars are Racist still showing up to the oscars hoping to win one You guys, want to change then Make, that change and stop doing this silly piece of metal more value than it really deserves We are the reason the oscars are valuable, we don't need the officers or any, award show to tell Us what's good and what isn't we can, decide that for ourselves by caring so much about these, awards we're just giving Them more power for example all the people, who are leonardo dicaprio, fans and we're so upset that he'd Never won in austin does why without an oscar leonardo dicaprio is not a great actor he's not one of the best just because he Has an oscar now, we're suddenly, like, okay, now he's one of the best doesn't make, any, sense it's like, letting a Whole group of other people decide all our opinions for us is if we can't do that ourselves i'm? Sorry, getting mad i don't know Why, we are taught the known, oscar is this incredibly valuable? Prestigious award and i know a lot of people are gonna say Oh, yeah it is valuable prestigious, because just like having one you, make millions more as an actor, well again yes that's because We were taught that it is worth this money in the grand scheme of things that if you really break it down is this little Trophy really that great if the oscars were invented today and you know all the same actors all the same movies were all Nominated nobody would care, who won the celebrities probably, wouldn't even show Up if you gave a little kid who has no knowledge of the oscars a choice between a Oscar statue or a fidget spinner, chances are he would take the spinner

Cause without being taught how valuable an award is it's meaningless Even by complaining about it so much you're showing how, much it matters how Much you care, you're just giving, more power to the, award that's your fault anything is the people in charge of these Awards just become more powerful you might not think it affects you But it does because if you control something that celebrities want you have control over a lot of people all that power goes all the way back to the top right now believe it Or not the same thing is happening with These internet award and then because i was there to see it for the very beginning it's just so clear and brilliant actually how it happens How do you make something value? You can't make something valuable without people paying attention How do you get people's attentions? Celebrities You get celebrities to be a part of it

Their egos, tell them you want to give them something to show Them how great they are Once you get a few Big celebs there then all the other smaller ones join in too because they, want to be a part of whatever these Bigger celebrities are doing once all of the celebrities care, about it so do all their, fans and i'm sure you can See, where i'm going with this it just keeps spreading let's be real you know Celebrities come together and collectively say something About anything it becomes a fad that's just how our society works because nobody thinks for themselves including myself We like to be told what to think, we just accept what we're being taught, oh i'm sorry guys I haven't made a ran video like this in a long time Probably set up a bunch of stuff i shouldn't be saying publicly but you know whoops? Overall what i'm really trying to say is whether it's a shorty, award a streamy Award an oscar even is not an award and all just think for yourself, don't just believe everything You're, being done including everything i'm saying to you right now as always that's, why, that's the motto out of the vine again This is just my opinion and probably a very unpopular One i'm just trying to give a different point of view it doesn't mean it's right it says for you Guys, to decide i go for this video, wasn't just to change your mind about Award shows it was at the very least just to get people to think for themselves That's the real, thing i wanted to say before you just believe what you're being taught think twice about i Was really getting into it at that time see and i swear my silence? Did but i'm not even texting this person back and they keep As i was saying you know, my goal, was to get people to think for themselves and But you know the thing is sometimes Celebrities are popular for a reason you know Like, there's still, some validity to what to what's behind you know Someone's popularity, so first sometimes maybe you should just listen to Just maybe sometimes (Wth I'm just here rewriting or fixing the captions and they just seem to be almost a copy and paste from YouTube's Closed Captions)

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